A contract for a Cache Backend

A contract for a cache backend which can be frozen.

A contract for a cache backend which provides Iterator functionality.

A contract for a cache backend which is capable of storing, retrieving and including PHP source code.

A contract for a Cache Backend which supports tagging.

A contract for a Cache Backend which allows to be set up

A contract for a Cache Backend which allows to retrieve its status

Interface for objects which are cache aware and are collaborative when it comes to storing them in a cache.

This cache factory takes care of instantiating a cache frontend and injecting a certain cache backend. After creation of the new cache, the cache object is registered at the cache manager.

Contract for a Cache (frontend)

An Eel evaluator interface

Contract for a FlowQuery operation which is applied onto a set of objects.

FlowQuery Operation Resolver Interface

Interface for classes that are aware of a protected Eel context

This is the interface for a generic AOP advice. It is never implemented directly.

Contract for a join point

The contract for an AOP Pointcut Filter class

Contract and marker interface for the AOP Proxy classes

Transitional interface for command controllers.

An interface which allows a CommandController to tweak command descriptions before they are displayed to the user.

The interface for a request handler

Contract for an exception handler

Marks Exceptions having a HTTP status code to return.

Marks Exceptions having a reference code to look up.

Interface for a Request Engine which can be used by a HTTP Client implementation for sending requests and returning responses.

An HTTP component

The interface for a request handler which handles and works with HTTP requests

An interface for formatters.

An interface for providers of translation labels (messages).

Contract for a logger backend interface

Interface for PSR-3 logger factories. Any adapter for logging in Flow should bring such a factory.

Marker interface for the security logger.

Marker interface for the system logger.

An interface for storages that can store full exceptions and their stack traces.

Contract for a change detection strategy

Contract for a change detection strategy that allows the FileMonitor to mark a file deleted directly.

Generic interface for controllers

Contract for FlashMessage storages

Contract for a dispatchable request.

Contract for Dynamic Route Parts

Contract for Route parts that are aware of Routing RouteParameters

Contract for all Route Parts.

Contract for a Web Router

Interface of a view

Interface for the Flow Object Manager This is a superset of the PSR-11 ContainerInterface.

A marker interface for Proxy Classes

An interface to indicate a bootable package

An interface for Flow packages that might have configuration or resources

Interface for a basic Package class

An interface for packages that are aware of the concept of package keys, eg. "Neos.Flow".

A marker interface used to support object persistence

An interface used to introduce certain methods to support lazy loading objects

BackendInterface deprecated

A persistence backend interface

A persistence query factory interface

The Flow Persistence Manager interface

A persistence query interface.

A lazy result list that is returned by Query::execute()

Contract for a repository

Configuration object for the property mapper. This interface specifies all methods which are used by the property mapper and by the type converters during the conversion process. Thus, this interface does only contain read-only methods, and no methods to set any of these options.

Interface for type converters, which can convert from a simple type to an object or another simple type.

A marker interface for type converters that are used to decode the content of a HTTP request

Interface for a resource collection

Interface for a resource processing filter

Interface which defines the basic meta data getters and setters for PersistentResource and Storage/Object objects.

Interface for a resource storage

Interface of a PersistentResource Storage which provides import functionality.

A stream wrapper interface. Modeled after the PHP streamWrapper class prototype. Check http://php.net/streamwrapper for details on that.

Contract for an authentication manager.

Contract for an authentication provider used by the AuthenticationProviderManager.

Contract for an authentication entry point

Factory contract for providers and their tokens.

Contract for an authentication token.

Interface for authentication tokens which only hold a password

Marker interface for authentication tokens which don't need a session.

Interface for authentication tokens which hold a username and password

Contract for an after invocation manager. It is used to check return values of a method against security rules.

Contract for an after invocation processor.

Contract for firewall

Contract for a security interceptor.

Contract for a privilege manager

Contract for a SQL condition generator.

An entity privilege

Contract for a privilege used to restrict method calls

Contract for a privilege parameter

Contract for a privilege

Marker interface for privilege subjects

A password hashing strategy interface

RSA related service functions (e.g. used for the RSA authentication provider)

Contract for a request pattern.

Marker interface for a Session Lazy Loading Proxy

Interface for Sessions that are related to a cookie.

Contract for a session.

Interface for a session manager

Contract for a validator

Contract for a poly type validator, able to act on possibly any type.

Contract for a validator

This interface should be implemented by proxy objects which want to return something different than themselves when being part of a Fluid ObjectAccess chain such as {foo.bar.baz}.

Interface for rendering contexts that are Flow aware.

Child Node Access Facet. View Helpers should implement this interface if they need access to the direct children in the Syntax Tree at rendering-time.