The pointcut defines the set of join points (ie. "situations") in which certain code associated with the pointcut (ie. advices) should be executed. This set of join points is defined by a pointcut expression which is matched against class and method signatures.

A class filter which fires on classes annotated with a certain annotation

A simple class filter which fires on class names defined by a regular expression

A class type filter which fires on class or interface names

The pointcut expression parser parses the definition of the place and circumstances where advices can be inserted later on. The input of the parse() function is a string from a pointcut- or advice annotation and returns a pointcut filter composite.

A filter which refers to another pointcut.

This composite allows to check for match against a row pointcut filters by only one method call. All registered filters will be invoked and if one filter doesn't match, the overall result is "no".

A method filter which fires on methods annotated with a certain annotation

A little filter which filters for method names

A settings filter which fires on configuration setting set to true or equal to the given condition.

An evaluator for AOP runtime expressions


The contract for an AOP Pointcut Filter class