An abstract composite validator consisting of other validators

Abstract validator

A validator which will not validate Aggregates that are lazy loaded and uninitialized.

Validator for alphanumeric strings.

Validator for a specific boolean value.

A generic collection validator.

Validator to chain many validators in a conjunction (logical and).

Validator for countable things

Validator for checking Date and Time boundaries

Validator for DateTime objects.

Validator to chain many validators in a disjunction (logical or).

Validator for email addresses

Validator for floats.

A generic object validator which allows for specifying property validators.

Validator for integers.

A validator for labels.

A validator for locale identifiers.

Validator for not empty values.

Validator for general numbers

Validator for general numbers.

A validator which accepts any input.

Validator based on regular expressions.

Validator for string length.

Validator for strings.

Validator for "plain" text.

Validator for uniqueness of entities.

Validator for Universally Unique Identifiers.


Contract for a validator

Contract for a poly type validator, able to act on possibly any type.

Contract for a validator