Applies base64_decode to the input

Formats an integer with a byte count into human-readable form.

Modifies the case of an input string to upper- or lowercase or capitalization.

Use this view helper to crop the text between its opening and closing tags.

Formats a given float to a currency representation.

Formats a \DateTime object.

Applies html_entity_decode() to a value

Applies htmlentities() escaping to a value

This ViewHelper renders the identifier of a persisted object (if it has an identity).

Wrapper for PHPs json_encode function.

Wrapper for PHPs nl2br function.

Formats a number with custom precision, decimal point and grouped thousands.

Formats a string using PHPs str_pad function.

Removes tags from the given string (applying PHPs strip_tags() function)

Encodes the given string according to (applying PHPs rawurlencode() function)