Renders a label for the given authentication provider identifier

Displays a text-based "bar graph" giving an indication of the amount and type of changes done to something. Created for use in workspace management.

Generates a color code for a given string

ViewHelper for rendering the current version identifier for the configuration cache.

Render HTML markup for the full configuration tree in the Neos Administration -> Configuration Module.

Returns a shortened md5 of the built CSS file

Render a bread crumb path by using the labels of documents leading to the given node path

Condition ViewHelper that can evaluate whether the currently authenticated user can access a given Backend module

ViewHelper for rendering the current backend users interface language.

Returns true, if the current user is allowed to edit the given user, false otherwise.

ViewHelper for the backend JavaScript configuration. Renders the required JS snippet to configure the Neos backend.

Returns true if the minified Neos JavaScript sources should be loaded, false otherwise.

Returns translated message using source message or key ID.

Render user initials for a given username

ViewHelper for rendering the current version identifier for the xliff cache.