Type converter which provides sensible default implementations for most methods. If you extend this class you only need to do the following:

Converter which transforms various types to arrays.

TypeConverter which converts generic objects to arrays by converting and returning

Converter which transforms ArrayObjects to arrays.

Converter which transforms simple types to a boolean.

Converter which transforms strings and arrays into a Doctrine ArrayCollection.

Converter which transforms from string, integer and array into DateTime objects.

Converter which transforms a float, integer or string to a float.

Converter which transforms to an integer.

Converter which transforms strings to arrays using the configured strategy.

This converter transforms arrays to simple objects (POPO) by setting properties.

This converter transforms arrays or strings to persistent objects. It does the following:

This converter transforms persistent objects to strings by returning their (technical) identifier.

A type converter which converts a scalar type (string, boolean, float or integer) to an object by instantiating the object and passing the string as the constructor argument.

This converter transforms a session identifier into a real session object.

Converter which transforms simple types to a string.

Converter which recursively transforms typed arrays (array).

A type converter for converting URI strings to Http Uri objects.


A marker interface for type converters that are used to decode the content of a HTTP request