NodeTypeEnrichmentService::addLabelsToNodeTypeConfiguration() — Method in class NodeTypeEnrichmentService
NodeTypeEnrichmentService::applyEditorLabels() — Method in class NodeTypeEnrichmentService
$ Configuration#availableVersionsProperty in class Configuration
RaceConditionTrackerCommandController::analyzeTraceCommand() — Method in class RaceConditionTrackerCommandController
$ ContentDimensionZookeeper#allowedCombinationsProperty in class ContentDimensionZookeeper

Needs to stay protected as long as we need to be able to reset it via ObjectAccess

ContentDimensionConstraintSet::allowsCombinationWith() — Method in class ContentDimensionConstraintSet
ConstraintChecks::areNodeTypeConstraintsImposedByParentValid() — Method in class ConstraintChecks
ConstraintChecks::areNodeTypeConstraintsImposedByGrandparentValid() — Method in class ConstraintChecks
NodeAggregateCommandHandler::areAncestorNodeTypeConstraintChecksEnabled() — Method in class NodeAggregateCommandHandler
NodeAggregateIdsByNodePaths::add() — Method in class NodeAggregateIdsByNodePaths
NodeCreation::areAncestorNodeTypeConstraintChecksEnabled() — Method in class NodeCreation
NodeMove::areAncestorNodeTypeConstraintChecksEnabled() — Method in class NodeMove
NodeRemoval::areAncestorNodeTypeConstraintChecksEnabled() — Method in class NodeRemoval
NodeTypeChange::areNodeTypeConstraintsImposedByParentValid() — Method in class NodeTypeChange
NodeTypeChange::areNodeTypeConstraintsImposedByGrandparentValid() — Method in class NodeTypeChange
ArrayNormalizerClass in namespace Neos\ContentRepository\Core\Infrastructure\Property\Normalizer
NodePath::appendPathSegment() — Method in class NodePath

IMMUTABLE function to create a new NodePath by appending a path segment. Returns a NEW NodePath object

ProjectionIntegrityViolationDetectorInterface::allNodesAreConnectedToARootNodePerSubgraph() — Method in class ProjectionIntegrityViolationDetectorInterface

Acyclicity check #1: Checks that per subgraph all nodes are connected to a root node.

ProjectionIntegrityViolationDetectorInterface::allNodesHaveAtMostOneParentPerSubgraph() — Method in class ProjectionIntegrityViolationDetectorInterface

Acyclicity check #2: Checks that per subgraph (Dimension Space Point + Content Stream), all nodes have exactly one parent (except root nodes which have none).

ProjectionIntegrityViolationDetectorInterface::allNodesCoverTheirOrigin() — Method in class ProjectionIntegrityViolationDetectorInterface

All nodes must at least cover their origin dimension space point

Subtrees::add() — Method in class Subtrees
NodeHiddenStateRecord::addToDatabase() — Method in class NodeHiddenStateRecord
VisitedNodeAggregates::addRootNode() — Method in class VisitedNodeAggregates
VisitedNodeAggregates::add() — Method in class VisitedNodeAggregates
VisitedNodeAggregates::alreadyVisitedOriginDimensionSpacePoints() — Method in class VisitedNodeAggregates
FindOperation::addNodesByIdentifier() — Method in class FindOperation
FindOperation::addNodesByPath() — Method in class FindOperation
FindOperation::addNodesByType() — Method in class FindOperation
AbstractNodePrivilegeClass in namespace Neos\ContentRepository\Security\Authorization\Privilege\Node

An abstract node privilege acting as a base class for other node privileges restricting operations and data on nodes.

AbstractNodePropertyPrivilegeClass in namespace Neos\ContentRepository\Security\Authorization\Privilege\Node

Base class for privileges restricting node properties.

AuthorizationServiceClass in namespace Neos\ContentRepository\Security\Service

This service provides API methods to check for privileges on nodes and permissions for node actions.

AbstractRendererClass in namespace Neos\Diff\Renderer

Abstract Diff Renderer

AssetIdsByPropertyClass in namespace Neos\ESCR\AssetUsage\Dto
AssetUsagesClass in namespace Neos\ESCR\AssetUsage\Dto
AddContextToNodeBasedReadModelInterfaceAspectClass in namespace Neos\EventSourcedContentRepository\LegacyApi\ContextInNodeBasedReadModel
AfxDslImplementationClass in namespace Neos\Fusion\Afx\Dsl

Class Fusion AFX Dsl

AfxExceptionClass in namespace Neos\Fusion\Afx\Exception

Class AfxException

AfxParserExceptionClass in namespace Neos\Fusion\Afx\Parser

Class AfxParserException

AfxServiceClass in namespace Neos\Fusion\Afx\Service

Class AfxService

AfxService::astToFusion() — Method in class AfxService
AfxService::astBooleanToFusion() — Method in class AfxService
AfxService::astExpressionToFusion() — Method in class AfxService
AfxService::astStringToFusion() — Method in class AfxService
AfxService::astTextToFusion() — Method in class AfxService
AfxService::astNodeToFusion() — Method in class AfxService
AfxService::astNodeListToFusion() — Method in class AfxService
$ RuntimeContentCache#addCacheSegmentMarkersToPlaceholdersProperty in class RuntimeContentCache
RuntimeContentCache::addTag() — Method in class RuntimeContentCache

Adds a tag built from the given key and value.

AbsorbingHandlerClass in namespace Neos\Fusion\Core\ExceptionHandlers

Renders the element as an empty string

AbstractRenderingExceptionHandlerClass in namespace Neos\Fusion\Core\ExceptionHandlers

Handles exceptions

AstNodeVisitorInterfaceClass in namespace Neos\Fusion\Core\ObjectTreeParser
AbstractNodeClass in namespace Neos\Fusion\Core\ObjectTreeParser\Ast
AbstractOperationClass in namespace Neos\Fusion\Core\ObjectTreeParser\Ast
AbstractPathSegmentClass in namespace Neos\Fusion\Core\ObjectTreeParser\Ast
AbstractPathValueClass in namespace Neos\Fusion\Core\ObjectTreeParser\Ast
AbstractStatementClass in namespace Neos\Fusion\Core\ObjectTreeParser\Ast
AssignedObjectPathClass in namespace Neos\Fusion\Core\ObjectTreeParser\Ast
$ ParserException#asciiPreviewMessagePartProperty in class ParserException
MergedArrayTree::arraySetOrMergeValueByPathWithCallback() — Method in class MergedArrayTree
ObjectTreeParser::accept() — Method in class ObjectTreeParser

Accepts a token of a given type.

Runtime::addCacheTag() — Method in class Runtime

Add a tag to the current cache segment

BaseUriHelper::allowsCallOfMethod() — Method in class BaseUriHelper
AbstractArrayFusionObjectClass in namespace Neos\Fusion\FusionObjects

Base class for Fusion objects that need access to arbitrary properties, like DataStructureImplementation.

AbstractArrayFusionObject::applyPositionalArraySorterToProperties() — Method in class AbstractArrayFusionObject
AbstractCollectionImplementationClass in namespace Neos\Fusion\FusionObjects

Abstract implementation of a collection renderer for Fusion.

AbstractFusionObjectClass in namespace Neos\Fusion\FusionObjects

Base class for all Fusion objects

ActionUriImplementationClass in namespace Neos\Fusion\FusionObjects

A Fusion ActionUri object

ArrayImplementationClass in namespace Neos\Fusion\FusionObjects

The old "COA" object

AttributesImplementationClass in namespace Neos\Fusion\FusionObjects

Renders a string of xml attributes from the properties of this Fusion object.

AugmenterImplementationClass in namespace Neos\Fusion\FusionObjects

A Fusion Augmenter-Object

HtmlAugmenter::addAttributes() — Method in class HtmlAugmenter

Adds the given $attributes to the $html by augmenting the root element.

AddFlashMessageTraitClass in namespace Neos\Media\Browser\Controller

A trait to add backend translation based on the backend users settings

AddFlashMessageTrait::addFlashMessage() — Method in class AddFlashMessageTrait

Add a translated flashMessage.

AssetCollectionControllerClass in namespace Neos\Media\Browser\Controller

Controller for tag handling

$ AssetCollectionController#assetCollectionRepositoryProperty in class AssetCollectionController
AssetControllerClass in namespace Neos\Media\Browser\Controller

Controller for asset handling

$ AssetController#assetRepositoryProperty in class AssetController
$ AssetController#assetCollectionRepositoryProperty in class AssetController
$ AssetController#assetServiceProperty in class AssetController
$ AssetController#assetSourceServiceProperty in class AssetController
$ AssetController#assetSourcesProperty in class AssetController
AssetController::addAssetToCollectionAction() — Method in class AssetController

Adds an asset to an asset collection

AssetProxyControllerClass in namespace Neos\Media\Browser\Controller
$ AssetProxyController#assetSourceServiceProperty in class AssetProxyController
$ ImageController#assetRepositoryProperty in class ImageController
$ ImageVariantController#assetRepositoryProperty in class ImageVariantController
$ TagController#assetCollectionRepositoryProperty in class TagController
$ TagController#assetRepositoryProperty in class TagController
$ UsageController#assetServiceProperty in class UsageController
$ BrowserState#activeAssetSourceIdentifierProperty in class BrowserState
$ PaginateController#assetProxyQueryResultProperty in class PaginateController
$ MediaCommandController#assetRepositoryProperty in class MediaCommandController
$ MediaCommandController#asyncThumbnailsProperty in class MediaCommandController
$ MediaCommandController#assetVariantGeneratorProperty in class MediaCommandController
AbstractAdjustmentClass in namespace Neos\Media\Domain\Model\Adjustment

An abstract adjustment which provides a constructor for setting options

AbstractImageAdjustmentClass in namespace Neos\Media\Domain\Model\Adjustment

An abstract image adjustment

AdjustmentInterfaceClass in namespace Neos\Media\Domain\Model\Adjustment

Interface for an Asset Adjustment

$ CropImageAdjustment#aspectRatioAsStringProperty in class CropImageAdjustment
CropImageAdjustment::applyToImage() — Method in class CropImageAdjustment

Applies this adjustment to the given Imagine Image object

ImageAdjustmentInterface::applyToImage() — Method in class ImageAdjustmentInterface

Applies this adjustment to the given Imagine Image object

QualityImageAdjustment::applyToImage() — Method in class QualityImageAdjustment

Applies this adjustment to the given Imagine Image object

$ ResizeImageAdjustment#allowUpScalingProperty in class ResizeImageAdjustment
ResizeImageAdjustment::applyToImage() — Method in class ResizeImageAdjustment

Applies this adjustment to the given Imagine Image object

AssetClass in namespace Neos\Media\Domain\Model

An Asset, the base for all more specific assets in this package.

$ Asset#assetServiceProperty in class Asset
$ Asset#assetRepositoryProperty in class Asset
$ Asset#assetCollectionsProperty in class Asset
$ Asset#assetSourceIdentifierProperty in class Asset
$ Asset#assetSourcesConfigurationProperty in class Asset
$ Asset#assetSourcesProperty in class Asset
Asset::addTag() — Method in class Asset

Add a single tag to this asset

Asset::addThumbnail() — Method in class Asset

An internal method which adds a thumbnail which was generated by the ThumbnailService.

AssetCollectionClass in namespace Neos\Media\Domain\Model

Class AssetCollection

$ AssetCollection#assetsProperty in class AssetCollection
AssetCollection::addAsset() — Method in class AssetCollection

Add one asset to the asset collection

AssetCollection::addTag() — Method in class AssetCollection

Add a single tag to this asset

AssetInterfaceClass in namespace Neos\Media\Domain\Model

A user-managed Asset which is stored in the Asset Repository

AssetNotFoundExceptionInterfaceClass in namespace Neos\Media\Domain\Model\AssetSource
AssetProxyQueryInterfaceClass in namespace Neos\Media\Domain\Model\AssetSource
AssetProxyQueryResultInterfaceClass in namespace Neos\Media\Domain\Model\AssetSource
AssetProxyRepositoryInterfaceClass in namespace Neos\Media\Domain\Model\AssetSource
AssetProxyInterfaceClass in namespace Neos\Media\Domain\Model\AssetSource\AssetProxy

Interface for a stand-in object of remote or already imported assets from an asset source.

AssetSourceAwareInterfaceClass in namespace Neos\Media\Domain\Model\AssetSource
AssetSourceConnectionExceptionInterfaceClass in namespace Neos\Media\Domain\Model\AssetSource

Exceptions of asset sources which are thrown on connection problems should implement this interface so that they can be handled specifically.

AssetSourceInterfaceClass in namespace Neos\Media\Domain\Model\AssetSource
AssetTypeFilterClass in namespace Neos\Media\Domain\Model\AssetSource
$ NeosAssetSource#assetServiceProperty in class NeosAssetSource
$ NeosAssetSource#asyncThumbnailsProperty in class NeosAssetSource
AssetVariantInterfaceClass in namespace Neos\Media\Domain\Model

An interface of an asset which was derived from an original asset

AudioClass in namespace Neos\Media\Domain\Model

An Audio asset

AssetConstraintsClass in namespace Neos\Media\Domain\Model\Dto

Constraints for the Assets that can't be changed by the user while navigating the Media module / endpoints (other than filters)

AssetConstraints::applyToAssetSources() — Method in class AssetConstraints

Filters the given $assetSources according to the active asset source constraints If no asset source constraints is active, the original array is returned

AssetConstraints::applyToAssetSourceIdentifiers() — Method in class AssetConstraints

Verifies the given $assetSourceIdentifier against the asset source constraint: If no asset source constraint is set or the given $assetSourceIdentifier matches one of the allowedAssetSourceIdentifiers, the input is un-altered Otherwise the first allowed allowedAssetSourceIdentifier is returned

AssetConstraints::applyToAssetTypeFilter() — Method in class AssetConstraints

Verifies the given $assetType against the media type constraint: If no media type constraint is set or the given $assetType matches one of the allowed asset types, the input is un-altered Otherwise the first allowed asset type is returned

$ UsageReference#assetProperty in class UsageReference
FileTypeIcon::alt() — Method in class FileTypeIcon
Image::addVariant() — Method in class Image

Adds a variant of this image

$ ImageVariant#adjustmentsProperty in class ImageVariant
ImageVariant::addTag() — Method in class ImageVariant

Add a single tag to this asset

ImageVariant::addVariant() — Method in class ImageVariant

Adding variants to variants is not supported.

ImageVariant::addAdjustment() — Method in class ImageVariant

Adds the given adjustment to the list of adjustments applied to this image variant.

ImageVariant::addAdjustments() — Method in class ImageVariant

Adds the given adjustments to the list of adjustments applied to this image variant.

ImageVariant::applyAdjustment() — Method in class ImageVariant

Apply the given adjustment to the image variant.

$ ImportedAsset#assetSourceIdentifierProperty in class ImportedAsset
$ Tag#assetCollectionsProperty in class Tag
Tag::addChild() — Method in class Tag
$ Thumbnail#asyncProperty in class Thumbnail
$ ThumbnailConfiguration#allowCroppingProperty in class ThumbnailConfiguration
$ ThumbnailConfiguration#allowUpScalingProperty in class ThumbnailConfiguration
$ ThumbnailConfiguration#asyncProperty in class ThumbnailConfiguration
AbstractThumbnailGeneratorClass in namespace Neos\Media\Domain\Model\ThumbnailGenerator

Abstract Thumbnail Generator

ThumbnailSupportInterface::addThumbnail() — Method in class ThumbnailSupportInterface

Adds a thumbnail which was generated by the ThumbnailService.

AssetCollectionRepositoryClass in namespace Neos\Media\Domain\Repository

A repository for AssetCollections

AssetRepositoryClass in namespace Neos\Media\Domain\Repository

A repository for Assets

$ AssetRepository#assetServiceProperty in class AssetRepository
AssetRepository::addAssetCollectionToQueryConstraints() — Method in class AssetRepository
AssetRepository::addAssetVariantFilterClause() — Method in class AssetRepository

Adds conditions filtering any implementation of AssetVariantInterface

AssetRepository::add() — Method in class AssetRepository
AudioRepositoryClass in namespace Neos\Media\Domain\Repository

A repository for Audio

AssetServiceClass in namespace Neos\Media\Domain\Service

An asset service that handles for example commands on assets, retrieves information about usage of assets and rendering thumbnails.

$ AssetService#assetVariantGeneratorProperty in class AssetService
AssetSourceServiceClass in namespace Neos\Media\Domain\Service

A service for Asset Sources and Asset Proxies

$ AssetSourceService#assetSourcesConfigurationProperty in class AssetSourceService
$ AssetSourceService#assetModelMappingStrategyProperty in class AssetSourceService
$ AssetSourceService#assetRepositoryProperty in class AssetSourceService
AssetVariantGeneratorClass in namespace Neos\Media\Domain\Service
$ AssetVariantGenerator#assetServiceProperty in class AssetVariantGenerator
$ ImageService#assetRepositoryProperty in class ImageService
$ ImageService#allowedFormatsProperty in class ImageService
ImageService::applyAdjustments() — Method in class ImageService
$ ThumbnailGenerator#autoCreateThumbnailPresetsProperty in class ThumbnailGenerator
$ ThumbnailGenerator#asyncThumbnailsProperty in class ThumbnailGenerator

If enabled

ThumbnailService::applyFormatToThumbnailConfiguration() — Method in class ThumbnailService

Create a new thumbnailConfiguration with the identical configuration to the given one PLUS setting of the target-format

AbstractAssetUsageStrategyClass in namespace Neos\Media\Domain\Strategy

Abstract asset usage strategy

AssetModelMappingStrategyInterfaceClass in namespace Neos\Media\Domain\Strategy

Describes a strategy to find an asset model class based on the resource and optional source properties.

AssetUsageStrategyInterfaceClass in namespace Neos\Media\Domain\Strategy

Interface for asset usage strategies

AssetValidatorClass in namespace Neos\Media\Domain\Validator

Conjunction validator that loads all implementations of the \Neos\Media\Domain\Validator\AssetValidatorInterface and merges all their results

AssetValidatorInterfaceClass in namespace Neos\Media\Domain\Validator

Interface to implement to hook into the asset model validation

AudioValidatorClass in namespace Neos\Media\Domain\Validator

Validator for Audio objects

AdjustmentClass in namespace Neos\Media\Domain\ValueObject\Configuration
AspectRatioClass in namespace Neos\Media\Domain\ValueObject\Configuration
Variant::adjustments() — Method in class Variant
AssetServiceExceptionClass in namespace Neos\Media\Exception

A Neos.Media exception for the Asset Service

AssetSourceServiceExceptionClass in namespace Neos\Media\Exception

A Neos.Media exception for the Asset Source Service

AssetVariantGeneratorExceptionClass in namespace Neos\Media\Exception

A Neos.Media exception for the Asset Variant Generator

AssetAssetCollectionConditionGeneratorClass in namespace Neos\Media\Security\Authorization\Privilege\Doctrine

Condition generator covering Asset <-> AssetCollection relations (M:M relations are not supported by the Flow PropertyConditionGenerator yet)

AssetCollectionConditionGeneratorClass in namespace Neos\Media\Security\Authorization\Privilege\Doctrine

A SQL condition generator, supporting special SQL constraints for asset collections

AssetConditionGeneratorClass in namespace Neos\Media\Security\Authorization\Privilege\Doctrine

A SQL condition generator, supporting special SQL constraints for assets

AssetTagConditionGeneratorClass in namespace Neos\Media\Security\Authorization\Privilege\Doctrine

Condition generator covering Asset <-> Tag relations (M:M relations are not supported by the Flow PropertyConditionGenerator yet)

AssetWithoutAssetCollectionConditionGeneratorClass in namespace Neos\Media\Security\Authorization\Privilege\Doctrine

Condition generator covering Asset >-< AssetCollection relations (M:M relations are not supported by the Flow PropertyConditionGenerator yet)

ArrayConverterClass in namespace Neos\Media\TypeConverter

This converter transforms Neos.Media AssetInterface instances to arrays.

AspectRatioFromStringConverterClass in namespace Neos\Media\TypeConverter

This converter transforms to \Neos\Media\Domain\ValueObject\Configuration\AspectRatio objects from string.

AssetCollectionToArrayConverterClass in namespace Neos\Media\TypeConverter

This converter transforms Neos.Media AssetCollection instances to arrays.

AssetInterfaceConverterClass in namespace Neos\Media\TypeConverter

This converter transforms to \Neos\Media\Domain\Model\ImageInterface (Image or ImageVariant) objects.

$ AssetInterfaceConverter#assetRepositoryProperty in class AssetInterfaceConverter
$ AssetInterfaceConverter#assetModelMappingStrategyProperty in class AssetInterfaceConverter
AssetInterfaceConverter::applyTypeSpecificHandling() — Method in class AssetInterfaceConverter
AssetInterfaceConverter::applyModelMappingStrategy() — Method in class AssetInterfaceConverter

Applies the model mapping strategy for a converted resource to determine the final target type.

ImageInterfaceConverter::applyTypeSpecificHandling() — Method in class ImageInterfaceConverter

Converts and adds ImageAdjustments to the ImageVariant

$ ImageViewHelper#assetServiceProperty in class ImageViewHelper
$ ThumbnailViewHelper#assetServiceProperty in class ThumbnailViewHelper
$ ImageViewHelper#assetServiceProperty in class ImageViewHelper
$ ThumbnailViewHelper#assetServiceProperty in class ThumbnailViewHelper
DomainCommandController::addCommand() — Method in class DomainCommandController

Add a domain record

DomainCommandController::activateCommand() — Method in class DomainCommandController

Activate a domain record by hostname (with globbing)

SiteCommandController::activateCommand() — Method in class SiteCommandController

Activate a site (with globbing)

$ UserCommandController#authenticationProviderSettingsProperty in class UserCommandController
UserCommandController::activateCommand() — Method in class UserCommandController

Activate a user (with globbing)

UserCommandController::addRoleCommand() — Method in class UserCommandController

Add a role to a user

$ ContentController#assetRepositoryProperty in class ContentController
ContentController::assetsWithMetadataAction() — Method in class ContentController

Fetch the metadata for multiple assets

AbstractModuleControllerClass in namespace Neos\Neos\Controller\Module
AdministrationControllerClass in namespace Neos\Neos\Controller\Module
$ SitesController#assetCollectionRepositoryProperty in class SitesController
SitesController::activateSiteAction() — Method in class SitesController

Activates a site

SitesController::activateDomainAction() — Method in class SitesController

Activates a domain

$ UsersController#authenticationProviderSettingsProperty in class UsersController
UsersController::assignElectronicAddressOptions() — Method in class UsersController
UserSettingsController::assignElectronicAddressOptions() — Method in class UserSettingsController
AssetProxiesControllerClass in namespace Neos\Neos\Controller\Service

Rudimentary REST service for assets

$ AssetProxiesController#assetRepositoryProperty in class AssetProxiesController
$ AssetProxiesController#assetSourceServiceProperty in class AssetProxiesController
$ AssetProxiesController#asyncThumbnailsProperty in class AssetProxiesController
AssetsControllerClass in namespace Neos\Neos\Controller\Service

Rudimentary REST service for assets

$ AssetsController#assetRepositoryProperty in class AssetsController
$ AssetsController#asyncThumbnailsProperty in class AssetsController
NodesController::addExistingNodeVariantInformationToResponse() — Method in class NodesController

If the node is not found, we first want to figure out whether the node exists in other dimensions or is really non-existent

NodesController::adoptNodeAndParents() — Method in class NodesController

Adopt (translate) the given node and parents that are not yet visible to the given context

$ Domain#activeProperty in class Domain

If domain is active

AssetUsageInNodePropertiesClass in namespace Neos\Neos\Domain\Model\Dto

A DTO for storing information related to a usage of an asset in node properties.

$ Site#assetCollectionProperty in class Site
$ FusionService#autoIncludeFusionPatternProperty in class FusionService

Pattern used for determining the Fusion root file for autoIncludes

$ FusionService#appendFusionIncludesProperty in class FusionService

Array of Fusion files to include after the site Fusion

$ FusionService#autoIncludeConfigurationProperty in class FusionService

Declaration of package inclusions as packageKey:included, e.g. "Acme.Site": true

$ SiteService#assetCollectionRepositoryProperty in class SiteService
SiteService::assignUploadedAssetToSiteAssetCollection() — Method in class SiteService

Adds an asset to the asset collection of the site it has been uploaded to Note: This is usually triggered by the ContentController::assetUploaded signal

$ UserService#accountFactoryProperty in class UserService
$ UserService#accountRepositoryProperty in class UserService
$ UserService#authenticationManagerProperty in class UserService
UserService::addUser() — Method in class UserService

Adds a user whose User object has been created elsewhere

UserService::addRoleToUser() — Method in class UserService

Adds the specified role to all accounts of the given user and potentially carries out further actions which are needed to properly reflect these changes.

UserService::addRoleToAccount() — Method in class UserService

Adds the specified role to the given account and potentially carries out further actions which are needed to properly reflect these changes.

UserService::activateUser() — Method in class UserService

Reactivates the given user

$ Event#accountIdentifierProperty in class Event

The identifier of the account that triggered this event. Optional.

Event::addChildEvent() — Method in class Event

Add a new child event. Is called from the child event's constructor.

EventsOnDate::add() — Method in class EventsOnDate

add another event to this group

EventEmittingService::add() — Method in class EventEmittingService

Add the passed event (which has been generated by generate()) to persistence.

AbstractIntegrationServiceClass in namespace Neos\Neos\EventLog\Integrations
ContentRepositoryIntegrationService::afterNodePublishing() — Method in class ContentRepositoryIntegrationService
CrossSiteLinker::applyCrossSiteUriConstraints() — Method in class CrossSiteLinker
CrossSiteLinkerInterface::applyCrossSiteUriConstraints() — Method in class CrossSiteLinkerInterface
AutoUriPathResolverFactoryInternalsFactoryClass in namespace Neos\Neos\FrontendRouting\DimensionResolution\Resolver
AutoUriPathResolverConfigurationExceptionClass in namespace Neos\Neos\FrontendRouting\DimensionResolution\Resolver\AutoUriPathResolver


AbstractMenuItemsImplementationClass in namespace Neos\Neos\Fusion

Base class for Menu and DimensionsMenu

$ ConvertUrisImplementation#assetRepositoryProperty in class ConvertUrisImplementation
ArrayHelperClass in namespace Neos\Neos\Fusion\Helper

Some Functional Programming Array helpers for Eel contexts

ArrayHelper::allowsCallOfMethod() — Method in class ArrayHelper

All methods are considered safe

CachingHelper::allowsCallOfMethod() — Method in class CachingHelper

All methods are considered safe

$ LinkHelper#assetRepositoryProperty in class LinkHelper
LinkHelper::allowsCallOfMethod() — Method in class LinkHelper
NodeHelper::allowsCallOfMethod() — Method in class NodeHelper
NodeLabelToken::allowsCallOfMethod() — Method in class NodeLabelToken

All methods are considered safe

RenderingHelper::allowsCallOfMethod() — Method in class RenderingHelper

All methods are considered safe

$ ImageUriImplementation#assetServiceProperty in class ImageUriImplementation

Resource publisher

Change::addToDatabase() — Method in class Change
$ ImpersonateAspect#alreadyLoggedAuthenticateCallProperty in class ImpersonateAspect
ContentElementWrappingService::addGenericEditingMetadata() — Method in class ContentElementWrappingService

Collects metadata attributes used to allow editing of the node in the Neos backend.

ContentElementWrappingService::addNodePropertyAttributes() — Method in class ContentElementWrappingService

Adds node properties to the given $attributes collection and returns the extended array

ContentElementWrappingService::addDocumentMetadata() — Method in class ContentElementWrappingService

Collects metadata for the Neos backend specifically for document nodes.

ContentElementWrappingService::addCssClasses() — Method in class ContentElementWrappingService

Add required CSS classes to the attributes.

ContentElementWrappingService::appendNonRenderedContentNodeMetadata() — Method in class ContentElementWrappingService

Concatenate strings containing <script> tags for all child nodes not rendered within the current document node. This way we can show e.g. content collections within the structure tree which are not actually rendered.

AbstractServiceControllerClass in namespace Neos\Neos\Service\Controller

Abstract Service Controller

AbstractDataSourceClass in namespace Neos\Neos\Service\DataSource

Data source interface for getting data.

$ ImageVariantGarbageCollector#assetRepositoryProperty in class ImageVariantGarbageCollector
$ ImageVariantGarbageCollector#assetUsageRepositoryProperty in class ImageVariantGarbageCollector
$ LinkingService#assetRepositoryProperty in class LinkingService
NodeView::assignNode() — Method in class NodeView

Assigns a node to the NodeView.

NodeView::assignNodes() — Method in class NodeView
NodeView::assignChildNodes() — Method in class NodeView

Prepares this view to render a list or tree of child nodes of the given node.

NodeView::assignNodeAndChildNodes() — Method in class NodeView

Prepares this view to render a list or tree of given node including child nodes.

NodeView::assignFilteredChildNodes() — Method in class NodeView

Prepares this view to render a list or tree of filtered nodes.

AuthenticationProviderLabelViewHelperClass in namespace Neos\Neos\ViewHelpers\Backend

Renders a label for the given authentication provider identifier

$ AuthenticationProviderLabelViewHelper#authenticationProviderSettingsProperty in class AuthenticationProviderLabelViewHelper
$ UserInitialsViewHelper#accountRepositoryProperty in class UserInitialsViewHelper
AbstractRenderingStateViewHelperClass in namespace Neos\Neos\ViewHelpers\Rendering

Abstract ViewHelper for all Neos rendering state helpers.

FusionView::assign() — Method in class FusionView

Clear the cached runtime instance on assignment of variables

AssetJsonViewClass in namespace Neos\Neos\View\Service

A view specialised on a JSON representation of Assets.

AfxTemplateGeneratorClass in namespace Neos\SiteKickstarter\Generator

Service to generate site packages


ConfigurationBasedContentDimensionSourceFactory::build() — Method in class ConfigurationBasedContentDimensionSourceFactory
ContentDimensionSourceFactoryInterface::build() — Method in class ContentDimensionSourceFactoryInterface
EventStoreFactoryInterface::build() — Method in class EventStoreFactoryInterface
NodeTypeManagerFactoryInterface::build() — Method in class NodeTypeManagerFactoryInterface
ProjectionCatchUpTriggerFactoryInterface::build() — Method in class ProjectionCatchUpTriggerFactoryInterface
SubprocessProjectionCatchUpTriggerFactory::build() — Method in class SubprocessProjectionCatchUpTriggerFactory
StaticUserIdProviderFactory::build() — Method in class StaticUserIdProviderFactory
UserIdProviderFactoryInterface::build() — Method in class UserIdProviderFactoryInterface
$ DbalClient#backendOptionsProperty in class DbalClient
$ PostgresDbalClient#backendOptionsProperty in class PostgresDbalClient
PropertyConversionSerializerFactory::buildSerializer() — Method in class PropertyConversionSerializerFactory
Package::boot() — Method in class Package

Invokes custom PHP code directly after the package manager has been initialized.

Utility::buildAutoCreatedChildNodeIdentifier() — Method in class Utility

Generate a stable identifier for auto-created child nodes

RaceTrackerCatchUpHookFactory::build() — Method in class RaceTrackerCatchUpHookFactory
ContentSubgraphVariationWeightsAreIncomparable::butWereAttemptedTo() — Method in class ContentSubgraphVariationWeightsAreIncomparable
DimensionSpacePointIsNoSpecialization::butWasSupposedToBe() — Method in class DimensionSpacePointIsNoSpecialization
DimensionSpacePointNotFound::becauseItIsNotWithinTheAllowedDimensionSubspace() — Method in class DimensionSpacePointNotFound
ContentDimensionIdIsInvalid::becauseItMustNotBeEmpty() — Method in class ContentDimensionIdIsInvalid
ContentDimensionValueIsInvalid::becauseItMustNotBeEmpty() — Method in class ContentDimensionValueIsInvalid
ContentDimensionValueSpecializationDepthIsInvalid::becauseItMustBeNonNegative() — Method in class ContentDimensionValueSpecializationDepthIsInvalid
ContentDimensionValuesAreInvalid::becauseTheyMustNotBeEmpty() — Method in class ContentDimensionValuesAreInvalid
GeneralizationIsInvalid::becauseComparedValueIsNoSpecialization() — Method in class GeneralizationIsInvalid
ContentRepositoryServiceFactoryInterface::build() — Method in class ContentRepositoryServiceFactoryInterface
ProjectionsFactory::build() — Method in class ProjectionsFactory
BaseWorkspaceDoesNotExistClass in namespace Neos\ContentRepository\Core\Feature\WorkspaceCreation\Exception
BaseWorkspaceDoesNotExist::butWasSupposedTo() — Method in class BaseWorkspaceDoesNotExist
BaseWorkspaceHasBeenModifiedInTheMeantimeClass in namespace Neos\ContentRepository\Core\Feature\WorkspacePublication\Exception
PropertyType::bool() — Method in class PropertyType
CatchUpHookFactories::build() — Method in class CatchUpHookFactories
CatchUpHookFactoryInterface::build() — Method in class CatchUpHookFactoryInterface
ProjectionFactoryInterface::build() — Method in class ProjectionFactoryInterface
ContentStreamPrunerFactory::build() — Method in class ContentStreamPrunerFactory
WorkspaceMaintenanceServiceFactory::build() — Method in class WorkspaceMaintenanceServiceFactory
NodeAggregateDoesCurrentlyNotCoverDimensionSpacePoint::butWasSupposedTo() — Method in class NodeAggregateDoesCurrentlyNotCoverDimensionSpacePoint
NodeAggregateDoesCurrentlyNotCoverDimensionSpacePointSet::butWasSupposedTo() — Method in class NodeAggregateDoesCurrentlyNotCoverDimensionSpacePointSet
NodeAggregateDoesCurrentlyNotOccupyDimensionSpacePoint::butWasSupposedTo() — Method in class NodeAggregateDoesCurrentlyNotOccupyDimensionSpacePoint
NodeTypeIsAbstract::butWasNotSupposedToBe() — Method in class NodeTypeIsAbstract
PropertyCannotBeSet::becauseTheValueDoesNotMatchTheConfiguredType() — Method in class PropertyCannotBeSet
PropertyCannotBeSet::becauseTheNodeTypeDoesNotDeclareIt() — Method in class PropertyCannotBeSet
PropertyTypeIsInvalid::becauseItIsReference() — Method in class PropertyTypeIsInvalid
PropertyTypeIsInvalid::becauseItIsUndefined() — Method in class PropertyTypeIsInvalid
ReferenceCannotBeSet::becauseTheNodeTypeDoesNotDeclareIt() — Method in class ReferenceCannotBeSet
ReferenceCannotBeSet::becauseTheConstraintsAreNotMatched() — Method in class ReferenceCannotBeSet
ReferenceCannotBeSet::becauseTheItDoesNotDeclareAProperty() — Method in class ReferenceCannotBeSet
ReferenceCannotBeSet::becauseAPropertyDoesNotMatchTheDeclaredType() — Method in class ReferenceCannotBeSet
WorkspaceDoesNotExist::butWasSupposedTo() — Method in class WorkspaceDoesNotExist
WorkspaceHasNoBaseWorkspaceName::butWasSupposedTo() — Method in class WorkspaceHasNoBaseWorkspaceName
AbstractNodePrivilege::buildCacheEntryIdentifier() — Method in class AbstractNodePrivilege
AbstractNodePrivilege::buildMethodPrivilegeMatcher() — Method in class AbstractNodePrivilege
CreateNodePrivilege::buildMethodPrivilegeMatcher() — Method in class CreateNodePrivilege
EditNodePrivilege::buildMethodPrivilegeMatcher() — Method in class EditNodePrivilege

This is the pointcut expression for all methods to intercept.

EditNodePropertyPrivilege::buildMethodPrivilegeMatcher() — Method in class EditNodePropertyPrivilege
ReadNodePropertyPrivilege::buildMethodPrivilegeMatcher() — Method in class ReadNodePropertyPrivilege
RemoveNodePrivilege::buildMethodPrivilegeMatcher() — Method in class RemoveNodePrivilege
Package::boot() — Method in class Package
RuntimeContentCache::buildCacheIdentifierValues() — Method in class RuntimeContentCache

Builds an array of additional key / values which must go into the calculation of the cache entry identifier for a cached content segment.

RuntimeContentCache::buildCacheTags() — Method in class RuntimeContentCache

Builds an array of string which must be used as tags for the cache entry identifier of a specific cached content segment.

BubblingHandlerClass in namespace Neos\Fusion\Core\ExceptionHandlers

Wrap the exception to retain the fusion path at which it was originally thrown

BlockClass in namespace Neos\Fusion\Core\ObjectTreeParser\Ast
BoolValueClass in namespace Neos\Fusion\Core\ObjectTreeParser\Ast
ParserException::build() — Method in class ParserException
MergedArrayTree::buildPrototypeHierarchy() — Method in class MergedArrayTree

Precalculate merged configuration for inherited prototypes.

BaseUriHelperClass in namespace Neos\Fusion\Eel

This is a purely internal helper to provide baseUris for Caching.

$ BaseUriHelper#baseUriProviderProperty in class BaseUriHelper
Package::boot() — Method in class Package

Invokes custom PHP code directly after the package manager has been initialized.

$ AssetCollectionController#browserStateProperty in class AssetCollectionController
$ AssetController#browserStateProperty in class AssetController
$ TagController#browserStateProperty in class TagController
BrowserStateClass in namespace Neos\Media\Browser\Domain\Session

A container for the state the media browser is in.

PaginateController::buildPagination() — Method in class PaginateController

Returns an array with the keys "pages", "current", "numberOfPages", "nextPage" & "previousPage"

$ NeosAssetSource#bootstrapProperty in class NeosAssetSource
BoxClass in namespace Neos\Media\Imagine
Package::boot() — Method in class Package
AssetInterfaceConverter::buildObject() — Method in class AssetInterfaceConverter

Builds a new instance of $objectType with the given $possibleConstructorArgumentValues.

BackendUserTranslationTraitClass in namespace Neos\Neos\Controller

A trait to add backend translation based on the backend users settings

BackendControllerClass in namespace Neos\Neos\Controller\Backend

The Neos Backend controller

$ BackendController#backendRedirectionServiceProperty in class BackendController
MenuHelper::buildSiteList() — Method in class MenuHelper

Build a list of sites

MenuHelper::buildModuleList() — Method in class MenuHelper
$ LoginController#backendRedirectionServiceProperty in class LoginController
DimensionControllerInternalsFactory::build() — Method in class DimensionControllerInternalsFactory
WorkspacesControllerInternalsFactory::build() — Method in class WorkspacesControllerInternalsFactory
ContentDimensionsControllerInternalsFactory::build() — Method in class ContentDimensionsControllerInternalsFactory
CurrentUserIsMissing::butWasRequested() — Method in class CurrentUserIsMissing
LiveWorkspaceIsMissing::butWasRequested() — Method in class LiveWorkspaceIsMissing
SiteNodeNameIsAlreadyInUseByAnotherSite::butWasAttemptedToBeClaimed() — Method in class SiteNodeNameIsAlreadyInUseByAnotherSite
SiteNodeTypeIsInvalid::becauseItIsNotOfTypeSite() — Method in class SiteNodeTypeIsInvalid
SitesNodeIsMissing::butWasRequested() — Method in class SitesNodeIsMissing
$ DomainRepository#bootstrapProperty in class DomainRepository
SiteServiceInternalsFactory::build() — Method in class SiteServiceInternalsFactory
AutoUriPathResolverFactoryInternalsFactory::build() — Method in class AutoUriPathResolverFactoryInternalsFactory
AbstractMenuItemsImplementation::buildItems() — Method in class AbstractMenuItemsImplementation

Builds the array of menu items containing those items which match the configuration set for this Menu object.

DimensionsMenuItemsImplementation::buildItems() — Method in class DimensionsMenuItemsImplementation

Builds the array of Menu items for this variant menu

DimensionsMenuItemsImplementationInternalsFactory::build() — Method in class DimensionsMenuItemsImplementationInternalsFactory
MenuItemsImplementation::buildItems() — Method in class MenuItemsImplementation

Builds the array of menu items containing those items which match the configuration set for this Menu object.

MenuItemsImplementation::buildUri() — Method in class MenuItemsImplementation
PluginImplementation::buildPluginRequest() — Method in class PluginImplementation

Build the pluginRequest object

PluginViewImplementation::buildPluginRequest() — Method in class PluginViewImplementation

Build the proper pluginRequest to render the PluginView of some configured Master Plugin

Package::boot() — Method in class Package
BackendModuleRoutePartHandlerClass in namespace Neos\Neos\Routing

A route part handler for finding nodes specifically in the website's frontend.

BackendRedirectionServiceClass in namespace Neos\Neos\Service
$ EditorContentStreamZookeeper#bootstrapProperty in class EditorContentStreamZookeeper
$ IconNameMappingService#backwardsCompatibilityMappingProperty in class IconNameMappingService
$ IconNameMappingService#brandIconsProperty in class IconNameMappingService
$ LinkingService#baseUriProviderProperty in class LinkingService
BackendAssetsUtilityClass in namespace Neos\Neos\Utility

A collection of helper methods for the Neos backend assets

$ CssBuiltVersionViewHelper#backendAssetsUtilityProperty in class CssBuiltVersionViewHelper
$ JavascriptConfigurationViewHelper#bootstrapProperty in class JavascriptConfigurationViewHelper
$ JavascriptConfigurationViewHelper#backendAssetsUtilityProperty in class JavascriptConfigurationViewHelper
$ FusionExceptionView#bootstrapProperty in class FusionExceptionView
FusionExceptionViewInternalsFactory::build() — Method in class FusionExceptionViewInternalsFactory


DatabaseConnectionService::createDatabaseAndVerifyDatabaseConnectionWorks() — Method in class DatabaseConnectionService

Create a database with the connection settings and verify the connection

DatabaseConnectionService::connectToDatabase() — Method in class DatabaseConnectionService

Tries to connect to the database using the specified $connectionSettings

DatabaseConnectionService::createDatabase() — Method in class DatabaseConnectionService

Connects to the database using the specified $connectionSettings and tries to create a database named $databaseName.

ContentGraphIntegrityCommandControllerClass in namespace Neos\ContentRepositoryRegistry\Command
ContentStreamCommandControllerClass in namespace Neos\ContentRepositoryRegistry\Command
$ ContentStreamCommandController#contentRepositoryRegistryProperty in class ContentStreamCommandController
CrCommandControllerClass in namespace Neos\ContentRepositoryRegistry\Command
$ CrCommandController#contentRepositoryRegistryProperty in class CrCommandController
$ StructureAdjustmentsCommandController#contentRepositoryRegistryProperty in class StructureAdjustmentsCommandController
$ SubprocessProjectionCatchUpCommandController#contentRepositoryRegistryProperty in class SubprocessProjectionCatchUpCommandController
SubprocessProjectionCatchUpCommandController::catchupCommand() — Method in class SubprocessProjectionCatchUpCommandController
$ WorkspaceCommandController#contentRepositoryRegistryProperty in class WorkspaceCommandController
ContentRepositoryNotFoundClass in namespace Neos\ContentRepositoryRegistry\Exception
ConfigurationBasedContentDimensionSourceFactoryClass in namespace Neos\ContentRepositoryRegistry\Factory\ContentDimensionSource
ContentDimensionSourceFactoryInterfaceClass in namespace Neos\ContentRepositoryRegistry\Factory\ContentDimensionSource
$ DbalClient#connectionProperty in class DbalClient
GenericObjectFactory::create() — Method in class GenericObjectFactory
$ PostgresDbalClient#connectionProperty in class PostgresDbalClient
ConfigurationClass in namespace Neos\ContentRepositoryRegistry\Migration\Configuration

Abstract Migration Configuration as a base for different configuration sources.

ConfigurationInterfaceClass in namespace Neos\ContentRepositoryRegistry\Migration\Configuration

Interface for Migration Configurations to allow different configuration sources.

ContentStreamCommandControllerClass in namespace Neos\ContentRepository\BehavioralTests\Command
$ RaceConditionTrackerCommandController#configurationProperty in class RaceConditionTrackerCommandController
$ RaceTrackerCatchUpHook#configurationProperty in class RaceTrackerCatchUpHook
RedisInterleavingLogger::connect() — Method in class RedisInterleavingLogger
CommandBusClass in namespace Neos\ContentRepository\Core\CommandHandler

Implementation Detail of {ContentRepository::handle}, which does the command dispatching to the different {CommandHandlerInterface} implementation.

CommandHandlerInterfaceClass in namespace Neos\ContentRepository\Core\CommandHandler

Common interface for all Content Repository command handlers

CommandHandlerInterface::canHandle() — Method in class CommandHandlerInterface
CommandInterfaceClass in namespace Neos\ContentRepository\Core\CommandHandler

Common (marker) interface for all commands of the Content Repository

ContentDimensionZookeeperClass in namespace Neos\ContentRepository\Core\DimensionSpace

The content dimension zookeeper

ContentSubgraphVariationWeightsAreIncomparableClass in namespace Neos\ContentRepository\Core\DimensionSpace\Exception

The exception to be thrown if two content subgraph variation weights are to be compared that cannot, e.g. if they compose of different dimension combinations

OriginDimensionSpacePointSet::contains() — Method in class OriginDimensionSpacePointSet
OriginDimensionSpacePointSet::count() — Method in class OriginDimensionSpacePointSet
ConfigurationBasedContentDimensionSourceClass in namespace Neos\ContentRepository\Core\Dimension

The configuration based content dimension source

$ ConfigurationBasedContentDimensionSource#contentDimensionsProperty in class ConfigurationBasedContentDimensionSource

Needs to stay protected as long as we need to be able to reset it via ObjectAccess

ContentDimensionConstraintSetClass in namespace Neos\ContentRepository\Core\Dimension

A set of content dimension constraints, indexed by dimension id

ContentDimensionConstraintSet::createEmpty() — Method in class ContentDimensionConstraintSet
ContentDimensionSourceInterfaceClass in namespace Neos\ContentRepository\Core\Dimension

The content dimension source interface

ContentDimensionValueVariationEdgesClass in namespace Neos\ContentRepository\Core\Dimension

A set of content dimension value variation edges

ContentDimensionValueVariationEdges::createEmpty() — Method in class ContentDimensionValueVariationEdges
ContentDimensionIdIsInvalidClass in namespace Neos\ContentRepository\Core\Dimension\Exception

The exception to be thrown if an invalid content dimension id was attempted to be initialized

ContentDimensionValueIsInvalidClass in namespace Neos\ContentRepository\Core\Dimension\Exception

The exception to be thrown if an invalid content dimension value was attempted to be initialized

ContentDimensionValueSpecializationDepthIsInvalidClass in namespace Neos\ContentRepository\Core\Dimension\Exception

The exception to be thrown if an invalid content dimension value specialization depth was tried to be initialized

ContentDimensionValuesAreInvalidClass in namespace Neos\ContentRepository\Core\Dimension\Exception

The exception to be thrown if content dimension values are tried to be initialized empty

ContentRepositoryServiceFactoryInterfaceClass in namespace Neos\ContentRepository\Core\Factory
ContentRepositoryServiceInterfaceClass in namespace Neos\ContentRepository\Core\Factory

A ContentRepositoryService is an object which is layered on top of a {ContentRepository}, but which interacts with the CR internals in an intricate way.

ConstraintChecksClass in namespace Neos\ContentRepository\Core\Feature\Common
NodeVariationInternals::createEventsForVariations() — Method in class NodeVariationInternals
NodeVariationInternals::collectNodeSpecializationVariantsThatWillHaveBeenCreated() — Method in class NodeVariationInternals
NodeVariationInternals::collectNodeGeneralizationVariantsThatWillHaveBeenCreated() — Method in class NodeVariationInternals
NodeVariationInternals::collectNodePeerVariantsThatWillHaveBeenCreated() — Method in class NodeVariationInternals
PublishableToOtherContentStreamsInterface::createCopyForContentStream() — Method in class PublishableToOtherContentStreamsInterface
RebasableToOtherContentStreamsInterface::createCopyForContentStream() — Method in class RebasableToOtherContentStreamsInterface
TetheredNodeInternals::createEventsForVariations() — Method in class TetheredNodeInternals
TetheredNodeInternals::createEventsForMissingTetheredNode() — Method in class TetheredNodeInternals

This is the remediation action for non-existing tethered nodes.

ContentStreamCommandHandlerClass in namespace Neos\ContentRepository\Core\Feature

INTERNALS. Only to be used from WorkspaceCommandHandler!!!

ContentStreamCommandHandler::canHandle() — Method in class ContentStreamCommandHandler
ContentStreamEventStreamNameClass in namespace Neos\ContentRepository\Core\Feature

A content stream's event stream name

NodeAggregateCommandHandler::canHandle() — Method in class NodeAggregateCommandHandler
NodeAggregateCommandHandler::checkConstraintsImposedByAncestors() — Method in class NodeAggregateCommandHandler
NodeAggregateIdsByNodePaths::createEmpty() — Method in class NodeAggregateIdsByNodePaths
NodeReferenceSnapshot::count() — Method in class NodeReferenceSnapshot
NodeReferencesSnapshot::count() — Method in class NodeReferencesSnapshot
SerializedPropertyValues::count() — Method in class SerializedPropertyValues
CoverageNodeMoveMappingsClass in namespace Neos\ContentRepository\Core\Feature\NodeMove\Dto
CoverageNodeMoveMappings::create() — Method in class CoverageNodeMoveMappings
CoverageNodeMoveMappings::count() — Method in class CoverageNodeMoveMappings
OriginNodeMoveMappings::create() — Method in class OriginNodeMoveMappings
OriginNodeMoveMappings::count() — Method in class OriginNodeMoveMappings
NodeTypeChange::createEventsForMissingTetheredNode() — Method in class NodeTypeChange
WorkspaceRebaseStatistics::commandRebaseError() — Method in class WorkspaceRebaseStatistics
WorkspaceRebaseStatistics::commandRebaseSuccess() — Method in class WorkspaceRebaseStatistics
CollectionTypeDenormalizerClass in namespace Neos\ContentRepository\Core\Infrastructure\Property\Normalizer

Understands collections of objects in the array notation used by Flow.

NodeTypeNames::createEmpty() — Method in class NodeTypeNames
CatchUpHookFactoriesClass in namespace Neos\ContentRepository\Core\Projection
CatchUpHookFactories::create() — Method in class CatchUpHookFactories
CatchUpHookFactoryInterfaceClass in namespace Neos\ContentRepository\Core\Projection
CatchUpHookInterfaceClass in namespace Neos\ContentRepository\Core\Projection

This is an internal API with which you can hook into the catch-up process of a Projection.

ContentGraphInterfaceClass in namespace Neos\ContentRepository\Core\Projection\ContentGraph

This is the MAIN ENTRY POINT for the Content Repository. This class exists only once per Content Repository.

ContentGraphInterface::countNodes() — Method in class ContentGraphInterface
ContentSubgraphInterfaceClass in namespace Neos\ContentRepository\Core\Projection\ContentGraph

This is the most important read model of a content repository.

ContentSubgraphInterface::countNodes() — Method in class ContentSubgraphInterface
CoverageByOriginClass in namespace Neos\ContentRepository\Core\Projection\ContentGraph

A set of coverage of an origin dimension space point within a node aggregate

Nodes::createEmpty() — Method in class Nodes
Nodes::count() — Method in class Nodes
ProjectionIntegrityViolationDetectorInterface::childNodeCoverageIsASubsetOfParentNodeCoverage() — Method in class ProjectionIntegrityViolationDetectorInterface

Child nodes must not cover dimension space points that their parents don't.

Subtrees::createEmpty() — Method in class Subtrees
Subtrees::count() — Method in class Subtrees
ProjectionInterface::canHandle() — Method in class ProjectionInterface

Can the projection handle this event? Must be deterministic.

ProjectionInterface::catchUp() — Method in class ProjectionInterface

Catch up the projection, consuming the not-yet-seen events in the given event stream.

Projections::create() — Method in class Projections
ContentStreamPrunerFactoryClass in namespace Neos\ContentRepository\Core\Service
ContentStreamAlreadyExistsClass in namespace Neos\ContentRepository\Core\SharedModel\Exception

The exception to be thrown if a content stream already exists but is not expected to

ContentStreamDoesNotExistYetClass in namespace Neos\ContentRepository\Core\SharedModel\Exception

The exception to be thrown if a content stream does not exists yet but is expected to

NodeAggregateId::create() — Method in class NodeAggregateId
NodeAggregateIds::createEmpty() — Method in class NodeAggregateIds
NodeAggregateIds::create() — Method in class NodeAggregateIds
ContentStreamIdClass in namespace Neos\ContentRepository\Core\SharedModel\Workspace

The ContentStreamId is the identifier for a Content Stream, which is a central concept in the Event-Sourced CR introduced with Neos 5.0.

ContentStreamId::create() — Method in class ContentStreamId
VisitedNodeAggregates::containsNodeAggregate() — Method in class VisitedNodeAggregates
ChildrenOperationClass in namespace Neos\ContentRepository\NodeAccess\FlowQueryOperations

"children" operation working on ContentRepository nodes. It iterates over all context elements and returns all child nodes or only those matching the filter expression specified as optional argument.

$ ChildrenOperation#contentRepositoryRegistryProperty in class ChildrenOperation
ChildrenOperation::canEvaluate() — Method in class ChildrenOperation


ClosestOperationClass in namespace Neos\ContentRepository\NodeAccess\FlowQueryOperations

"closest" operation working on ContentRepository nodes. For each node in the context, get the first node that matches the selector by testing the node itself and traversing up through its ancestors.

ClosestOperation::canEvaluate() — Method in class ClosestOperation


FilterOperation::canEvaluate() — Method in class FilterOperation


$ FindOperation#contentRepositoryRegistryProperty in class FindOperation
FindOperation::canEvaluate() — Method in class FindOperation


$ HasOperation#contentRepositoryRegistryProperty in class HasOperation
HasOperation::canEvaluate() — Method in class HasOperation


$ NextAllOperation#contentRepositoryRegistryProperty in class NextAllOperation
NextAllOperation::canEvaluate() — Method in class NextAllOperation


$ NextOperation#contentRepositoryRegistryProperty in class NextOperation
NextOperation::canEvaluate() — Method in class NextOperation


$ NextUntilOperation#contentRepositoryRegistryProperty in class NextUntilOperation
NextUntilOperation::canEvaluate() — Method in class NextUntilOperation


$ ParentOperation#contentRepositoryRegistryProperty in class ParentOperation
ParentOperation::canEvaluate() — Method in class ParentOperation


$ ParentsOperation#contentRepositoryRegistryProperty in class ParentsOperation
ParentsOperation::canEvaluate() — Method in class ParentsOperation


$ ParentsUntilOperation#contentRepositoryRegistryProperty in class ParentsUntilOperation
ParentsUntilOperation::canEvaluate() — Method in class ParentsUntilOperation


$ PrevAllOperation#contentRepositoryRegistryProperty in class PrevAllOperation
PrevAllOperation::canEvaluate() — Method in class PrevAllOperation


$ PrevOperation#contentRepositoryRegistryProperty in class PrevOperation
PrevOperation::canEvaluate() — Method in class PrevOperation


$ PrevUntilOperation#contentRepositoryRegistryProperty in class PrevUntilOperation
PrevUntilOperation::canEvaluate() — Method in class PrevUntilOperation


$ PropertyOperation#contentRepositoryRegistryProperty in class PropertyOperation
PropertyOperation::canEvaluate() — Method in class PropertyOperation


$ SiblingsOperation#contentRepositoryRegistryProperty in class SiblingsOperation
SiblingsOperation::canEvaluate() — Method in class SiblingsOperation


CreateNodePrivilegeClass in namespace Neos\ContentRepository\Security\Authorization\Privilege\Node

A privilege to restrict node creation

CreateNodePrivilegeContextClass in namespace Neos\ContentRepository\Security\Authorization\Privilege\Node

An Eel context matching expression for the CreateNodePrivilege

$ CreateNodePrivilegeContext#creationNodeTypesProperty in class CreateNodePrivilegeContext
CreateNodePrivilegeContext::createdNodeIsOfType() — Method in class CreateNodePrivilegeContext
CreateNodePrivilegeSubjectClass in namespace Neos\ContentRepository\Security\Authorization\Privilege\Node

A create node privilege subject

$ CreateNodePrivilegeSubject#creationNodeTypeProperty in class CreateNodePrivilegeSubject
$ NodePrivilegeContext#contentRepositoryRegistryProperty in class NodePrivilegeContext
$ AuthorizationService#contentRepositoryRegistryProperty in class AuthorizationService
AssetUsages::count() — Method in class AssetUsages
ContextInNodeBasedReadModelInterfaceClass in namespace Neos\EventSourcedContentRepository\LegacyApi\ContextInNodeBasedReadModel
$ EmulatedLegacyBaseWorkspace#childWorkspaceProperty in class EmulatedLegacyBaseWorkspace
$ EmulatedLegacyContext#contentRepositoryRegistryProperty in class EmulatedLegacyContext
ContextOperationClass in namespace Neos\EventSourcedContentRepository\LegacyApi\FlowQueryContextOperation
$ ContextOperation#contentRepositoryRegistryProperty in class ContextOperation
ContextOperation::canEvaluate() — Method in class ContextOperation
$ RenderNonRenderedNodeMetadataImplementation#contentElementWrappingServiceProperty in class RenderNonRenderedNodeMetadataImplementation
CommentClass in namespace Neos\Fusion\Afx\Parser\Expression

Class Expression

$ Lexer#currentCharacterProperty in class Lexer

The currently focused character

$ Lexer#characterPositionProperty in class Lexer

The current character position

Lexer::consume() — Method in class Lexer

Returns the current character and moves one step forward

AfxService::convertAfxToFusion() — Method in class AfxService
FusionCachingAspect::cacheGetMergedFusionObjectTree() — Method in class FusionCachingAspect
CacheSegmentParserClass in namespace Neos\Fusion\Core\Cache

A parser which extracts cache segments by searching for start and end markers in the given content.

$ CacheSegmentParser#cacheSegmentsProperty in class CacheSegmentParser
$ CacheSegmentParser#contentProperty in class CacheSegmentParser
CacheSegmentParser::calculateCurrentPosition() — Method in class CacheSegmentParser

Calculates a position assuming that the given position is a token followed by the random cache marker

CacheSegmentParser::calculateNextTokenPosition() — Method in class CacheSegmentParser

Find the next position of the given token (one of the ContentCache::CACHESEGMENT*_TOKEN constants) in the parsed content.

ContentCacheClass in namespace Neos\Fusion\Core\Cache

A wrapper around a Neos Flow cache which provides additional functionality for caching partial content (segments) rendered by the Fusion Runtime.

$ ContentCache#cacheProperty in class ContentCache
ContentCache::createCacheSegment() — Method in class ContentCache

Takes the given content and adds markers for later use as a cached content segment.

ContentCache::createUncachedSegment() — Method in class ContentCache

Similar to createCacheSegment() creates a content segment with markers added, but in contrast to that function this method is used for rendering a segment which is not supposed to be cached.

ContentCache::createDynamicCachedSegment() — Method in class ContentCache

Similar to createUncachedSegment() creates a content segment with markers added, but in contrast to that function this method is used for rendering a segment which will be evaluated at runtime but can still be cached.

ParserCache::cacheForFusionFile() — Method in class ParserCache
ParserCache::cacheForDsl() — Method in class ParserCache
$ RuntimeContentCache#cacheMetadataProperty in class RuntimeContentCache

Stack of cached segment metadata (lifetime)

$ RuntimeContentCache#contentCacheProperty in class RuntimeContentCache
DslFactory::create() — Method in class DslFactory
ContextDependentHandlerClass in namespace Neos\Fusion\Core\ExceptionHandlers

A special exception handler that is used on the outer path to catch all unhandled exceptions and uses other exception handlers depending on the context.

CharValueClass in namespace Neos\Fusion\Core\ObjectTreeParser\Ast
MessageLinePart::char() — Method in class MessageLinePart
MessageLinePart::charPrint() — Method in class MessageLinePart
$ Lexer#codeProperty in class Lexer
$ Lexer#codeLenProperty in class Lexer
$ Lexer#cursorProperty in class Lexer
Lexer::consumeLookahead() — Method in class Lexer
MergedArrayTree::copyValueInTree() — Method in class MergedArrayTree
$ MergedArrayTreeVisitor#currentObjectPathStackProperty in class MergedArrayTreeVisitor

For nested blocks to determine the prefix

$ MergedArrayTreeVisitor#contextPathAndFilenameProperty in class MergedArrayTreeVisitor
$ MergedArrayTreeVisitor#currentObjectStatementCursorProperty in class MergedArrayTreeVisitor
$ ObjectTreeParser#contextPathAndFilenameProperty in class ObjectTreeParser
ObjectTreeParser::consume() — Method in class ObjectTreeParser

Consume the current token.

$ Runtime#contextStackProperty in class Runtime

Stack of evaluated "@context" values

$ Runtime#currentContextProperty in class Runtime

Reference to the current context

$ Runtime#currentApplyValuesProperty in class Runtime

Reference to the current apply value

$ Runtime#controllerContextProperty in class Runtime
Runtime::canRender() — Method in class Runtime

Determine if the given Fusion path is renderable, which means it exists and has an implementation.

RuntimeFactory::create() — Method in class RuntimeFactory
RuntimeFactory::createControllerContextFromEnvironment() — Method in class RuntimeFactory
CacheExceptionClass in namespace Neos\Fusion\Exception

This exception is thrown for errors related to the Content Cache

CanRenderImplementationClass in namespace Neos\Fusion\FusionObjects

CanRender Fusion-Object

CaseImplementationClass in namespace Neos\Fusion\FusionObjects

Case Fusion Object

CollectionImplementationClass in namespace Neos\Fusion\FusionObjects

Render a Fusion collection of nodes

ComponentImplementationClass in namespace Neos\Fusion\FusionObjects

A Fusion Component-Object

FusionPathProxy::count() — Method in class FusionPathProxy
LazyProps::current() — Method in class LazyProps
$ HttpResponseImplementation#contentStreamFactoryProperty in class HttpResponseImplementation
$ MemoImplementation#cacheProperty in class MemoImplementation
AssetCollectionController::createAction() — Method in class AssetCollectionController
AssetController::createAction() — Method in class AssetController

Create a new asset

AssetController::createTagAction() — Method in class AssetController
AssetController::createAssetCollectionAction() — Method in class AssetController
TagController::createAction() — Method in class TagController
$ UsageController#contentDimensionSourceProperty in class UsageController


$ UsageController#contentRepositoryRegistryProperty in class UsageController
$ PaginateController#configurationProperty in class PaginateController
$ PaginateController#currentPageProperty in class PaginateController
PaginateController::calculateDisplayRange() — Method in class PaginateController

If a certain number of links should be displayed, adjust before and after amounts accordingly.

$ PaginateViewHelper#controllerProperty in class PaginateViewHelper
MediaCommandController::createThumbnailsCommand() — Method in class MediaCommandController

Create thumbnails

MediaCommandController::clearThumbnailsCommand() — Method in class MediaCommandController

Remove thumbnails

$ ImageEventListener#cacheManagerProperty in class ImageEventListener
CropImageAdjustmentClass in namespace Neos\Media\Domain\Model\Adjustment

An adjustment for cropping an image

CropImageAdjustment::calculateDimensionsByAspectRatio() — Method in class CropImageAdjustment

Calculates the actual position and dimensions of the cropping area based on the given image dimensions and desired aspect ratio.

CropImageAdjustment::canBeApplied() — Method in class CropImageAdjustment

Check if this Adjustment can or should be applied to its ImageVariant.

ImageAdjustmentInterface::canBeApplied() — Method in class ImageAdjustmentInterface

Check if this Adjustment can or should be applied to its ImageVariant.

QualityImageAdjustment::canBeApplied() — Method in class QualityImageAdjustment

Check if this Adjustment can or should be applied to its ImageVariant.

ResizeImageAdjustment::canBeApplied() — Method in class ResizeImageAdjustment

Check if this Adjustment can or should be applied to its ImageVariant.

ResizeImageAdjustment::calculateDimensions() — Method in class ResizeImageAdjustment

Calculates and returns the dimensions the image should have according all parameters set in this adjustment.

ResizeImageAdjustment::calculateWithFixedDimensions() — Method in class ResizeImageAdjustment
ResizeImageAdjustment::calculateOutboundBox() — Method in class ResizeImageAdjustment

Calculate the final dimensions for an outbound box. usually exactly the requested width and height unless that would require upscaling and it is not allowed.

ResizeImageAdjustment::calculateScalingToWidth() — Method in class ResizeImageAdjustment

Calculates new dimensions with a requested width applied. Takes upscaling into consideration.

ResizeImageAdjustment::calculateScalingToHeight() — Method in class ResizeImageAdjustment

Calculates new dimensions with a requested height applied. Takes upscaling into consideration.

ResizeImageAdjustment::calculateOutboundScalingDimensions() — Method in class ResizeImageAdjustment

Calculates a resize dimension box that allows for outbound resize.

$ Asset#captionProperty in class Asset
$ Asset#copyrightNoticeProperty in class Asset
AssetProxyQueryInterface::count() — Method in class AssetProxyQueryInterface
AssetProxyRepositoryInterface::countAll() — Method in class AssetProxyRepositoryInterface

Count all assets, regardless of tag or collection

AssetSourceInterface::createFromConfiguration() — Method in class AssetSourceInterface

This factory method is used instead of a constructor in order to not dictate a __construct() signature in this interface (which might conflict with an asset source's implementation or generated Flow proxy class).

NeosAssetProxyQuery::count() — Method in class NeosAssetProxyQuery
NeosAssetProxyQueryResult::current() — Method in class NeosAssetProxyQueryResult
NeosAssetProxyQueryResult::count() — Method in class NeosAssetProxyQueryResult
NeosAssetProxyRepository::countAll() — Method in class NeosAssetProxyRepository
NeosAssetProxyRepository::countUntagged() — Method in class NeosAssetProxyRepository
NeosAssetProxyRepository::countByTag() — Method in class NeosAssetProxyRepository
NeosAssetSource::createFromConfiguration() — Method in class NeosAssetSource
SupportsTaggingInterface::countUntagged() — Method in class SupportsTaggingInterface
SupportsTaggingInterface::countByTag() — Method in class SupportsTaggingInterface
AssetConstraints::create() — Method in class AssetConstraints

Create an empty instance (without any active constraints)

Image::calculateDimensionsFromResource() — Method in class Image

Calculates and sets the width and height of this Image asset based on the given PersistentResource.

$ Tag#childrenProperty in class Tag
$ Thumbnail#configurationProperty in class Thumbnail
$ Thumbnail#configurationHashProperty in class Thumbnail
AbstractThumbnailGenerator::canRefresh() — Method in class AbstractThumbnailGenerator
DocumentThumbnailGenerator::canRefresh() — Method in class DocumentThumbnailGenerator
FontDocumentThumbnailGenerator::canRefresh() — Method in class FontDocumentThumbnailGenerator
ImageThumbnailGenerator::canRefresh() — Method in class ImageThumbnailGenerator
ThumbnailGeneratorInterface::canRefresh() — Method in class ThumbnailGeneratorInterface
AssetRepository::countByTag() — Method in class AssetRepository

Counts Assets with the given Tag assigned

AssetRepository::countAll() — Method in class AssetRepository
AssetRepository::countUntagged() — Method in class AssetRepository

Counts Assets without any tag

AssetRepository::countByAssetCollection() — Method in class AssetRepository

Count assets by asset collection

ThumbnailRepository::countUngenerated() — Method in class ThumbnailRepository

Count ungenerated objects

AssetVariantGenerator::createVariants() — Method in class AssetVariantGenerator
AssetVariantGenerator::createVariant() — Method in class AssetVariantGenerator
AssetVariantGenerator::createAssetVariant() — Method in class AssetVariantGenerator
$ FileTypeIconService#cacheProperty in class FileTypeIconService
ThumbnailGenerator::createThumbnails() — Method in class ThumbnailGenerator
ConfigurationAssetModelMappingStrategyClass in namespace Neos\Media\Domain\Strategy

A mapping strategy based on configured expressions.

Box::contains() — Method in class Box


$ AssetAssetCollectionConditionGenerator#collectionTitleOrIdentifierProperty in class AssetAssetCollectionConditionGenerator
ArrayConverter::canConvertFrom() — Method in class ArrayConverter
ArrayConverter::convertFrom() — Method in class ArrayConverter

Convert an object from $source to an array

AspectRatioFromStringConverter::convertFrom() — Method in class AspectRatioFromStringConverter

Convert From

AssetCollectionToArrayConverter::canConvertFrom() — Method in class AssetCollectionToArrayConverter
AssetCollectionToArrayConverter::convertFrom() — Method in class AssetCollectionToArrayConverter

Convert an object from $source to an array

AssetInterfaceConverter::canConvertFrom() — Method in class AssetInterfaceConverter

If $source has an identity, we have a persisted Image, and therefore this type converter should withdraw and let the PersistedObjectConverter kick in.

AssetInterfaceConverter::convertFrom() — Method in class AssetInterfaceConverter

Convert an object from $source to an \Neos\Media\Domain\Model\AssetInterface implementation

ImageInterfaceArrayPresenter::canConvertFrom() — Method in class ImageInterfaceArrayPresenter

If $source has an identity, we have a persisted Image, and therefore this type converter should withdraw and let the PersistedObjectConverter kick in.

ImageInterfaceArrayPresenter::convertFrom() — Method in class ImageInterfaceArrayPresenter

Convert an object from \Neos\Media\Domain\Model\ImageInterface to a json representation

ImageInterfaceJsonSerializer::convertFrom() — Method in class ImageInterfaceJsonSerializer

Convert an object from \Neos\Media\Domain\Model\ImageInterface to a json representation.

ProcessingInstructionsConverter::convertFrom() — Method in class ProcessingInstructionsConverter

Actually convert from $source to $targetType, taking into account the fully built $convertedChildProperties and $configuration.

TagConverter::convertFrom() — Method in class TagConverter

Convert an object from $source to an \Neos\Media\Domain\Model\Tag implementation

TagToArrayConverter::canConvertFrom() — Method in class TagToArrayConverter
TagToArrayConverter::convertFrom() — Method in class TagToArrayConverter

Convert an object from $source to an array

CheckboxViewHelperClass in namespace Neos\Media\ViewHelpers\Form

View Helper which creates a simple checkbox ().

$ PluginUriAspect#contentRepositoryRegistryProperty in class PluginUriAspect
SiteRepositoryCachingAspect::cacheFirstOnlineSite() — Method in class SiteRepositoryCachingAspect
SiteRepositoryCachingAspect::cacheDomainForActiveRequest() — Method in class SiteRepositoryCachingAspect
SiteCommandController::createCommand() — Method in class SiteCommandController

Create a new site

UserCommandController::createCommand() — Method in class UserCommandController

Create a new user

$ WorkspaceCommandController#contentRepositoryRegistryProperty in class WorkspaceCommandController
WorkspaceCommandController::createRootCommand() — Method in class WorkspaceCommandController
WorkspaceCommandController::createCommand() — Method in class WorkspaceCommandController

Create a new workspace

$ BackendController#currentSessionProperty in class BackendController
ContentControllerClass in namespace Neos\Neos\Controller\Backend

The Neos ContentModule controller; providing backend functionality for the Content Module.

$ ContentController#contentRepositoryRegistryProperty in class ContentController
ContentController::createImageVariantAction() — Method in class ContentController

Generate a new image variant from given data.

MenuHelper::collectModuleData() — Method in class MenuHelper
$ SchemaController#contentRepositoryRegistryProperty in class SchemaController
$ NodeController#contentRepositoryRegistryProperty in class NodeController
ConfigurationControllerClass in namespace Neos\Neos\Controller\Module\Administration

The Neos Configuration module controller

$ ConfigurationController#configurationManagerProperty in class ConfigurationController
$ ConfigurationController#configurationSchemaValidatorProperty in class ConfigurationController
$ DimensionController#contentRepositoryRegistryProperty in class DimensionController
$ SitesController#contentRepositoryRegistryProperty in class SitesController
SitesController::createSitePackageAction() — Method in class SitesController

Create a new site-package and directly import it.

SitesController::createSiteNodeAction() — Method in class SitesController

Create a new empty site.

SitesController::createDomainAction() — Method in class SitesController

Create a domain

$ UsersController#currentUserProperty in class UsersController
UsersController::createAction() — Method in class UsersController

Create a new user

UsersController::createElectronicAddressAction() — Method in class UsersController

Create an new electronic address

$ WorkspacesController#contentRepositoryRegistryProperty in class WorkspacesController
WorkspacesController::createAction() — Method in class WorkspacesController

Create a workspace

WorkspacesController::computeChangesCount() — Method in class WorkspacesController

Computes the number of added, changed and removed nodes for the given workspace

WorkspacesController::computeSiteChanges() — Method in class WorkspacesController

Builds an array of changes for sites in the given workspace

$ UserSettingsController#currentUserProperty in class UserSettingsController
UserSettingsController::createElectronicAddressAction() — Method in class UserSettingsController

Create an new electronic address

ContentDimensionsControllerClass in namespace Neos\Neos\Controller\Service

REST service controller for managing content dimensions

$ ContentDimensionsController#contentRepositoryRegistryProperty in class ContentDimensionsController
ContentDimensionsControllerInternalsFactoryClass in namespace Neos\Neos\Controller\Service
$ NodesController#contentRepositoryRegistryProperty in class NodesController
NodesController::createAction() — Method in class NodesController

Create a new node from an existing one

CurrentUserIsMissingClass in namespace Neos\Neos\Domain\Exception
$ PluginViewDefinition#configurationProperty in class PluginViewDefinition

Configuration for this node type, can be an arbitrarily nested array.

UserInterfaceMode::createByConfiguration() — Method in class UserInterfaceMode

Creates an UserInterfaceMode object by configuration

$ FusionService#contentRepositoryRegistryProperty in class FusionService
FusionService::createRuntime() — Method in class FusionService

Create a runtime for the given site node

$ NodeSiteResolvingService#contentRepositoryRegistryProperty in class NodeSiteResolvingService
$ SiteService#contentRepositoryRegistryProperty in class SiteService
SiteService::createSite() — Method in class SiteService
UserService::createUser() — Method in class UserService

Creates a user based on the given information

UserService::currentUserCanPublishToWorkspace() — Method in class UserService

Checks if the current user may publish to the given workspace according to one the roles of the user's accounts

UserService::currentUserCanReadWorkspace() — Method in class UserService

Checks if the current user may read the given workspace according to one the roles of the user's accounts

UserService::currentUserCanManageWorkspace() — Method in class UserService

Checks if the current user may manage the given workspace according to one the roles of the user's accounts

UserService::currentUserCanTransferOwnershipOfWorkspace() — Method in class UserService

Checks if the current user may transfer ownership of the given workspace

UserService::currentUserIsAdministrator() — Method in class UserService
SortOperation::canEvaluate() — Method in class SortOperation


$ Event#childEventsProperty in class Event

Child events, of this event

$ EventEmittingService#currentUsernameProperty in class EventEmittingService
ContentRepositoryIntegrationServiceClass in namespace Neos\Neos\EventLog\Integrations

Monitors Neos.ContentRepository changes

$ ContentRepositoryIntegrationService#contentRepositoryRegistryProperty in class ContentRepositoryIntegrationService
$ ContentRepositoryIntegrationService#changedNodesProperty in class ContentRepositoryIntegrationService
$ ContentRepositoryIntegrationService#currentNodeAddEventsProperty in class ContentRepositoryIntegrationService
$ ContentRepositoryIntegrationService#currentlyCopyingProperty in class ContentRepositoryIntegrationService
$ ContentRepositoryIntegrationService#currentlyMovingProperty in class ContentRepositoryIntegrationService
$ ContentRepositoryIntegrationService#currentlyAdoptingProperty in class ContentRepositoryIntegrationService
CrossSiteLinkerClass in namespace Neos\Neos\FrontendRouting\CrossSiteLinking

Default implementation for cross-site linking.

CrossSiteLinkerInterfaceClass in namespace Neos\Neos\FrontendRouting\CrossSiteLinking

The {CrossSiteLinkerInterface} is responsible for adjusting a built URL in case it needs to be generated for a different Site. It's directly called from {EventSourcedFrontendNodeRoutePartHandler}.

DimensionResolverFactoryInterface::create() — Method in class DimensionResolverFactoryInterface
NoopResolverFactory::create() — Method in class NoopResolverFactory
SegmentMapping::create() — Method in class SegmentMapping
SegmentMapping::count() — Method in class SegmentMapping
$ EventSourcedFrontendNodeRoutePartHandler#contentRepositoryRegistryProperty in class EventSourcedFrontendNodeRoutePartHandler
$ EventSourcedFrontendNodeRoutePartHandler#crossSiteLinkerProperty in class EventSourcedFrontendNodeRoutePartHandler
$ AbstractMenuItemsImplementation#currentNodeProperty in class AbstractMenuItemsImplementation
$ AbstractMenuItemsImplementation#currentLevelProperty in class AbstractMenuItemsImplementation

Internal cache for the currentLevel tsValue.

$ AbstractMenuItemsImplementation#currentNodeRootlineProperty in class AbstractMenuItemsImplementation

Rootline of all nodes from the current node to the site root node, keys are depth of nodes.

$ AbstractMenuItemsImplementation#contentRepositoryRegistryProperty in class AbstractMenuItemsImplementation
ContentCacheFlusherClass in namespace Neos\Neos\Fusion\Cache

This service flushes Fusion content caches triggered by node changes.

$ ContentCacheFlusher#contentCacheProperty in class ContentCacheFlusher
FusionCachingAspect::cacheGetMergedFusionObjectTree() — Method in class FusionCachingAspect
ContentElementEditableImplementationClass in namespace Neos\Neos\Fusion

Adds meta data attributes to the processed Property to enable in place editing

$ ContentElementEditableImplementation#contentElementEditableServiceProperty in class ContentElementEditableImplementation
ContentElementWrappingImplementationClass in namespace Neos\Neos\Fusion

Adds meta data attributes to the processed Content Element

$ ContentElementWrappingImplementation#contentElementWrappingServiceProperty in class ContentElementWrappingImplementation
ConvertUrisImplementationClass in namespace Neos\Neos\Fusion

A Fusion Object that converts link references in the format "://" to proper URIs

$ ConvertUrisImplementation#contentRepositoryRegistryProperty in class ConvertUrisImplementation
DimensionsMenuItemsImplementation::calculateItemState() — Method in class DimensionsMenuItemsImplementation
$ NodeWrappingHandler#contentElementWrappingServiceProperty in class NodeWrappingHandler
$ NodeWrappingHandler#contentRepositoryRegistryProperty in class NodeWrappingHandler
$ PageHandler#contentElementWrappingServiceProperty in class PageHandler
$ PageHandler#contentRepositoryRegistryProperty in class PageHandler
CachingHelperClass in namespace Neos\Neos\Fusion\Helper

Caching helper to make cache tag generation easier.

$ CachingHelper#contentRepositoryRegistryProperty in class CachingHelper
CachingHelper::convertArrayOfNodesToArrayOfNodeIdentifiersWithPrefix() — Method in class CachingHelper

Render a caching configuration for array of Nodes

$ LinkHelper#contentRepositoryRegistryProperty in class LinkHelper
LinkHelper::convertUriToObject() — Method in class LinkHelper
$ NodeHelper#contentRepositoryRegistryProperty in class NodeHelper
NodeLabelToken::crop() — Method in class NodeLabelToken
$ MenuItem#childrenProperty in class MenuItem
$ NodeUriImplementation#contentRepositoryRegistryProperty in class NodeUriImplementation
$ PluginViewImplementation#contentRepositoryRegistryProperty in class PluginViewImplementation
NewNodeConverter::convertFrom() — Method in class NewNodeConverter
CreationDialogPostprocessorClass in namespace Neos\Neos\NodeTypePostprocessor

Node Type post processor that looks for properties flagged with "showInCreationDialog" and sets the "creationDialog" configuration accordingly

$ NodeTypePresetPostprocessor#childNodePresetConfigurationProperty in class NodeTypePresetPostprocessor
$ PluginNodeTypePostprocessor#configurationManagerProperty in class PluginNodeTypePostprocessor
ChangeClass in namespace Neos\Neos\PendingChangesProjection

Change Read Model

$ Change#contentStreamIdentifierProperty in class Change
$ Change#changedProperty in class Change
$ NodeTypesStreamWrapper#contextProperty in class NodeTypesStreamWrapper
NodeTypesStreamWrapper::closeDirectory() — Method in class NodeTypesStreamWrapper

Close directory handle.

NodeTypesStreamWrapper::cast() — Method in class NodeTypesStreamWrapper

Retrieve the underlying resource.

NodeTypesStreamWrapper::close() — Method in class NodeTypesStreamWrapper

Close an resource.

RouteCacheFlusher::commit() — Method in class RouteCacheFlusher

Flush caches according to the previously registered node changes.

$ NodeIdentityConverterAspect#contentRepositoryRegistryProperty in class NodeIdentityConverterAspect
NodeIdentityConverterAspect::convertNodeToContextPathForRouting() — Method in class NodeIdentityConverterAspect

Convert the object to its context path, if we deal with ContentRepository nodes.

$ BackendRedirectionService#contentRepositoryRegistryProperty in class BackendRedirectionService
ContentElementEditableServiceClass in namespace Neos\Neos\Service

The content element editable service adds the necessary markup around a content element such that it can be edited using the inline editing of the Neos Backend.

$ ContentElementEditableService#contentRepositoryRegistryProperty in class ContentElementEditableService
ContentElementWrappingServiceClass in namespace Neos\Neos\Service

The content element wrapping service adds the necessary markup around a content element such that it can be edited using the Content Module of the Neos Backend.

$ ContentElementWrappingService#contentRepositoryRegistryProperty in class ContentElementWrappingService
ContentElementWrappingService::clearRenderedNodesArray() — Method in class ContentElementWrappingService

Clear rendered nodes helper array to prevent possible side effects.

ContentElementWrappingService::clearNonRenderedContentNodeMetadata() — Method in class ContentElementWrappingService

Clear non rendered content node metadata to prevent possible side effects.

AbstractServiceController::convertException() — Method in class AbstractServiceController
$ AbstractDataSource#controllerContextProperty in class AbstractDataSource
$ EditorContentStreamZookeeper#contentRepositoryRegistryProperty in class EditorContentStreamZookeeper
IconNameMappingService::convert() — Method in class IconNameMappingService
$ LinkingService#contentRepositoryRegistryProperty in class LinkingService
LinkingService::convertUriToObject() — Method in class LinkingService

Return the object the URI addresses or NULL.

LinkingService::createNodeUri() — Method in class LinkingService

Renders the URI to a given node instance or -path.

LinkingService::createSiteUri() — Method in class LinkingService
DateStringConverter::convertFrom() — Method in class DateStringConverter


NodeReferenceConverter::convertFrom() — Method in class NodeReferenceConverter


NodeTypeStringConverter::convertFrom() — Method in class NodeTypeStringConverter


$ PluginService#contentRepositoryRegistryProperty in class PluginService
$ NodeView#contentRepositoryRegistryProperty in class NodeView
NodeView::collectChildNodeData() — Method in class NodeView

Collect node data and traverse child nodes

NodeView::collectParentNodeData() — Method in class NodeView
NodeView::collectTreeNodeData() — Method in class NodeView
XliffService::collectPackageSources() — Method in class XliffService

Collect all sources found in the given package as array (key = source, value = true) If sourcesToBeIncluded is an array, only those sources are returned what match the wildcard-patterns in the array-values

CustomizedInternalRequestEngineClass in namespace Neos\Neos\Testing
EntityToIdentityConverter::canConvertFrom() — Method in class EntityToIdentityConverter

Check if the given object has an identity.

EntityToIdentityConverter::convertFrom() — Method in class EntityToIdentityConverter

Converts the given source object to an array containing the type and identity.

NodeAddressToStringConverter::convertFrom() — Method in class NodeAddressToStringConverter
$ NodeConverter#contentRepositoryRegistryProperty in class NodeConverter
NodeConverter::convertFrom() — Method in class NodeConverter
ChangeStatsViewHelperClass in namespace Neos\Neos\ViewHelpers\Backend

Displays a text-based "bar graph" giving an indication of the amount and type of changes done to something. Created for use in workspace management.

ColorOfStringViewHelperClass in namespace Neos\Neos\ViewHelpers\Backend

Generates a color code for a given string

ConfigurationCacheVersionViewHelperClass in namespace Neos\Neos\ViewHelpers\Backend

ViewHelper for rendering the current version identifier for the configuration cache.

$ ConfigurationCacheVersionViewHelper#configurationCacheProperty in class ConfigurationCacheVersionViewHelper
ConfigurationTreeViewHelperClass in namespace Neos\Neos\ViewHelpers\Backend

Render HTML markup for the full configuration tree in the Neos Administration -> Configuration Module.

CssBuiltVersionViewHelperClass in namespace Neos\Neos\ViewHelpers\Backend

Returns a shortened md5 of the built CSS file

$ DocumentBreadcrumbPathViewHelper#contentRepositoryRegistryProperty in class DocumentBreadcrumbPathViewHelper
$ EditableViewHelper#contentElementEditableServiceProperty in class EditableViewHelper
$ WrapViewHelper#contentElementWrappingServiceProperty in class WrapViewHelper
$ NodeViewHelper#contentRepositoryRegistryProperty in class NodeViewHelper
ClosestDocumentViewHelperClass in namespace Neos\Neos\ViewHelpers\Node

ViewHelper to find the closest document node to a given node

$ AbstractRenderingStateViewHelper#contentRepositoryRegistryProperty in class AbstractRenderingStateViewHelper
$ NodeViewHelper#contentRepositoryRegistryProperty in class NodeViewHelper
$ FusionExceptionView#contentRepositoryRegistryProperty in class FusionExceptionView
$ FusionView#contentRepositoryRegistryProperty in class FusionView
FusionView::canRenderWithNodeAndPath() — Method in class FusionView

Is it possible to render $node with $his->fusionPath?

$ AfxTemplateGenerator#contentDimensionZookeeperProperty in class AfxTemplateGenerator

TODO: FIX ME ES CR Flow\Inject var ContentDimensionZookeeper


$ SetupCommandController#databaseConnectionServiceProperty in class SetupCommandController
SetupCommandController::databaseCommand() — Method in class SetupCommandController

Configure the database connection for flow persistence

DatabaseConnectionServiceClass in namespace Neos\CliSetup\Infrastructure\Database
StructureAdjustmentsCommandController::detectCommand() — Method in class StructureAdjustmentsCommandController
DbalClientClass in namespace Neos\ContentRepositoryRegistry\Infrastructure

The Doctrine DBAL client adapter

DoctrinePersistentObjectNormalizerClass in namespace Neos\ContentRepositoryRegistry\Infrastructure\Property\Normalizer
DoctrinePersistentObjectNormalizer::denormalize() — Method in class DoctrinePersistentObjectNormalizer
$ ExpressionBasedNodeLabelGenerator#defaultContextConfigurationProperty in class ExpressionBasedNodeLabelGenerator
DimensionSpacePointClass in namespace Neos\ContentRepository\Core\DimensionSpace

A point in the dimension space with coordinates DimensionName => DimensionValue.

DimensionSpacePointIsNoSpecializationClass in namespace Neos\ContentRepository\Core\DimensionSpace\Exception

The exception to be thrown if a dimension space point is tried to be used as a specialization of another one but isn't

DimensionSpacePointNotFoundClass in namespace Neos\ContentRepository\Core\DimensionSpace\Exception

A dimension space point was not found

InterDimensionalVariationGraph::determineWeightNormalizationBase() — Method in class InterDimensionalVariationGraph
$ ConfigurationBasedContentDimensionSource#dimensionConfigurationProperty in class ConfigurationBasedContentDimensionSource

Needs to stay protected as long as we need to be able to reset it via ObjectAccess

EventNormalizer::denormalize() — Method in class EventNormalizer
DimensionSpacePointAlreadyExistsClass in namespace Neos\ContentRepository\Core\Feature\DimensionSpaceAdjustment\Exception

The exception to be thrown if a dimension space point is found in the projection; thus we cannot allow a global operation on it.

SerializedPropertyValues::defaultFromNodeType() — Method in class SerializedPropertyValues
DimensionSpacePointIsAlreadyOccupiedClass in namespace Neos\ContentRepository\Core\Feature\NodeVariation\Exception

The exception to be thrown if a dimension space point is already occupied by a node in a node aggregate but is supposed not to be

DbalClientInterfaceClass in namespace Neos\ContentRepository\Core\Infrastructure

This is what the ES CR uses to access a database. It needs to be filled from the external world

ArrayNormalizer::denormalize() — Method in class ArrayNormalizer
CollectionTypeDenormalizer::denormalize() — Method in class CollectionTypeDenormalizer


ScalarNormalizer::denormalize() — Method in class ScalarNormalizer
UriNormalizer::denormalize() — Method in class UriNormalizer
ValueObjectArrayDenormalizer::denormalize() — Method in class ValueObjectArrayDenormalizer
ValueObjectBoolDenormalizer::denormalize() — Method in class ValueObjectBoolDenormalizer
ValueObjectFloatDenormalizer::denormalize() — Method in class ValueObjectFloatDenormalizer
ValueObjectIntDenormalizer::denormalize() — Method in class ValueObjectIntDenormalizer
ValueObjectStringDenormalizer::denormalize() — Method in class ValueObjectStringDenormalizer
PropertyConverter::deserializePropertyValue() — Method in class PropertyConverter
PropertyType::date() — Method in class PropertyType
$ VisibilityConstraints#disabledContentShownProperty in class VisibilityConstraints
DelegatingCatchUpHookClass in namespace Neos\ContentRepository\Core\Projection
WorkspaceRuntimeCache::disableCache() — Method in class WorkspaceRuntimeCache
DimensionSpacePointIsNotYetOccupiedClass in namespace Neos\ContentRepository\Core\SharedModel\Exception

The exception to be thrown if a dimension space point is not yet occupied by a node in a node aggregate but is supposed to be

$ WorkspaceDescription#descriptionProperty in class WorkspaceDescription
DiffClass in namespace Neos\Diff

Class Diff

$ AbstractRenderer#diffProperty in class AbstractRenderer
$ AbstractRenderer#defaultOptionsProperty in class AbstractRenderer
$ HtmlArrayRenderer#defaultOptionsProperty in class HtmlArrayRenderer
DslFactoryClass in namespace Neos\Fusion\Core

This dsl factory takes care of instantiating a Fusion dsl transpilers.

$ DslFactory#dslSettingsProperty in class DslFactory
DslInterfaceClass in namespace Neos\Fusion\Core

Contract for a Fusion DSL parser

DslExpressionValueClass in namespace Neos\Fusion\Core\ObjectTreeParser\Ast
$ Parser#dslFactoryProperty in class Parser
$ Runtime#defaultContextVariablesProperty in class Runtime

Default context with helper definitions

$ Runtime#debugModeProperty in class Runtime
DebugMessageClass in namespace Neos\Fusion

A DTO for transporting internal debugging messages

$ DebugMessage#dataProperty in class DebugMessage
DataStructureImplementationClass in namespace Neos\Fusion\FusionObjects

Fusion object to render and array of key value pairs by evaluating all properties

DebugConsoleImplementationClass in namespace Neos\Fusion\FusionObjects

A Fusion object for debugging fusion-values via the browser console

DebugDumpImplementationClass in namespace Neos\Fusion\FusionObjects

A Fusion object for dumping debugging fusion-values

DebugImplementationClass in namespace Neos\Fusion\FusionObjects

A Fusion object for debugging fusion-values

DebugStackClass in namespace Neos\Fusion\Service
$ DebugStack#dataProperty in class DebugStack
DebugStack::dump() — Method in class DebugStack
AssetCollectionController::deleteAction() — Method in class AssetCollectionController
$ AssetController#domainRepositoryProperty in class AssetController
AssetController::deleteAction() — Method in class AssetController

Delete an asset

AssetController::deleteTagAction() — Method in class AssetController
AssetController::deleteAssetCollectionAction() — Method in class AssetController
TagController::deleteAction() — Method in class TagController
$ UsageController#domainUserServiceProperty in class UsageController
$ BrowserState#dataProperty in class BrowserState
$ PaginateController#displayRangeStartProperty in class PaginateController
$ PaginateController#displayRangeEndProperty in class PaginateController
$ MediaCommandController#dbalConnectionProperty in class MediaCommandController
$ NeosAssetSource#descriptionProperty in class NeosAssetSource
DimensionsTraitClass in namespace Neos\Media\Domain\Model

Trait for methods regarding the dimensions of an asset

DocumentClass in namespace Neos\Media\Domain\Model

A Document, e.g. PDF files, binaries, .

DocumentThumbnailGeneratorClass in namespace Neos\Media\Domain\Model\ThumbnailGenerator

A system-generated preview version of a Document (PDF, AI and EPS)

$ AssetCollectionRepository#defaultOrderingsProperty in class AssetCollectionRepository
$ AssetRepository#defaultOrderingsProperty in class AssetRepository
DocumentRepositoryClass in namespace Neos\Media\Domain\Repository

A repository for Documents

$ TagRepository#defaultOrderingsProperty in class TagRepository
Variant::description() — Method in class Variant
$ AssetInterfaceConverter#defaultNewAssetTypeProperty in class AssetInterfaceConverter

If creating a new asset from this converter this defines the default type as fallback.

$ ImageInterfaceConverter#defaultNewAssetTypeProperty in class ImageInterfaceConverter

If creating a new asset from this converter this defines the default type as fallback.

$ ImageVariantConverter#defaultNewAssetTypeProperty in class ImageVariantConverter

If creating a new asset from this converter this defines the default type as fallback.

$ SiteRepositoryCachingAspect#domainForActiveRequestProperty in class SiteRepositoryCachingAspect
DomainCommandControllerClass in namespace Neos\Neos\Command

Domain command controller for the Neos.Neos package

$ DomainCommandController#domainRepositoryProperty in class DomainCommandController
DomainCommandController::deleteCommand() — Method in class DomainCommandController

Delete a domain record by hostname (with globbing)

DomainCommandController::deactivateCommand() — Method in class DomainCommandController

Deactivate a domain record by hostname (with globbing)

SiteCommandController::deactivateCommand() — Method in class SiteCommandController

Deactivate a site (with globbing)

UserCommandController::deleteCommand() — Method in class UserCommandController

Delete a user (with globbing)

UserCommandController::deactivateCommand() — Method in class UserCommandController

Deactivate a user (with globbing)

WorkspaceCommandController::discardCommand() — Method in class WorkspaceCommandController

Discard changes in workspace

WorkspaceCommandController::deleteCommand() — Method in class WorkspaceCommandController

Deletes a workspace

$ ImpersonateController#defaultViewObjectNameProperty in class ImpersonateController
$ ModuleController#dispatcherProperty in class ModuleController
DisabledModuleExceptionClass in namespace Neos\Neos\Controller\Exception

A "Disabled Module" exception

$ NodeController#defaultViewObjectNameProperty in class NodeController
$ LoginController#defaultViewObjectNameProperty in class LoginController
$ LoginController#domainRepositoryProperty in class LoginController
DimensionControllerClass in namespace Neos\Neos\Controller\Module\Administration

The Neos Dimension module controller

DimensionControllerInternalsClass in namespace Neos\Neos\Controller\Module\Administration
DimensionControllerInternalsFactoryClass in namespace Neos\Neos\Controller\Module\Administration
$ SitesController#domainRepositoryProperty in class SitesController
$ SitesController#domainUserServiceProperty in class SitesController
SitesController::deleteSiteAction() — Method in class SitesController

Delete a site.

SitesController::deactivateSiteAction() — Method in class SitesController

Deactivates a site

SitesController::deleteDomainAction() — Method in class SitesController

Deletes a domain attached to a site

SitesController::deactivateDomainAction() — Method in class SitesController

Deactivates a domain

$ UsersController#domainUserServiceProperty in class UsersController
UsersController::deleteAction() — Method in class UsersController

Delete the given user

UsersController::deleteElectronicAddressAction() — Method in class UsersController

Delete an electronic address action

$ HistoryController#defaultViewObjectNameProperty in class HistoryController
$ WorkspacesController#domainUserServiceProperty in class WorkspacesController
WorkspacesController::deleteAction() — Method in class WorkspacesController

Delete a workspace

WorkspacesController::discardNodeAction() — Method in class WorkspacesController

Discard a a single node

WorkspacesController::discardWorkspaceAction() — Method in class WorkspacesController

Discards content of the whole workspace

$ UserSettingsController#domainUserServiceProperty in class UserSettingsController
UserSettingsController::deleteElectronicAddressAction() — Method in class UserSettingsController

Delete an electronic address action

DomainClass in namespace Neos\Neos\Domain\Model

Domain Model of a Domain.

$ AssetUsageInNodeProperties#dimensionValuesProperty in class AssetUsageInNodeProperties
$ Site#domainsProperty in class Site
DomainRepositoryClass in namespace Neos\Neos\Domain\Repository

The Site Repository

$ DomainRepository#domainMatchingStrategyProperty in class DomainRepository
$ DomainRepository#defaultOrderingsProperty in class DomainRepository
$ SiteRepository#defaultOrderingsProperty in class SiteRepository
$ SiteRepository#defaultSiteNodeNameProperty in class SiteRepository
DefaultPrototypeGeneratorInterfaceClass in namespace Neos\Neos\Domain\Service

Generate a Fusion prototype definition for a given node type

DomainMatchingStrategyClass in namespace Neos\Neos\Domain\Service

Strategy for matching domains

$ SiteService#domainRepositoryProperty in class SiteService
$ SiteService#domainUserServiceProperty in class SiteService
$ UserInterfaceModeService#defaultEditPreviewModeProperty in class UserInterfaceModeService
$ UserService#defaultAuthenticationProviderNameProperty in class UserService

Might be configurable in the future, for now centralising this as a "constant"

UserService::deleteUser() — Method in class UserService

Deletes the specified user and all remaining content in his personal workspaces

UserService::deactivateUser() — Method in class UserService

Deactivates the given user

UserService::deletePersonalWorkspace() — Method in class UserService

Removes all personal workspaces of the given user's account if these workspaces exist. Also removes all possibly existing content of these workspaces.

$ Event#dataProperty in class Event

Payload of the event.

$ EventsOnDate#dayProperty in class EventsOnDate
$ NodeEvent#documentNodeIdentifierProperty in class NodeEvent

the document node identifier on which the action took place.

$ NodeEvent#dimensionProperty in class NodeEvent

the dimension values for that event

$ EventRepository#defaultOrderingsProperty in class EventRepository
EntityIntegrationService::dummyMethodToEnsureInstanceExists() — Method in class EntityIntegrationService

Dummy method which is called in a prePersist signal.

DimensionResolverFactoryInterfaceClass in namespace Neos\Neos\FrontendRouting\DimensionResolution

API Contract for creating a {DimensionResolverInterface} from Settings (usually Neos.Neos.sites.*.contentDimensions.resolver.factoryClassName and Neos.Neos.sites.*.contentDimensions.resolver.options).

DimensionResolverInterfaceClass in namespace Neos\Neos\FrontendRouting\DimensionResolution

Common interface for content dimension resolvers which are hooked into the Frontend Routing.

$ EventSourcedFrontendNodeRoutePartHandler#delegatingResolverProperty in class EventSourcedFrontendNodeRoutePartHandler
DocumentNodeInfoClass in namespace Neos\Neos\FrontendRouting\Projection
$ SiteDetectionMiddleware#domainRepositoryProperty in class SiteDetectionMiddleware
DimensionsMenuItemsImplementationClass in namespace Neos\Neos\Fusion

Fusion implementation for a dimensions menu.

DimensionsMenuItemsImplementation::determineMetadata() — Method in class DimensionsMenuItemsImplementation
DimensionsMenuItemsImplementation::determineLabel() — Method in class DimensionsMenuItemsImplementation
DimensionsMenuItemsImplementationInternalsFactoryClass in namespace Neos\Neos\Fusion
CachingHelper::descendantOfTag() — Method in class CachingHelper

Generate a @cache entry tag for descendants of a node, an array of nodes or a FlowQuery result A cache entry with this tag will be flushed whenever a node (for any variant) that is a descendant (child on any level) of one of the given nodes is updated.

$ PluginImplementation#dispatcherProperty in class PluginImplementation
$ PluginImplementation#documentNodeProperty in class PluginImplementation
$ CreationDialogPostprocessor#dataTypesDefaultConfigurationProperty in class CreationDialogPostprocessor
DefaultPropertyEditorPostprocessorClass in namespace Neos\Neos\NodeTypePostprocessor

Add default editor configurations for properties based on type and editor

$ DefaultPropertyEditorPostprocessor#dataTypesDefaultConfigurationProperty in class DefaultPropertyEditorPostprocessor
$ Change#deletedProperty in class Change
$ BackendRedirectionService#domainRepositoryProperty in class BackendRedirectionService
BackendRedirectionService::determineStartModule() — Method in class BackendRedirectionService
ContentElementWrappingService::dasherize() — Method in class ContentElementWrappingService

Converts camelCased strings to lower cased and non-camel-cased strings

$ AbstractServiceController#domainUserServiceProperty in class AbstractServiceController
DataSourceControllerClass in namespace Neos\Neos\Service\Controller

Data Source Controller

DataSourceInterfaceClass in namespace Neos\Neos\Service\DataSource

Data source interface for providing generic data

DateStringConverterClass in namespace Neos\Neos\Service\Mapping

Converts a Date to a JavaScript compatible representation, meaning also to convert it to UTC timezone.

$ UserService#defaultLanguageIdentifierProperty in class UserService
DocumentBreadcrumbPathViewHelperClass in namespace Neos\Neos\ViewHelpers\Backend

Render a bread crumb path by using the labels of documents leading to the given node path

$ JavascriptConfigurationViewHelper#domainRepositoryProperty in class JavascriptConfigurationViewHelper
$ UserInitialsViewHelper#domainUserServiceProperty in class UserInitialsViewHelper


ExceptionClass in namespace Neos\CliSetup

A generic Setup Exception

ContentStreamCommandController::exportCommand() — Method in class ContentStreamCommandController
NodeTypeEnrichmentService::enrichNodeTypeLabelsConfiguration() — Method in class NodeTypeEnrichmentService
EventStoreFactoryInterfaceClass in namespace Neos\ContentRepositoryRegistry\Factory\EventStore
ExpressionBasedNodeLabelGeneratorClass in namespace Neos\ContentRepositoryRegistry\NodeLabel

The expression based node label generator that is used as default if a label expression is configured.

$ ExpressionBasedNodeLabelGenerator#eelEvaluatorProperty in class ExpressionBasedNodeLabelGenerator
$ ExpressionBasedNodeLabelGenerator#expressionProperty in class ExpressionBasedNodeLabelGenerator
ContentDimensionZookeeper::extendCombinationsWithDimension() — Method in class ContentDimensionZookeeper
ConfigurationBasedContentDimensionSource::extractDimensionValuesAndVariations() — Method in class ConfigurationBasedContentDimensionSource
EventInterfaceClass in namespace Neos\ContentRepository\Core\EventStore

Common interface for all Content Repository "domain events"

EventNormalizerClass in namespace Neos\ContentRepository\Core\EventStore

Central authority to convert Content Repository domain events to Event Store EventData and EventType, vice versa.

EmbedsContentStreamAndNodeAggregateIdClass in namespace Neos\ContentRepository\Core\Feature\Common

This interface is implemented by events which contain ContentStreamId and NodeAggregateId.

NodeAggregateEventPublisher::enrichWithCommand() — Method in class NodeAggregateEventPublisher
$ ContentStreamEventStreamName#eventStreamNameProperty in class ContentStreamEventStreamName
$ WorkspaceRebaseStatistics#errorCommandsProperty in class WorkspaceRebaseStatistics
NodeTypeName::equals() — Method in class NodeTypeName
NodePath::equals() — Method in class NodePath
NodeAggregateId::equals() — Method in class NodeAggregateId
NodeName::equals() — Method in class NodeName
ContentStreamId::equals() — Method in class ContentStreamId
ChildrenOperation::evaluate() — Method in class ChildrenOperation


ChildrenOperation::earlyOptimizationOfFilters() — Method in class ChildrenOperation

Optimize for typical use cases, filter by node name and filter by NodeType (instanceof). These cases are now optimized and will only load the nodes that match the filters.

ClosestOperation::evaluate() — Method in class ClosestOperation


FilterOperation::evaluate() — Method in class FilterOperation


FilterOperation::evaluateOperator() — Method in class FilterOperation


FindOperation::evaluate() — Method in class FindOperation

This operation operates rather on the given Context object than on the given node and thus may work with the legacy node interface until subgraphs are available {@inheritdoc}

HasOperation::evaluate() — Method in class HasOperation


NextAllOperation::evaluate() — Method in class NextAllOperation


NextOperation::evaluate() — Method in class NextOperation


NextUntilOperation::evaluate() — Method in class NextUntilOperation


ParentOperation::evaluate() — Method in class ParentOperation


ParentsOperation::evaluate() — Method in class ParentsOperation


ParentsUntilOperation::evaluate() — Method in class ParentsUntilOperation


PrevAllOperation::evaluate() — Method in class PrevAllOperation


PrevOperation::evaluate() — Method in class PrevOperation


PrevUntilOperation::evaluate() — Method in class PrevUntilOperation


PropertyOperation::evaluate() — Method in class PropertyOperation


SiblingsOperation::evaluate() — Method in class SiblingsOperation


$ AbstractNodePrivilege#eelCompilingEvaluatorProperty in class AbstractNodePrivilege
AbstractNodePrivilege::evaluateNodeContext() — Method in class AbstractNodePrivilege

Evaluates the matcher with this objects nodeContext and returns the result.

EditNodePrivilegeClass in namespace Neos\ContentRepository\Security\Authorization\Privilege\Node

A privilege to restrict editing of nodes and their properties

EditNodePropertyPrivilegeClass in namespace Neos\ContentRepository\Security\Authorization\Privilege\Node

A privilege to restrict editing of node properties.

EmulatedLegacyBaseWorkspaceClass in namespace Neos\EventSourcedContentRepository\LegacyApi\ContextInNodeBasedReadModel
EmulatedLegacyContextClass in namespace Neos\EventSourcedContentRepository\LegacyApi\ContextInNodeBasedReadModel
EmulatedLegacySiteClass in namespace Neos\EventSourcedContentRepository\LegacyApi\ContextInNodeBasedReadModel
ContextOperation::evaluate() — Method in class ContextOperation
RenderNonRenderedNodeMetadataImplementation::evaluate() — Method in class RenderNonRenderedNodeMetadataImplementation

Evaluate this Fusion object and return the result

ExpressionClass in namespace Neos\Fusion\Afx\Parser\Expression

Class Expression

CacheSegmentParser::extractContentAndSubSegments() — Method in class CacheSegmentParser
CacheSegmentParser::extractContent() — Method in class CacheSegmentParser
$ ParserCache#enableCacheProperty in class ParserCache
$ RuntimeContentCache#enableContentCacheProperty in class RuntimeContentCache
RuntimeContentCache::enter() — Method in class RuntimeContentCache

Enter an evaluation

RuntimeContentCache::evaluateUncached() — Method in class RuntimeContentCache

Evaluate a Fusion path with a given context without content caching

AbsorbingHandler::exceptionDisablesCache() — Method in class AbsorbingHandler

The absorbing handler is meant to catch loose evaluation errors (like missing assets) in a useful way, therefor caching is desired.

AbstractRenderingExceptionHandler::exceptionDisablesCache() — Method in class AbstractRenderingExceptionHandler

Can be used to determine if handling the exception should disable the cache or not.

$ ContextDependentHandler#environmentProperty in class ContextDependentHandler
EelExpressionValueClass in namespace Neos\Fusion\Core\ObjectTreeParser\Ast
ObjectTreeParser::expect() — Method in class ObjectTreeParser

Expects a token of a given type.

$ Runtime#eelEvaluatorProperty in class Runtime
Runtime::evaluate() — Method in class Runtime

Evaluate an absolute Fusion path and return the result

Runtime::evaluateObjectOrRetrieveFromCache() — Method in class Runtime

Does the evaluation of a Fusion instance, first checking the cache and if conditions and afterwards applying processors.

Runtime::evaluateExpressionOrValueInternal() — Method in class Runtime

Evaluates an EEL expression or value, checking if conditions first and applying processors.

Runtime::evaluateEelExpression() — Method in class Runtime

Evaluate an Eel expression

Runtime::evaluateApplyValues() — Method in class Runtime

Evaluate "@apply" for the given fusion key.

Runtime::evaluateProcessors() — Method in class Runtime

Evaluate processors on given value.

Runtime::evaluateIfCondition() — Method in class Runtime

Evaluate eventually existing meta "@if" conditionals inside the given configuration and path.

ExceptionClass in namespace Neos\Fusion

An exception thrown by Fusion processors or generally in the Fusion context.

AbstractArrayFusionObject::evaluateNestedProperties() — Method in class AbstractArrayFusionObject
AbstractCollectionImplementation::evaluate() — Method in class AbstractCollectionImplementation

Evaluate the collection nodes as concatenated string

AbstractCollectionImplementation::evaluateAsArray() — Method in class AbstractCollectionImplementation

Evaluate the collection nodes as array

AbstractFusionObject::evaluate() — Method in class AbstractFusionObject

Evaluate this Fusion object and return the result

ActionUriImplementation::evaluate() — Method in class ActionUriImplementation
AttributesImplementation::evaluate() — Method in class AttributesImplementation
AugmenterImplementation::evaluate() — Method in class AugmenterImplementation
CanRenderImplementation::evaluate() — Method in class CanRenderImplementation
CaseImplementation::evaluate() — Method in class CaseImplementation

Execute each matcher until the first one matches

CollectionImplementation::evaluate() — Method in class CollectionImplementation

Evaluate the collection nodes

ComponentImplementation::evaluate() — Method in class ComponentImplementation

Evaluate the fusion-keys and transfer the result into the context as props afterwards evaluate the renderer with this context

DataStructureImplementation::evaluate() — Method in class DataStructureImplementation

Evaluate this Fusion object and return the result

DebugConsoleImplementation::evaluate() — Method in class DebugConsoleImplementation

Appends a console script call to the output

DebugDumpImplementation::evaluate() — Method in class DebugDumpImplementation

Return the values in a human readable form

DebugImplementation::evaluate() — Method in class DebugImplementation

Return the values in a human readable form

HttpResponseImplementation::evaluate() — Method in class HttpResponseImplementation

Evaluate this Fusion object and return the result

ResponseHeadImplementation::evaluate() — Method in class ResponseHeadImplementation

Just return the processed value

JoinImplementation::evaluate() — Method in class JoinImplementation

Evaluate this Fusion object and return the result

LoopImplementation::evaluate() — Method in class LoopImplementation

Evaluate the collection nodes

MapImplementation::evaluate() — Method in class MapImplementation

Evaluate the collection nodes as array

MatchImplementation::evaluate() — Method in class MatchImplementation

Tries to find a matching value for the subject and returns it

MatcherImplementation::evaluate() — Method in class MatcherImplementation

If $condition matches, render $type and return it. Else, return MATCH_NORESULT.

MemoImplementation::evaluate() — Method in class MemoImplementation

Return the processed value or its cached version based on the discriminator

RawCollectionImplementation::evaluate() — Method in class RawCollectionImplementation

Evaluate the collection nodes

ReduceImplementation::evaluate() — Method in class ReduceImplementation

Reduce the given items to a single value

RendererImplementation::evaluate() — Method in class RendererImplementation

Render $type and return it.

ResourceUriImplementation::evaluate() — Method in class ResourceUriImplementation

Returns the absolute URL of a resource

TagImplementation::evaluate() — Method in class TagImplementation

Return a tag

TemplateImplementation::evaluate() — Method in class TemplateImplementation

Evaluate this Fusion object and return the result

UriBuilderImplementation::evaluate() — Method in class UriBuilderImplementation
ValueImplementation::evaluate() — Method in class ValueImplementation

Just return the processed value

HtmlAugmenter::elementHasAttributes() — Method in class HtmlAugmenter

Checks whether the given $element contains at least one of the specified $attributes (case insensitive)

$ RenderViewHelper#escapeOutputProperty in class RenderViewHelper
AssetCollectionController::editAction() — Method in class AssetCollectionController
AssetController::editAction() — Method in class AssetController

Edit an asset

AssetController::editTagAction() — Method in class AssetController
AssetController::editAssetCollectionAction() — Method in class AssetController
AssetController::errorAction() — Method in class AssetController

This custom errorAction adds FlashMessages for validation results to give more information in the

ImageController::editAction() — Method in class ImageController
TagController::editAction() — Method in class TagController
$ MediaCommandController#entityManagerProperty in class MediaCommandController
AssetProxyQueryInterface::execute() — Method in class AssetProxyQueryInterface
NeosAssetProxyQuery::execute() — Method in class NeosAssetProxyQuery
$ NeosAssetProxyRepository#entityManagerProperty in class NeosAssetProxyRepository
$ FileTypeIcon#extensionProperty in class FileTypeIcon
$ AbstractThumbnailGenerator#environmentProperty in class AbstractThumbnailGenerator
$ AssetRepository#entityManagerProperty in class AssetRepository

Doctrine's Entity Manager.

$ ThumbnailRepository#entityManagerProperty in class ThumbnailRepository
AssetService::emitAssetCreated() — Method in class AssetService

Signals that an asset was added.

AssetService::emitAssetRemoved() — Method in class AssetService

Signals that an asset was removed.

AssetService::emitAssetUpdated() — Method in class AssetService

Signals that an asset was updated.

AssetService::emitAssetResourceReplaced() — Method in class AssetService

Signals that a resource on an asset has been replaced

FileTypeIconService::extractFileExtension() — Method in class FileTypeIconService
$ ImageService#environmentProperty in class ImageService
ThumbnailService::emitThumbnailRefreshed() — Method in class ThumbnailService

Signals that a thumbnail was refreshed.

ThumbnailService::emitThumbnailPersisted() — Method in class ThumbnailService

Signals that a thumbnail was persisted.

ThumbnailService::emitThumbnailCreated() — Method in class ThumbnailService

Signals that a thumbnail was created.

ExceptionClass in namespace Neos\Media

A generic Neos.Media exception

$ AssetAssetCollectionConditionGenerator#entityManagerProperty in class AssetAssetCollectionConditionGenerator
$ AssetCollectionConditionGenerator#entityTypeProperty in class AssetCollectionConditionGenerator
$ AssetConditionGenerator#entityTypeProperty in class AssetConditionGenerator
$ AssetTagConditionGenerator#entityManagerProperty in class AssetTagConditionGenerator
$ AssetWithoutAssetCollectionConditionGenerator#entityManagerProperty in class AssetWithoutAssetCollectionConditionGenerator
$ TagConditionGenerator#entityTypeProperty in class TagConditionGenerator
$ SiteRepositoryCachingAspect#environmentProperty in class SiteRepositoryCachingAspect
$ ContentController#entityToIdentityConverterProperty in class ContentController
ContentController::emitAssetUploaded() — Method in class ContentController

Signals that a new asset has been uploaded through the Neos Backend

SettingsController::editPreviewAction() — Method in class SettingsController
ExceptionClass in namespace Neos\Neos\Controller

A generic Neos Controller exception

SitesController::editAction() — Method in class SitesController

A edit view for a site and its settings.

SitesController::editDomainAction() — Method in class SitesController

Edit a domain

UsersController::editAction() — Method in class UsersController

Edit an existing user

UsersController::editAccountAction() — Method in class UsersController

Edit the given account

$ HistoryController#eventRepositoryProperty in class HistoryController
WorkspacesController::editAction() — Method in class WorkspacesController

Edit a workspace

UserSettingsController::editAction() — Method in class UserSettingsController

Edit settings of the current user

UserSettingsController::editAccountAction() — Method in class UserSettingsController

Edit the given account

ExceptionClass in namespace Neos\Neos\Domain

A generic Neos Domain exception

Site::emitSiteChanged() — Method in class Site

Internal signal

$ UserInterfaceMode#editProperty in class UserInterfaceMode
SiteService::emitSitePruned() — Method in class SiteService

Signal that is triggered whenever a site has been pruned

$ UserInterfaceModeService#editPreviewModesProperty in class UserInterfaceModeService
UserService::emitUserCreated() — Method in class UserService

Signals that a new user, including a new account has been created.

UserService::emitUserDeleted() — Method in class UserService

Signals that the given user has been deleted.

UserService::emitUserUpdated() — Method in class UserService

Signals that the given user data has been updated.

UserService::emitRolesAdded() — Method in class UserService

Signals that new roles have been assigned to the given account

UserService::emitRolesRemoved() — Method in class UserService

Signals that roles have been removed to the given account

UserService::emitUserActivated() — Method in class UserService

Signals that the given user has been activated

UserService::emitUserDeactivated() — Method in class UserService

Signals that the given user has been activated

SortOperation::evaluate() — Method in class SortOperation


EventClass in namespace Neos\Neos\EventLog\Domain\Model

Base class for generic events

$ Event#eventTypeProperty in class Event

What was this event about? Is a required string constant.

EventsOnDateClass in namespace Neos\Neos\EventLog\Domain\Model

Helper Model which groups a number of events on a given day. Used especially in the view.

$ EventsOnDate#eventsProperty in class EventsOnDate
EventRepositoryClass in namespace Neos\Neos\EventLog\Domain\Repository

The repository for events

EventEmittingServiceClass in namespace Neos\Neos\EventLog\Domain\Service

Main entry point for generating events

$ EventEmittingService#eventContextProperty in class EventEmittingService

This array implements a stack of events. The last element of this stack is the current "parent event".

$ EventEmittingService#eventRepositoryProperty in class EventEmittingService
$ EventEmittingService#enabledProperty in class EventEmittingService
EventEmittingService::emit() — Method in class EventEmittingService

Convenience method for generating an event and directly adding it afterwards to persistence.

$ AbstractIntegrationService#eventEmittingServiceProperty in class AbstractIntegrationService
$ ContentRepositoryIntegrationService#entityManagerProperty in class ContentRepositoryIntegrationService
EntityIntegrationServiceClass in namespace Neos\Neos\EventLog\Integrations

Monitors entity changes

$ EntityIntegrationService#entityManagerProperty in class EntityIntegrationService

Doctrine's Entity Manager.

$ EntityIntegrationService#eelEvaluatorProperty in class EntityIntegrationService
ExceptionClass in namespace Neos\Neos

A generic Neos exception

EventSourcedFrontendNodeRoutePartHandlerClass in namespace Neos\Neos\FrontendRouting

A route part handler for finding nodes in the website's frontend. Like every RoutePartHandler, this handles both directions:

  • from URL to NodeAddress (via {EventSourcedFrontendNodeRoutePartHandler::matchWithParameters})
  • from NodeAddress to URL (via {EventSourcedFrontendNodeRoutePartHandler::resolveWithParameters})
AbstractMenuItemsImplementation::evaluate() — Method in class AbstractMenuItemsImplementation

Returns the items as result of the fusion object.

ContentElementEditableImplementation::evaluate() — Method in class ContentElementEditableImplementation

Evaluate this Fusion object and return the result

ContentElementWrappingImplementation::evaluate() — Method in class ContentElementWrappingImplementation

Evaluate this Fusion object and return the result

ConvertUrisImplementation::evaluate() — Method in class ConvertUrisImplementation

Convert URIs matching a supported scheme with generated URIs

$ NodeWrappingHandler#environmentProperty in class NodeWrappingHandler
$ PageHandler#environmentProperty in class PageHandler
CachingHelper::entryIdentifierForNode() — Method in class CachingHelper
NodeLabelToken::evaluate() — Method in class NodeLabelToken

Crops, removes special chars & tags and trim the label.

ImageUriImplementation::evaluate() — Method in class ImageUriImplementation

Returns a processed image path

NodeUriImplementation::evaluate() — Method in class NodeUriImplementation

Render the Uri.

PluginImplementation::evaluate() — Method in class PluginImplementation

Returns the rendered content of this plugin

PluginViewImplementation::evaluate() — Method in class PluginViewImplementation

Returns the rendered content of this plugin

$ CreationDialogPostprocessor#editorDefaultConfigurationProperty in class CreationDialogPostprocessor
$ DefaultPropertyEditorPostprocessor#editorDefaultConfigurationProperty in class DefaultPropertyEditorPostprocessor
NodeTypesStreamWrapper::evaluateNodeTypesPath() — Method in class NodeTypesStreamWrapper

Evaluates the absolute path and filename of the nodetypes file specified by the given path.

ExceptionClass in namespace Neos\Neos\Routing

A Neos routing exception

AbstractServiceController::errorAction() — Method in class AbstractServiceController

A preliminary error action for handling validation errors

EditorContentStreamZookeeperClass in namespace Neos\Neos\Service

The service for keeping track of editors' content streams

EntityToIdentityConverterClass in namespace Neos\Neos\TypeConverter

Converts the given entity to a JSON representation containing the identity and object type

$ ChangeStatsViewHelper#escapeOutputProperty in class ChangeStatsViewHelper
$ ConfigurationTreeViewHelper#escapeOutputProperty in class ConfigurationTreeViewHelper
$ DocumentBreadcrumbPathViewHelper#escapeOutputProperty in class DocumentBreadcrumbPathViewHelper
IfModuleAccessibleViewHelper::evaluateCondition() — Method in class IfModuleAccessibleViewHelper
$ IsAllowedToEditUserViewHelper#escapeOutputProperty in class IsAllowedToEditUserViewHelper
$ JavascriptConfigurationViewHelper#escapeOutputProperty in class JavascriptConfigurationViewHelper
EditableViewHelperClass in namespace Neos\Neos\ViewHelpers\ContentElement

Renders a wrapper around the inner contents of the tag to enable frontend editing.

$ WrapViewHelper#escapeOutputProperty in class WrapViewHelper
$ StandaloneViewViewHelper#escapeOutputProperty in class StandaloneViewViewHelper
FusionExceptionView::extractBodyFromOutput() — Method in class FusionExceptionView


ImageHandlerService::findUnsupportedImageFormats() — Method in class ImageHandlerService
StructureAdjustmentsCommandController::fixCommand() — Method in class StructureAdjustmentsCommandController
InvalidConfigurationException::fromException() — Method in class InvalidConfigurationException
InvalidConfigurationException::fromMessage() — Method in class InvalidConfigurationException
DimensionSpacePoint::fromArray() — Method in class DimensionSpacePoint
DimensionSpacePoint::fromJsonString() — Method in class DimensionSpacePoint

Creates a dimension space point from a JSON string representation See jsonSerialize

DimensionSpacePoint::fromLegacyDimensionArray() — Method in class DimensionSpacePoint

Creates a dimension space point from a legacy dimension array in format ['language' => ['es'], 'country' => ['ar']]

DimensionSpacePoint::fromUriRepresentation() — Method in class DimensionSpacePoint
OriginDimensionSpacePoint::fromArray() — Method in class OriginDimensionSpacePoint
OriginDimensionSpacePoint::fromJsonString() — Method in class OriginDimensionSpacePoint
OriginDimensionSpacePoint::fromDimensionSpacePoint() — Method in class OriginDimensionSpacePoint
OriginDimensionSpacePoint::fromLegacyDimensionArray() — Method in class OriginDimensionSpacePoint

Creates a dimension space point from a legacy dimension array in format ['language' => ['es'], 'country' => ['ar']]

OriginDimensionSpacePointSet::fromDimensionSpacePointSet() — Method in class OriginDimensionSpacePointSet
OriginDimensionSpacePointSet::fromArray() — Method in class OriginDimensionSpacePointSet
OriginDimensionSpacePointSet::fromJsonString() — Method in class OriginDimensionSpacePointSet
EventInterface::fromArray() — Method in class EventInterface
RebasableToOtherContentStreamsInterface::fromArray() — Method in class RebasableToOtherContentStreamsInterface

called during deserialization from metadata

ContentStreamEventStreamName::fromContentStreamId() — Method in class ContentStreamEventStreamName
NodeAggregateIdsByNodePaths::fromArray() — Method in class NodeAggregateIdsByNodePaths
NodeAggregateIdsByNodePaths::fromJsonString() — Method in class NodeAggregateIdsByNodePaths
NodeAggregateIdMapping::fromArray() — Method in class NodeAggregateIdMapping
NodeReferenceSnapshot::fromArray() — Method in class NodeReferenceSnapshot
NodeReferencesSnapshot::fromArray() — Method in class NodeReferencesSnapshot
NodeReferencesSnapshot::fromReferences() — Method in class NodeReferencesSnapshot
PropertyValuesToWrite::fromArray() — Method in class PropertyValuesToWrite
PropertyValuesToWrite::fromJsonString() — Method in class PropertyValuesToWrite
SerializedPropertyValue::fromArray() — Method in class SerializedPropertyValue
SerializedPropertyValues::fromArray() — Method in class SerializedPropertyValues
SerializedPropertyValues::fromJsonString() — Method in class SerializedPropertyValues
CoverageNodeMoveMappings::fromArray() — Method in class CoverageNodeMoveMappings
OriginNodeMoveMappings::fromArray() — Method in class OriginNodeMoveMappings
PropertyType::fromNodeTypeDeclaration() — Method in class PropertyType
PropertyType::float() — Method in class PropertyType
NodeTypeName::fromString() — Method in class NodeTypeName
NodeTypeNames::fromArray() — Method in class NodeTypeNames
NodeTypeNames::fromStringArray() — Method in class NodeTypeNames
ContentGraphInterface::findRootNodeAggregateByType() — Method in class ContentGraphInterface
ContentGraphInterface::findNodeAggregatesByType() — Method in class ContentGraphInterface
ContentGraphInterface::findNodeAggregateById() — Method in class ContentGraphInterface
ContentGraphInterface::findUsedNodeTypeNames() — Method in class ContentGraphInterface

Returns all node types in use, from the graph projection

ContentGraphInterface::findNodeByIdAndOriginDimensionSpacePoint() — Method in class ContentGraphInterface
ContentGraphInterface::findParentNodeAggregateByChildOriginDimensionSpacePoint() — Method in class ContentGraphInterface
ContentGraphInterface::findParentNodeAggregates() — Method in class ContentGraphInterface
ContentGraphInterface::findChildNodeAggregates() — Method in class ContentGraphInterface
ContentGraphInterface::findChildNodeAggregatesByName() — Method in class ContentGraphInterface

A node aggregate may have multiple child node aggregates with the same name as long as they do not share dimension space coverage

ContentGraphInterface::findTetheredChildNodeAggregates() — Method in class ContentGraphInterface
ContentSubgraphInterface::findChildNodes() — Method in class ContentSubgraphInterface
ContentSubgraphInterface::findReferencedNodes() — Method in class ContentSubgraphInterface
ContentSubgraphInterface::findReferencingNodes() — Method in class ContentSubgraphInterface
ContentSubgraphInterface::findNodeById() — Method in class ContentSubgraphInterface
ContentSubgraphInterface::findParentNode() — Method in class ContentSubgraphInterface
ContentSubgraphInterface::findNodeByPath() — Method in class ContentSubgraphInterface
ContentSubgraphInterface::findChildNodeConnectedThroughEdgeName() — Method in class ContentSubgraphInterface
ContentSubgraphInterface::findSucceedingSiblings() — Method in class ContentSubgraphInterface
ContentSubgraphInterface::findPrecedingSiblings() — Method in class ContentSubgraphInterface
ContentSubgraphInterface::findNodePath() — Method in class ContentSubgraphInterface
ContentSubgraphInterface::findSubtrees() — Method in class ContentSubgraphInterface
ContentSubgraphInterface::findDescendants() — Method in class ContentSubgraphInterface

Recursively find all nodes underneath the $entryNodeAggregateIds, which match the node type constraints specified by NodeTypeConstraints.

CoverageByOrigin::fromArray() — Method in class CoverageByOrigin
CoverageByOrigin::fromJsonString() — Method in class CoverageByOrigin
NodePath::fromString() — Method in class NodePath
NodePath::fromPathSegments() — Method in class NodePath
Nodes::fromArray() — Method in class Nodes
Nodes::first() — Method in class Nodes
OriginByCoverage::fromArray() — Method in class OriginByCoverage
OriginByCoverage::fromJsonString() — Method in class OriginByCoverage
Subtrees::fromArray() — Method in class Subtrees
Subtrees::first() — Method in class Subtrees
VisibilityConstraints::frontend() — Method in class VisibilityConstraints
NodeAggregateId::fromString() — Method in class NodeAggregateId
NodeAggregateIds::fromArray() — Method in class NodeAggregateIds
NodeAggregateIds::fromJsonString() — Method in class NodeAggregateIds
NodeAggregateIds::fromNodes() — Method in class NodeAggregateIds
NodeName::fromString() — Method in class NodeName
ContentStreamId::fromString() — Method in class ContentStreamId
WorkspaceDescription::fromString() — Method in class WorkspaceDescription
WorkspaceTitle::fromString() — Method in class WorkspaceTitle
VisitedNodeAggregates::findMostSpecificParentNodeInDimensionGraph() — Method in class VisitedNodeAggregates
FilterOperationClass in namespace Neos\ContentRepository\NodeAccess\FlowQueryOperations

This filter implementation contains specific behavior for use on ContentRepository nodes. It will not evaluate any elements that are not instances of the Node.

FindOperationClass in namespace Neos\ContentRepository\NodeAccess\FlowQueryOperations

"find" operation working on ContentRepository nodes. This operation allows for retrieval of nodes specified by a path, identifier or node type (recursive).

$ PropertyOperation#finalProperty in class PropertyOperation


HtmlArrayRenderer::fixSpaces() — Method in class HtmlArrayRenderer

Replace a string containing spaces with a HTML representation using  .

SequenceMatcher::findLongestMatch() — Method in class SequenceMatcher

Find the longest matching block in the two sequences, as defined by the lower and upper constraints for each sequence. (for the first sequence, $alo - $ahi and for the second sequence, $blo - $bhi)

FusionCachingAspectClass in namespace Neos\Fusion\Aspects
$ FusionCachingAspect#fusionCacheProperty in class FusionCachingAspect
ContentCache::flushByTag() — Method in class ContentCache

Flush content cache entries by tag

ContentCache::flushByTags() — Method in class ContentCache

Flush content cache entries by tags

ContentCache::flush() — Method in class ContentCache

Flush all content cache entries

FileMonitorListenerClass in namespace Neos\Fusion\Core\Cache

Listener to clear Fusion caches if important files have changed

$ FileMonitorListener#flowCacheManagerProperty in class FileMonitorListener
FileMonitorListener::flushContentCacheOnFileChanges() — Method in class FileMonitorListener
$ ParserCacheFlusher#flowCacheManagerProperty in class ParserCacheFlusher
ParserCacheFlusher::flushPartialCacheOnFileChanges() — Method in class ParserCacheFlusher
RuntimeContentCache::flushTags() — Method in class RuntimeContentCache

Resets the assigned tags, returning the previously set tags.

AbstractRenderingExceptionHandler::formatScriptPath() — Method in class AbstractRenderingExceptionHandler

breaks the given path to multiple line to allow a nicer formatted logging

HtmlMessageHandler::formatErrorCodeMessage() — Method in class HtmlMessageHandler

Renders a message depicting the user where to find further information for the given reference code.

HtmlMessageHandler::formatFusionPath() — Method in class HtmlMessageHandler

Renders an indented multi-line stack-trace for the given Fusion path.

FloatValueClass in namespace Neos\Fusion\Core\ObjectTreeParser\Ast
FusionFileClass in namespace Neos\Fusion\Core\ObjectTreeParser\Ast
FusionObjectValueClass in namespace Neos\Fusion\Core\ObjectTreeParser\Ast
MessageCreator::forParseStatement() — Method in class MessageCreator
MessageCreator::forParseEndOfStatement() — Method in class MessageCreator
MessageCreator::forParsePathSegment() — Method in class MessageCreator
MessageCreator::forPathSegmentPrototypeName() — Method in class MessageCreator
MessageCreator::forParsePathOrOperator() — Method in class MessageCreator
MessageCreator::forParseDslExpression() — Method in class MessageCreator
MessageCreator::forParsePathValue() — Method in class MessageCreator
$ ParserException#fluentCodeProperty in class ParserException
$ ParserException#fluentMessageCreatorProperty in class ParserException
$ ParserException#fluentPreviousProperty in class ParserException
$ ParserException#fluentFileProperty in class ParserException
$ ParserException#fluentFusionProperty in class ParserException
$ ParserException#fluentCursorProperty in class ParserException
$ ParserException#fluentShowColumnProperty in class ParserException
FilePatternResolverClass in namespace Neos\Fusion\Core\ObjectTreeParser

Resolve files after a pattern.

Runtime::finalizePathEvaluation() — Method in class Runtime

Ends the evaluation of a fusion path by popping the context and property stack if needed and leaving the cache context.

RuntimeConfiguration::forPath() — Method in class RuntimeConfiguration

Get the expanded Fusion configuration for the given path

$ RuntimeException#fusionPathProperty in class RuntimeException
AbstractArrayFusionObject::filterIgnoredProperties() — Method in class AbstractArrayFusionObject

Filters properties by ignoredProperties

$ AbstractFusionObject#fusionObjectNameProperty in class AbstractFusionObject

Name of this Fusion object, like Neos.Neos:Text

$ AbstractFusionObject#fusionValueCacheProperty in class AbstractFusionObject
AbstractFusionObject::fusionValue() — Method in class AbstractFusionObject

Return the Fusion value relative to this Fusion object (with processors etc applied).

FluidViewClass in namespace Neos\Fusion\FusionObjects\Helpers

Extended Fluid Template View for use in Fusion.

$ FluidView#fusionObjectProperty in class FluidView
FusionAwareViewInterfaceClass in namespace Neos\Fusion\FusionObjects\Helpers

You should implement this interface with a View that should allow access to the Fusion object it is rendered from (and so the Fusion runtime).

FusionPathProxyClass in namespace Neos\Fusion\FusionObjects\Helpers

A proxy object representing a Fusion path inside a Fluid Template. It allows to render arbitrary Fusion objects or Eel expressions using the already-known property path syntax.

$ FusionPathProxy#fusionRuntimeProperty in class FusionPathProxy

Reference to the Fusion Runtime which controls the whole rendering

DebugStack::flush() — Method in class DebugStack
FusionContextTraitClass in namespace Neos\Fusion\ViewHelpers

This trait is to be used in ViewHelpers that need to get information from the Fusion runtime context.

$ RenderViewHelper#fusionViewProperty in class RenderViewHelper
FusionViewClass in namespace Neos\Fusion\View

View for using Fusion for standard MVC controllers.

$ FusionView#fusionParserProperty in class FusionView
$ FusionView#fusionPathProperty in class FusionView

Runtime cache of the Fusion path which should be rendered; derived from the controller and action names or set by the user.

$ FusionView#fusionRuntimeProperty in class FusionView

The Fusion Runtime

$ ResizeImageAdjustment#filterProperty in class ResizeImageAdjustment
AssetProxyRepositoryInterface::filterByType() — Method in class AssetProxyRepositoryInterface
AssetProxyRepositoryInterface::findAll() — Method in class AssetProxyRepositoryInterface
AssetProxyRepositoryInterface::findBySearchTerm() — Method in class AssetProxyRepositoryInterface
AssetProxyRepositoryInterface::findByTag() — Method in class AssetProxyRepositoryInterface
AssetProxyRepositoryInterface::findUntagged() — Method in class AssetProxyRepositoryInterface
NeosAssetProxyRepository::filterByType() — Method in class NeosAssetProxyRepository
NeosAssetProxyRepository::filterByCollection() — Method in class NeosAssetProxyRepository

NOTE: This needs to be refactored to use an asset collection identifier instead of Media's domain model before it can become a public API for other asset sources.

NeosAssetProxyRepository::findAll() — Method in class NeosAssetProxyRepository
NeosAssetProxyRepository::findBySearchTerm() — Method in class NeosAssetProxyRepository
NeosAssetProxyRepository::findByTag() — Method in class NeosAssetProxyRepository
NeosAssetProxyRepository::findUntagged() — Method in class NeosAssetProxyRepository
SupportsCollectionsInterface::filterByCollection() — Method in class SupportsCollectionsInterface

NOTE: This needs to be refactored to use an asset collection identifier instead of Media's domain model before it can become a public API for other asset sources.

SupportsTaggingInterface::findByTag() — Method in class SupportsTaggingInterface

NOTE: This needs to be refactored to use a tag identifier instead of Media's domain model before it can become a public API for other asset sources.

SupportsTaggingInterface::findUntagged() — Method in class SupportsTaggingInterface
AssetConstraints::fromArray() — Method in class AssetConstraints
FileTypeIconClass in namespace Neos\Media\Domain\Model

File Type Icon

$ ThumbnailConfiguration#formatProperty in class ThumbnailConfiguration
FontDocumentThumbnailGeneratorClass in namespace Neos\Media\Domain\Model\ThumbnailGenerator

A system-generated preview version of a font document.

AssetRepository::findBySearchTermOrTags() — Method in class AssetRepository

Find assets by title or given tags

AssetRepository::findByTag() — Method in class AssetRepository

Find Assets with the given Tag assigned

AssetRepository::findAll() — Method in class AssetRepository
AssetRepository::findUntagged() — Method in class AssetRepository

Find Assets without any tag

AssetRepository::findByAssetCollection() — Method in class AssetRepository
AssetRepository::findOneByResourceSha1() — Method in class AssetRepository
AssetRepository::findAllIterator() — Method in class AssetRepository

Find all objects and return an IterableResult

ImageRepository::findAssetIdentifiersWithVariants() — Method in class ImageRepository

Return raw data about existing assets and their variants

ImportedAssetRepository::findOneByAssetSourceIdentifierAndRemoteAssetIdentifier() — Method in class ImportedAssetRepository
ImportedAssetRepository::findOneByLocalAssetIdentifier() — Method in class ImportedAssetRepository
TagRepository::findBySearchTerm() — Method in class TagRepository
TagRepository::findByAssetCollections() — Method in class TagRepository
TagRepository::findOneByLabel() — Method in class TagRepository
TagRepository::findByParent() — Method in class TagRepository
ThumbnailRepository::findAllIterator() — Method in class ThumbnailRepository

Find all objects and return an IterableResult

ThumbnailRepository::findUngeneratedIterator() — Method in class ThumbnailRepository

Find ungenerated objects and return an IterableResult

ThumbnailRepository::findOneByAssetAndThumbnailConfiguration() — Method in class ThumbnailRepository

Returns a thumbnail of the given asset with the specified dimensions.

FileTypeIconServiceClass in namespace Neos\Media\Domain\Service

Service that retrieves an icon for the file type of a given filename

$ ThumbnailService#formatConversionsProperty in class ThumbnailService
Adjustment::fromConfiguration() — Method in class Adjustment
AspectRatio::fromString() — Method in class AspectRatio
Variant::fromConfiguration() — Method in class Variant
VariantPreset::fromConfiguration() — Method in class VariantPreset
AssetInterfaceConverter::fetchObjectFromPersistence() — Method in class AssetInterfaceConverter

Fetch an object from persistence layer.

FileTypeIconViewHelperClass in namespace Neos\Media\ViewHelpers

Renders an HTML tag for a file type icon for a given Neos.Media's asset instance

$ SiteRepositoryCachingAspect#firstOnlineSiteProperty in class SiteRepositoryCachingAspect
DomainCommandController::findDomainsByHostnamePattern() — Method in class DomainCommandController

Find domains that match the given hostname with globbing support

SiteCommandController::findSitesByNodeNamePattern() — Method in class SiteCommandController

Find all sites the match the given site-node-name-pattern with support for globbing

UserCommandController::findUsersByUsernamePattern() — Method in class UserCommandController

Find all users the match the given username with globbing support

ContentController::findClosestDocumentNode() — Method in class ContentController
$ LoginController#flashMessageServiceProperty in class LoginController
$ UserInterfaceMode#fusionPathProperty in class UserInterfaceMode
WorkspaceName::fromAccountIdentifier() — Method in class WorkspaceName
DomainRepository::findByHost() — Method in class DomainRepository

Finds all active domains matching the given hostname.

DomainRepository::findOneByHost() — Method in class DomainRepository

Find the best matching active domain for the given hostname.

DomainRepository::findOneByActiveRequest() — Method in class DomainRepository
DomainRepository::findByActive() — Method in class DomainRepository
DomainRepository::findBySite() — Method in class DomainRepository
DomainRepository::findByHostname() — Method in class DomainRepository
SiteRepository::findFirst() — Method in class SiteRepository

Finds the first site

SiteRepository::findOnline() — Method in class SiteRepository

Find all sites with status "online"

SiteRepository::findFirstOnline() — Method in class SiteRepository

Find first site with status "online"

SiteRepository::findOneByNodeName() — Method in class SiteRepository
SiteRepository::findDefault() — Method in class SiteRepository

Find the site that was specified in the configuration defaultSiteNodeName

SiteRepository::findByNodeName() — Method in class SiteRepository
SiteRepository::findByState() — Method in class SiteRepository
UserRepository::findAllOrderedByUsername() — Method in class UserRepository
UserRepository::findAllOrdered() — Method in class UserRepository
UserRepository::findBySearchTerm() — Method in class UserRepository
FusionServiceClass in namespace Neos\Neos\Domain\Service

The Fusion Service

$ FusionService#fusionParserProperty in class FusionService
NodeSearchService::findByProperties() — Method in class NodeSearchService
NodeSearchServiceInterface::findByProperties() — Method in class NodeSearchServiceInterface
NodeSiteResolvingService::findSiteNodeForNodeAddress() — Method in class NodeSiteResolvingService
NodeTypeNameFactory::forDocument() — Method in class NodeTypeNameFactory
NodeTypeNameFactory::forSite() — Method in class NodeTypeNameFactory
NodeTypeNameFactory::forSites() — Method in class NodeTypeNameFactory
NodeTypeNameFactory::forFallback() — Method in class NodeTypeNameFactory
UserInterfaceModeService::findModeByCurrentUser() — Method in class UserInterfaceModeService

Get the current rendering mode (editPreviewMode).

UserInterfaceModeService::findDefaultMode() — Method in class UserInterfaceModeService

Returns the default rendering mode.

UserInterfaceModeService::findModeByName() — Method in class UserInterfaceModeService

Finds an rendering mode by name.

UserService::findUserForAccount() — Method in class UserService
EventRepository::findRelevantEventsByWorkspace() — Method in class EventRepository

Find all events which are "top-level" and in a given workspace (or are not NodeEvents)

EventRepository::findRelevantEvents() — Method in class EventRepository

Find all events which are "top-level", i.e. do not have a parent event.

DimensionResolverInterface::fromRequestToDimensionSpacePoint() — Method in class DimensionResolverInterface

Called in the incoming direction, when an URL is resolved on its way

DimensionResolverInterface::fromDimensionSpacePointToUriConstraints() — Method in class DimensionResolverInterface

Called for each generated URL, to adjust (and return) the passed-in UriConstraints depending on the given DimensionSpacePoint.

NoopResolver::fromRequestToDimensionSpacePoint() — Method in class NoopResolver

Called in the incoming direction, when an URL is resolved on its way

NoopResolver::fromDimensionSpacePointToUriConstraints() — Method in class NoopResolver

Called for each generated URL, to adjust (and return) the passed-in UriConstraints depending on the given DimensionSpacePoint.

SegmentMapping::fromArray() — Method in class SegmentMapping
FrontendNodeRoutePartHandlerInterfaceClass in namespace Neos\Neos\FrontendRouting

Marker interface which can be used to replace the currently used FrontendNodeRoutePartHandler, to e.g. use the one with localization support.

NodeUriBuilder::fromRequest() — Method in class NodeUriBuilder
NodeUriBuilder::fromUriBuilder() — Method in class NodeUriBuilder
DocumentNodeInfo::fromDatabaseRow() — Method in class DocumentNodeInfo
ContentCacheFlusher::flushNodeAggregate() — Method in class ContentCacheFlusher

Main entry point to directly flush the caches of a given NodeAggregate

ContentCacheFlusher::flushTags() — Method in class ContentCacheFlusher

Flush caches according to the previously registered node changes.

FusionCachingAspectClass in namespace Neos\Neos\Fusion\Cache
$ FusionCachingAspect#fusionCacheProperty in class FusionCachingAspect
DimensionsMenuItemsImplementation::findClosestGeneralizationMatchingDimensionValue() — Method in class DimensionsMenuItemsImplementation
ArrayHelper::filter() — Method in class ArrayHelper

Filter an array of objects, by only keeping the elements where each object's $filterProperty evaluates to true.

ArrayHelper::filterNegated() — Method in class ArrayHelper

Filter an array of objects, by only keeping the elements where each object's $filterProperty evaluates to false.

ArrayHelper::filterInternal() — Method in class ArrayHelper

Internal method for filtering

MenuItemsImplementation::findMenuStartingPoint() — Method in class MenuItemsImplementation

Find the starting point for this menu. depending on given startingPoint If startingPoint is given, this is taken as starting point for this menu level, as a fallback the Fusion context variable node is used.

Change::fromDatabaseRow() — Method in class Change
NodeTypesStreamWrapper::flush() — Method in class NodeTypesStreamWrapper

Flushes the output.

BackendModuleRoutePartHandler::findValueToMatch() — Method in class BackendModuleRoutePartHandler
FusionExceptionViewClass in namespace Neos\Neos\View
$ FusionExceptionView#fusionServiceProperty in class FusionExceptionView
$ FusionExceptionView#fusionRuntimeProperty in class FusionExceptionView
FusionExceptionViewInternalsFactoryClass in namespace Neos\Neos\View
FusionViewClass in namespace Neos\Neos\View

A Fusion view for Neos

$ FusionView#fusionServiceProperty in class FusionView
$ FusionView#fusionPathProperty in class FusionView

The Fusion path to use for rendering the node given in "value", defaults to "page".

$ FusionView#fusionRuntimeProperty in class FusionView
FusionViewI18nTraitClass in namespace Neos\Neos\View
FormDefinitionDataSourceClass in namespace Neos\NodeTypes\Form\Service\DataSource
FusionRecursiveDirectoryRendererClass in namespace Neos\SiteKickstarter\Service


DatabaseConnectionService::getAvailableDrivers() — Method in class DatabaseConnectionService

Return an array with the available database drivers

ImageHandlerService::getAvailableImageHandlers() — Method in class ImageHandlerService

Return all Imagine drivers that support the loading of the required images

NodeTypeEnrichmentService::getInspectorElementTranslationId() — Method in class NodeTypeEnrichmentService

Generates a generic inspector element label with the given $nodeTypeSpecificPrefix.

NodeTypeEnrichmentService::getPropertyLabelTranslationId() — Method in class NodeTypeEnrichmentService

Generates a property label with the given $nodeTypeSpecificPrefix.

NodeTypeEnrichmentService::getPropertyConfigurationTranslationId() — Method in class NodeTypeEnrichmentService

Generates a property configuration-label with the given $nodeTypeSpecificPrefix.

NodeTypeEnrichmentService::generateNodeTypeLabelIdPrefix() — Method in class NodeTypeEnrichmentService

Generates a label prefix for a specific node type with this format: "Vendor_Package:NodeTypes.NodeTypeName"

DbalClient::getConnection() — Method in class DbalClient
GenericObjectFactoryClass in namespace Neos\ContentRepositoryRegistry\Infrastructure
PostgresDbalClient::getConnection() — Method in class PostgresDbalClient
ProxyAwareObjectNormalizer::getConstructor() — Method in class ProxyAwareObjectNormalizer
Configuration::getAvailableVersions() — Method in class Configuration

Returns an array with all available versions.

Configuration::getMigrationVersion() — Method in class Configuration

Returns the configuration of the given version, if available.

ConfigurationInterface::getAvailableVersions() — Method in class ConfigurationInterface

Returns all available versions.

ConfigurationInterface::getMigrationVersion() — Method in class ConfigurationInterface

Returns the migration configuration with the given version.

MigrationFactory::getMigrationForVersion() — Method in class MigrationFactory
ExpressionBasedNodeLabelGenerator::getExpression() — Method in class ExpressionBasedNodeLabelGenerator
ExpressionBasedNodeLabelGenerator::getLabel() — Method in class ExpressionBasedNodeLabelGenerator

Render a node label

RedisInterleavingLogger::getTraces() — Method in class RedisInterleavingLogger
ContentDimensionZookeeper::getAllowedCombinations() — Method in class ContentDimensionZookeeper
ContentDimensionZookeeper::getAllowedDimensionSubspace() — Method in class ContentDimensionZookeeper
InterDimensionalVariationGraph::getDimensionSpacePoints() — Method in class InterDimensionalVariationGraph
InterDimensionalVariationGraph::getWeightedDimensionSpacePoints() — Method in class InterDimensionalVariationGraph
InterDimensionalVariationGraph::getWeightedDimensionSpacePointByDimensionSpacePoint() — Method in class InterDimensionalVariationGraph
InterDimensionalVariationGraph::getWeightedDimensionSpacePointByHash() — Method in class InterDimensionalVariationGraph
InterDimensionalVariationGraph::getRootGeneralizations() — Method in class InterDimensionalVariationGraph

Returns the root generalizations indexed by hash

InterDimensionalVariationGraph::getIndexedSpecializations() — Method in class InterDimensionalVariationGraph

Returns specializations of a dimension space point

InterDimensionalVariationGraph::getIndexedGeneralizations() — Method in class InterDimensionalVariationGraph

Returns generalizations of a dimension space point

InterDimensionalVariationGraph::getWeightedSpecializations() — Method in class InterDimensionalVariationGraph

Returns specializations of a dimension space point indexed by relative weight and specialization hash

InterDimensionalVariationGraph::getWeightedGeneralizations() — Method in class InterDimensionalVariationGraph

Returns generalizations of a dimension space point indexed by relative weight

InterDimensionalVariationGraph::getSpecializationSet() — Method in class InterDimensionalVariationGraph
InterDimensionalVariationGraph::getPrimaryGeneralization() — Method in class InterDimensionalVariationGraph
InterDimensionalVariationGraph::getVariantType() — Method in class InterDimensionalVariationGraph
OriginDimensionSpacePointSet::getPoints() — Method in class OriginDimensionSpacePointSet
OriginDimensionSpacePointSet::getPointHashes() — Method in class OriginDimensionSpacePointSet
OriginDimensionSpacePointSet::getIterator() — Method in class OriginDimensionSpacePointSet
OriginDimensionSpacePointSet::getUnion() — Method in class OriginDimensionSpacePointSet
OriginDimensionSpacePointSet::getIntersection() — Method in class OriginDimensionSpacePointSet
OriginDimensionSpacePointSet::getDifference() — Method in class OriginDimensionSpacePointSet
ConfigurationBasedContentDimensionSource::getDimension() — Method in class ConfigurationBasedContentDimensionSource
ConfigurationBasedContentDimensionSource::getContentDimensionsOrderedByPriority() — Method in class ConfigurationBasedContentDimensionSource
ContentDimensionConstraintSet::getIterator() — Method in class ContentDimensionConstraintSet
ContentDimensionConstraintSet::getConstraints() — Method in class ContentDimensionConstraintSet
ContentDimensionSourceInterface::getDimension() — Method in class ContentDimensionSourceInterface

Returns a content dimension by its identifier, if available

ContentDimensionSourceInterface::getContentDimensionsOrderedByPriority() — Method in class ContentDimensionSourceInterface

Returns all available content dimensions in correct order of priority, indexed by identifier

ContentDimensionValueVariationEdges::getIterator() — Method in class ContentDimensionValueVariationEdges
GeneralizationIsInvalidClass in namespace Neos\ContentRepository\Core\Dimension\Exception

The exception to be thrown if an invalid generalization of a content dimension value was tried to be initialized

EventNormalizer::getEventData() — Method in class EventNormalizer
EventNormalizer::getEventType() — Method in class EventNormalizer
EventNormalizer::getEventClassName() — Method in class EventNormalizer
ConstraintChecks::getNodeTypeManager() — Method in class ConstraintChecks
ConstraintChecks::getAllowedDimensionSubspace() — Method in class ConstraintChecks
EmbedsContentStreamAndNodeAggregateId::getContentStreamId() — Method in class EmbedsContentStreamAndNodeAggregateId
EmbedsContentStreamAndNodeAggregateId::getNodeAggregateId() — Method in class EmbedsContentStreamAndNodeAggregateId
NodeVariationInternals::getInterDimensionalVariationGraph() — Method in class NodeVariationInternals
ContentStreamEventStreamName::getEventStreamName() — Method in class ContentStreamEventStreamName
NodeAggregateCommandHandler::getNodeTypeManager() — Method in class NodeAggregateCommandHandler
NodeAggregateCommandHandler::getAllowedDimensionSubspace() — Method in class NodeAggregateCommandHandler
NodeAggregateCommandHandler::getInterDimensionalVariationGraph() — Method in class NodeAggregateCommandHandler
NodeAggregateCommandHandler::getPropertyConverter() — Method in class NodeAggregateCommandHandler
NodeAggregateIdsByNodePaths::getNodeAggregateId() — Method in class NodeAggregateIdsByNodePaths
NodeAggregateIdsByNodePaths::getNodeAggregateIds() — Method in class NodeAggregateIdsByNodePaths
NodeCreation::getInterDimensionalVariationGraph() — Method in class NodeCreation
NodeCreation::getAllowedDimensionSubspace() — Method in class NodeCreation
NodeCreation::getPropertyConverter() — Method in class NodeCreation
NodeDisabling::getInterDimensionalVariationGraph() — Method in class NodeDisabling
NodeAggregateIdMapping::generateForNodeSubtreeSnapshot() — Method in class NodeAggregateIdMapping

Create a new id mapping, GENERATING new ids.

NodeAggregateIdMapping::getNewNodeAggregateId() — Method in class NodeAggregateIdMapping
NodeAggregateIdMapping::getAllNewNodeAggregateIds() — Method in class NodeAggregateIdMapping
NodeReferenceSnapshot::getValues() — Method in class NodeReferenceSnapshot
NodeReferencesSnapshot::getReferences() — Method in class NodeReferencesSnapshot
NodeReferencesSnapshot::getIterator() — Method in class NodeReferencesSnapshot
PropertyValuesToWrite::getValues() — Method in class PropertyValuesToWrite
SerializedPropertyValue::getType() — Method in class SerializedPropertyValue
SerializedPropertyValue::getValue() — Method in class SerializedPropertyValue
SerializedPropertyValues::getProperty() — Method in class SerializedPropertyValues
SerializedPropertyValues::getValues() — Method in class SerializedPropertyValues
SerializedPropertyValues::getIterator() — Method in class SerializedPropertyValues
SerializedPropertyValues::getPlainValues() — Method in class SerializedPropertyValues
CoverageNodeMoveMappings::getIterator() — Method in class CoverageNodeMoveMappings
OriginNodeMoveMappings::getIterator() — Method in class OriginNodeMoveMappings
NodeMove::getInterDimensionalVariationGraph() — Method in class NodeMove
NodeRemoval::getInterDimensionalVariationGraph() — Method in class NodeRemoval
RootNodeCreation::getAllowedDimensionSubspace() — Method in class RootNodeCreation
WorkspaceRebaseStatistics::getErrors() — Method in class WorkspaceRebaseStatistics
DbalClientInterface::getConnection() — Method in class DbalClientInterface
PropertyType::getValue() — Method in class PropertyType
PropertyType::getArrayOfClassName() — Method in class PropertyType
PropertyType::getSerializationType() — Method in class PropertyType
NodeLabelGeneratorInterface::getLabel() — Method in class NodeLabelGeneratorInterface

Render a node label

NodeTypeName::getValue() — Method in class NodeTypeName
NodeTypeNames::getIterator() — Method in class NodeTypeNames
ContentGraphInterface::getSubgraph() — Method in class ContentGraphInterface
ContentGraphInterface::getDimensionSpacePointsOccupiedByChildNodeName() — Method in class ContentGraphInterface
CoverageByOrigin::getCoverage() — Method in class CoverageByOrigin
CoverageByOrigin::getIterator() — Method in class CoverageByOrigin
NodePath::getParts() — Method in class NodePath
NodePath::getDepth() — Method in class NodePath
Nodes::getIterator() — Method in class Nodes
OriginByCoverage::getOrigin() — Method in class OriginByCoverage
OriginByCoverage::getIterator() — Method in class OriginByCoverage
PropertyCollection::getIterator() — Method in class PropertyCollection
Subtrees::getIterator() — Method in class Subtrees
VisibilityConstraints::getHash() — Method in class VisibilityConstraints
ProjectionInterface::getSequenceNumber() — Method in class ProjectionInterface

Part of the Blocking implementation of commands - usually delegates to an internal {CheckpointStorageInterface::getHighestAppliedSequenceNumber()}.

ProjectionInterface::getState() — Method in class ProjectionInterface

NOTE: The ProjectionStateInterface returned must be ALWAYS THE SAME INSTANCE.

Projections::get() — Method in class Projections
Projections::getIterator() — Method in class Projections
Projections::getProjectionState() — Method in class Projections
WorkspaceRuntimeCache::getWorkspaceByName() — Method in class WorkspaceRuntimeCache
WorkspaceRuntimeCache::getByCurrentContentStreamId() — Method in class WorkspaceRuntimeCache
NodeAggregateId::getValue() — Method in class NodeAggregateId
NodeAggregateIds::getIterator() — Method in class NodeAggregateIds
UserIdProviderInterface::getUserId() — Method in class UserIdProviderInterface
ContentStreamId::getValue() — Method in class ContentStreamId
VisitedNodeAggregates::getByNodeAggregateIdentifier() — Method in class VisitedNodeAggregates
FilterOperation::getPropertyPath() — Method in class FilterOperation


FindOperation::getEntryPoints() — Method in class FindOperation
NextAllOperation::getNextForNode() — Method in class NextAllOperation
NextOperation::getNextForNode() — Method in class NextOperation
NextUntilOperation::getNextForNode() — Method in class NextUntilOperation
ParentsUntilOperation::getParents() — Method in class ParentsUntilOperation
PrevAllOperation::getPrevForNode() — Method in class PrevAllOperation
PrevOperation::getPrevForNode() — Method in class PrevOperation
PrevUntilOperation::getPrevForNode() — Method in class PrevUntilOperation
AbstractNodePrivilege::getCacheEntryIdentifier() — Method in class AbstractNodePrivilege

Unique identifier of this privilege

AbstractNodePrivilege::getPointcutFilterComposite() — Method in class AbstractNodePrivilege
AbstractNodePropertyPrivilege::getNodePropertyNames() — Method in class AbstractNodePropertyPrivilege
CreateNodePrivilege::getCreationNodeTypes() — Method in class CreateNodePrivilege
CreateNodePrivilegeContext::getCreationNodeTypes() — Method in class CreateNodePrivilegeContext
CreateNodePrivilegeSubject::getCreationNodeType() — Method in class CreateNodePrivilegeSubject
NodePrivilegeSubject::getNode() — Method in class NodePrivilegeSubject
NodePrivilegeSubject::getJoinPoint() — Method in class NodePrivilegeSubject
PropertyAwareNodePrivilegeContext::getNodePropertyNames() — Method in class PropertyAwareNodePrivilegeContext
PropertyAwareNodePrivilegeSubject::getPropertyName() — Method in class PropertyAwareNodePrivilegeSubject
AuthorizationService::getNodeTypeNamesDeniedForCreation() — Method in class AuthorizationService

Returns the node types that the currently authenticated user is denied to create within the given $referenceNode

AuthorizationService::getDeniedNodePropertiesForEditing() — Method in class AuthorizationService
Diff::getA() — Method in class Diff

Get a range of lines from $start to $end from the first comparison string and return them as an array. If no values are supplied, the entire string is returned. It's also possible to specify just one line to return only that line.

Diff::getB() — Method in class Diff

Get a range of lines from $start to $end from the second comparison string and return them as an array. If no values are supplied, the entire string is returned. It's also possible to specify just one line to return only that line.

Diff::getGroupedOpcodes() — Method in class Diff

Generate a list of the compiled and grouped opcodes for the differences between the two strings. Generally called by the renderer, this class instantiates the sequence matcher and performs the actual diff generation and return an array of the opcodes for it. Once generated, the results are cached in the diff class instance.

SequenceMatcher::getMatchingBlocks() — Method in class SequenceMatcher

Return a nested set of arrays for all of the matching sub-sequences in the strings $a and $b.

SequenceMatcher::getOpCodes() — Method in class SequenceMatcher

Return a list of all of the opcodes for the differences between the two strings.

SequenceMatcher::getGroupedOpcodes() — Method in class SequenceMatcher

Return a series of nested arrays containing different groups of generated opcodes for the differences between the strings with up to $context lines of surrounding content.

AssetIdsByProperty::getIterator() — Method in class AssetIdsByProperty
AssetUsages::getIterator() — Method in class AssetUsages
ContextInNodeBasedReadModelInterface::getContext() — Method in class ContextInNodeBasedReadModelInterface
EmulatedLegacyBaseWorkspace::getName() — Method in class EmulatedLegacyBaseWorkspace
EmulatedLegacyContext::getInBackend() — Method in class EmulatedLegacyContext
EmulatedLegacyContext::getLive() — Method in class EmulatedLegacyContext
EmulatedLegacyContext::getWorkspaceName() — Method in class EmulatedLegacyContext
EmulatedLegacyContext::getWorkspace() — Method in class EmulatedLegacyContext
EmulatedLegacyContext::getCurrentSite() — Method in class EmulatedLegacyContext
EmulatedLegacySite::getSiteResourcesPackageKey() — Method in class EmulatedLegacySite
LegacyNodeInterfaceApi::getIdentifier() — Method in class LegacyNodeInterfaceApi
LegacyNodeInterfaceApi::getContextPath() — Method in class LegacyNodeInterfaceApi
LegacyNodeInterfaceApi::getDepth() — Method in class LegacyNodeInterfaceApi
LegacyNodeInterfaceApi::getHiddenBeforeDateTime() — Method in class LegacyNodeInterfaceApi
LegacyNodeInterfaceApi::getHiddenAfterDateTime() — Method in class LegacyNodeInterfaceApi
AfxService::generatePathForShorthandFusionMetaPath() — Method in class AfxService
CacheSegmentParser::getOutput() — Method in class CacheSegmentParser

Returns the fully intact content as originally given to extractRenderedSegments() but without the markers. This content is suitable for being used as output for the user.

CacheSegmentParser::getCacheSegments() — Method in class CacheSegmentParser

Returns an array with extracted content segments, including the type (if they can be cached or not) and tags to be used for their entries when the segments are stored in a persistent cache.

CacheSegmentParser::getUncachedPartCount() — Method in class CacheSegmentParser
CacheSegmentParser::getOuterSegmentContent() — Method in class CacheSegmentParser
ContentCache::getCachedSegment() — Method in class ContentCache

Tries to retrieve the specified content segment from the cache – further nested inline segments are retrieved as well and segments which were not cacheable are rendered.

ContentCache::getTypeForContextValue() — Method in class ContentCache

TODO: Adapt to Flow change https://review.typo3.org/#/c/33138/

RuntimeContentCache::getEnableContentCache() — Method in class RuntimeContentCache
AbstractRenderingExceptionHandler::getRuntime() — Method in class AbstractRenderingExceptionHandler

Returns current Fusion runtime

ParserException::getHeadingMessagePart() — Method in class ParserException
ParserException::getAsciiPreviewMessagePart() — Method in class ParserException
ParserException::getHelperMessagePart() — Method in class ParserException
ParserException::generateHeadingByFileName() — Method in class ParserException
Lexer::getCode() — Method in class Lexer
Lexer::getCursor() — Method in class Lexer
Lexer::getCachedLookaheadOrTryToGenerateLookaheadForTokenAndGetLookahead() — Method in class Lexer
MergedArrayTree::getParentPath() — Method in class MergedArrayTree
MergedArrayTree::getTree() — Method in class MergedArrayTree
MergedArrayTreeVisitor::getCurrentObjectPathPrefix() — Method in class MergedArrayTreeVisitor
Token::getType() — Method in class Token
Token::getValue() — Method in class Token
Token::getConstants() — Method in class Token
Parser::getMergedArrayTreeVisitor() — Method in class Parser
Parser::getFusionFile() — Method in class Parser
Runtime::getCurrentContext() — Method in class Runtime

Get the current context array

Runtime::getLastEvaluationStatus() — Method in class Runtime
Runtime::getControllerContext() — Method in class Runtime

Returns the context which has been passed by the currently active MVC Controller

Runtime::getDefaultContextVariables() — Method in class Runtime

Get variables from configuration that should be set in the context by default.

DebugMessage::getTitle() — Method in class DebugMessage
DebugMessage::getPath() — Method in class DebugMessage
DebugMessage::getData() — Method in class DebugMessage
DebugMessage::getLevel() — Method in class DebugMessage
BaseUriHelper::getConfiguredBaseUriOrFallbackToCurrentRequest() — Method in class BaseUriHelper
RuntimeException::getFusionPath() — Method in class RuntimeException
AbstractCollectionImplementation::getCollection() — Method in class AbstractCollectionImplementation

Render the array collection by triggering the itemRenderer for every element

AbstractCollectionImplementation::getItems() — Method in class AbstractCollectionImplementation
AbstractFusionObject::getRuntime() — Method in class AbstractFusionObject

Get the Fusion runtime this object was created in.

ActionUriImplementation::getRequest() — Method in class ActionUriImplementation
ActionUriImplementation::getPackage() — Method in class ActionUriImplementation

Key of the target package

ActionUriImplementation::getSubpackage() — Method in class ActionUriImplementation

Key of the target sub package

ActionUriImplementation::getController() — Method in class ActionUriImplementation

Target controller name

ActionUriImplementation::getAction() — Method in class ActionUriImplementation

Target controller action name

ActionUriImplementation::getArguments() — Method in class ActionUriImplementation

Controller arguments

ActionUriImplementation::getFormat() — Method in class ActionUriImplementation

The requested format, for example "html"

ActionUriImplementation::getSection() — Method in class ActionUriImplementation

The anchor to be appended to the URL

ActionUriImplementation::getAdditionalParams() — Method in class ActionUriImplementation

Additional query parameters that won't be prefixed like $arguments (overrule $arguments)

ActionUriImplementation::getArgumentsToBeExcludedFromQueryString() — Method in class ActionUriImplementation

Arguments to be removed from the URI. Only active if addQueryString = true

ArrayImplementation::getGlue() — Method in class ArrayImplementation

Arrays are always concatenated with an empty string

AttributesImplementation::getAllowEmpty() — Method in class AttributesImplementation

Whether empty attributes (HTML5 syntax) should be allowed

CanRenderImplementation::getType() — Method in class CanRenderImplementation

Fusion type which shall be rendered

CanRenderImplementation::getPath() — Method in class CanRenderImplementation

Fusion path which shall be rendered

CollectionImplementation::getGlue() — Method in class CollectionImplementation

Collections are always concatenated with an empty string

ComponentImplementation::getProps() — Method in class ComponentImplementation

Calculate the component props

DebugConsoleImplementation::getTitle() — Method in class DebugConsoleImplementation
DebugConsoleImplementation::getMethod() — Method in class DebugConsoleImplementation
DebugConsoleImplementation::getContent() — Method in class DebugConsoleImplementation
DebugConsoleImplementation::getValue() — Method in class DebugConsoleImplementation
DebugImplementation::getTitle() — Method in class DebugImplementation
DebugImplementation::getPlaintext() — Method in class DebugImplementation
FluidView::getResourcePackage() — Method in class FluidView
FluidView::getFusionObject() — Method in class FluidView
FusionAwareViewInterface::getFusionObject() — Method in class FusionAwareViewInterface
FusionPathProxy::getIterator() — Method in class FusionPathProxy

Iterates through all subelements.

HttpResponseImplementation::getResponseHead() — Method in class HttpResponseImplementation

Get the HTTP Header values for this response

HttpResponseImplementation::getResponseHeadName() — Method in class HttpResponseImplementation
ResponseHeadImplementation::getHttpVersion() — Method in class ResponseHeadImplementation

Get HTTP protocol version

ResponseHeadImplementation::getStatusCode() — Method in class ResponseHeadImplementation
ResponseHeadImplementation::getHeaders() — Method in class ResponseHeadImplementation
JoinImplementation::getGlue() — Method in class JoinImplementation

Get the glue to insert between items

LoopImplementation::getGlue() — Method in class LoopImplementation

Get the glue to insert between items

MapImplementation::getItems() — Method in class MapImplementation
MapImplementation::getItemName() — Method in class MapImplementation
MapImplementation::getItemKey() — Method in class MapImplementation
MapImplementation::getIterationName() — Method in class MapImplementation

If set iteration data (index, cycle, isFirst, isLast) is available in context with the name given.

MatchImplementation::getSubject() — Method in class MatchImplementation
MatchImplementation::getDefault() — Method in class MatchImplementation
MatcherImplementation::getCondition() — Method in class MatcherImplementation
MatcherImplementation::getType() — Method in class MatcherImplementation

The type to render if condition is true

MatcherImplementation::getRenderPath() — Method in class MatcherImplementation

A path to a Fusion configuration

MemoImplementation::getDiscriminator() — Method in class MemoImplementation
MemoImplementation::getValue() — Method in class MemoImplementation
ReduceImplementation::getItems() — Method in class ReduceImplementation

The list items that shall be reduced to a single value

ReduceImplementation::getItemName() — Method in class ReduceImplementation
ReduceImplementation::getItemKey() — Method in class ReduceImplementation
ReduceImplementation::getCarryName() — Method in class ReduceImplementation
ReduceImplementation::getInitialValue() — Method in class ReduceImplementation
ReduceImplementation::getIterationName() — Method in class ReduceImplementation

If set iteration data (index, cycle, isFirst, isLast) is available in context with the name given.

RendererImplementation::getType() — Method in class RendererImplementation

The type to render if condition is true

RendererImplementation::getRenderPath() — Method in class RendererImplementation

A path to a Fusion configuration

ResourceUriImplementation::getPath() — Method in class ResourceUriImplementation

The location of the resource, can be either a path relative to the Public resource directory of the package or a resource://... URI

ResourceUriImplementation::getPackage() — Method in class ResourceUriImplementation

Target package key (only required for relative paths)

ResourceUriImplementation::getResource() — Method in class ResourceUriImplementation

If specified, this resource object is used instead of the path and package information

TagImplementation::getTagName() — Method in class TagImplementation

The tag name (e.g. 'body', 'head', 'title', ...)

TagImplementation::getOmitClosingTag() — Method in class TagImplementation

Whether to leave out the closing tag (defaults to false)

TagImplementation::getContent() — Method in class TagImplementation

The tag content

TagImplementation::getAttributes() — Method in class TagImplementation

The tag attributes dataStructure If anything but an iterable is returned the value is casted to string

TagImplementation::getAllowEmptyAttributes() — Method in class TagImplementation

Whether empty attributes (HTML5 syntax) should be allowed

TemplateImplementation::getTemplatePath() — Method in class TemplateImplementation

Path to the template which should be rendered

TemplateImplementation::getPartialRootPath() — Method in class TemplateImplementation

Path to the partial root

TemplateImplementation::getLayoutRootPath() — Method in class TemplateImplementation

Path to the layout root

TemplateImplementation::getSectionName() — Method in class TemplateImplementation

Name of a specific section, if only this section should be rendered.

TemplateImplementation::getPath() — Method in class TemplateImplementation
UriBuilderImplementation::getPackage() — Method in class UriBuilderImplementation

Key of the target package

UriBuilderImplementation::getSubpackage() — Method in class UriBuilderImplementation

Key of the target sub package

UriBuilderImplementation::getController() — Method in class UriBuilderImplementation

Target controller name

UriBuilderImplementation::getAction() — Method in class UriBuilderImplementation

Target controller action name

UriBuilderImplementation::getArguments() — Method in class UriBuilderImplementation

Controller arguments

UriBuilderImplementation::getFormat() — Method in class UriBuilderImplementation

The requested format, for example "html"

UriBuilderImplementation::getSection() — Method in class UriBuilderImplementation

The anchor to be appended to the URL

UriBuilderImplementation::getAdditionalParams() — Method in class UriBuilderImplementation

Additional query parameters that won't be prefixed like $arguments (overrule $arguments)

UriBuilderImplementation::getArgumentsToBeExcludedFromQueryString() — Method in class UriBuilderImplementation

Arguments to be removed from the URI. Only active if addQueryString = true

ValueImplementation::getValue() — Method in class ValueImplementation
HtmlAugmenter::getHtmlRootElement() — Method in class HtmlAugmenter

Detects a unique root tag in the given $html string and returns its DOMNode representation - or NULL if no unique root element could be found

FusionContextTrait::getContextVariable() — Method in class FusionContextTrait

Get a variable value from the Fusion runtime context.

FusionView::getMergedFusionObjectTree() — Method in class FusionView

Parse all the fusion files the are in the current fusionPathPatterns

FusionView::getFusionPathPatterns() — Method in class FusionView

Get the currently configured fusion path patterns @package is replaced by the current package key

FusionView::getPackageKey() — Method in class FusionView

Get the package key to load the Fusion from. If set, $this->getOption('packageKey') is used.

FusionView::getFusionPathForCurrentRequest() — Method in class FusionView

Determines the Fusion path depending on the current controller and action

AssetController::getErrorFlashMessage() — Method in class AssetController

Individual error FlashMessage that hides which action fails in production.

ImageMapper::getMappingResult() — Method in class ImageMapper
BrowserState::get() — Method in class BrowserState

Return a value for $key.

BrowserState::getActiveAssetSourceIdentifier() — Method in class BrowserState
AbstractImageAdjustment::getPosition() — Method in class AbstractImageAdjustment
CropImageAdjustment::getHeight() — Method in class CropImageAdjustment

Returns height

CropImageAdjustment::getWidth() — Method in class CropImageAdjustment

Returns width

CropImageAdjustment::getX() — Method in class CropImageAdjustment

Returns x

CropImageAdjustment::getY() — Method in class CropImageAdjustment

Returns y

CropImageAdjustment::getAspectRatio() — Method in class CropImageAdjustment
QualityImageAdjustment::getQuality() — Method in class QualityImageAdjustment

Returns quality

ResizeImageAdjustment::getMaximumHeight() — Method in class ResizeImageAdjustment

Returns maximumHeight

ResizeImageAdjustment::getMaximumWidth() — Method in class ResizeImageAdjustment

Returns maximumWidth

ResizeImageAdjustment::getHeight() — Method in class ResizeImageAdjustment

Returns height

ResizeImageAdjustment::getWidth() — Method in class ResizeImageAdjustment

Returns width

ResizeImageAdjustment::getMinimumHeight() — Method in class ResizeImageAdjustment

Returns minimumHeight

ResizeImageAdjustment::getMinimumWidth() — Method in class ResizeImageAdjustment

Returns minimumWidth

ResizeImageAdjustment::getRatioMode() — Method in class ResizeImageAdjustment

Returns ratioMode

ResizeImageAdjustment::getAllowUpScaling() — Method in class ResizeImageAdjustment

Returns allowUpScaling

Asset::getIdentifier() — Method in class Asset
Asset::getLabel() — Method in class Asset
Asset::getLastModified() — Method in class Asset

Returns the last modification timestamp for this asset

Asset::getResource() — Method in class Asset

PersistentResource of the original file

Asset::getFileExtension() — Method in class Asset

Returns a file extension fitting to the media type of this asset

Asset::getMediaType() — Method in class Asset

Returns the IANA media type of this asset

Asset::getTitle() — Method in class Asset

The title of this image

Asset::getCaption() — Method in class Asset

The caption of this asset

Asset::getCopyrightNotice() — Method in class Asset
Asset::getTags() — Method in class Asset

Return the tags assigned to this asset

Asset::getThumbnail() — Method in class Asset

Returns a thumbnail of this asset

Asset::getAssetCollections() — Method in class Asset

Return the asset collections this asset is included in

Asset::getAssetSourceIdentifier() — Method in class Asset
Asset::getAssetProxy() — Method in class Asset
Asset::getUsageCount() — Method in class Asset

Returns the number of times the asset is in use.

AssetCollection::getTitle() — Method in class AssetCollection

Returns the Title

AssetCollection::getAssets() — Method in class AssetCollection

Returns the Assets

AssetCollection::getTags() — Method in class AssetCollection

Return the tags assigned to this asset

AssetInterface::getTitle() — Method in class AssetInterface

The title of this asset

AssetInterface::getResource() — Method in class AssetInterface

Returns the resource of this asset

AssetInterface::getMediaType() — Method in class AssetInterface

Returns the IANA media type of this asset

AssetInterface::getFileExtension() — Method in class AssetInterface

Returns a file extension fitting to the media type of this asset

AssetProxyQueryInterface::getOffset() — Method in class AssetProxyQueryInterface
AssetProxyQueryInterface::getLimit() — Method in class AssetProxyQueryInterface
AssetProxyQueryInterface::getSearchTerm() — Method in class AssetProxyQueryInterface
AssetProxyQueryResultInterface::getQuery() — Method in class AssetProxyQueryResultInterface

Returns a clone of the query object

AssetProxyQueryResultInterface::getFirst() — Method in class AssetProxyQueryResultInterface

Returns the first asset proxy in the result set

AssetProxyRepositoryInterface::getAssetProxy() — Method in class AssetProxyRepositoryInterface
AssetProxyInterface::getAssetSource() — Method in class AssetProxyInterface
AssetProxyInterface::getIdentifier() — Method in class AssetProxyInterface
AssetProxyInterface::getLabel() — Method in class AssetProxyInterface
AssetProxyInterface::getFilename() — Method in class AssetProxyInterface
AssetProxyInterface::getLastModified() — Method in class AssetProxyInterface
AssetProxyInterface::getFileSize() — Method in class AssetProxyInterface
AssetProxyInterface::getMediaType() — Method in class AssetProxyInterface
AssetProxyInterface::getWidthInPixels() — Method in class AssetProxyInterface
AssetProxyInterface::getHeightInPixels() — Method in class AssetProxyInterface
AssetProxyInterface::getThumbnailUri() — Method in class AssetProxyInterface
AssetProxyInterface::getPreviewUri() — Method in class AssetProxyInterface
AssetProxyInterface::getImportStream() — Method in class AssetProxyInterface
AssetProxyInterface::getLocalAssetIdentifier() — Method in class AssetProxyInterface
ProvidesOriginalUriInterface::getOriginalUri() — Method in class ProvidesOriginalUriInterface
SupportsIptcMetadataInterface::getIptcProperty() — Method in class SupportsIptcMetadataInterface

Returns the given IPTC metadata property if it exists, or an empty string otherwise.

SupportsIptcMetadataInterface::getIptcProperties() — Method in class SupportsIptcMetadataInterface

Returns all known IPTC metadata properties as key => value (e.g. "Title" => "My Photo")

AssetSourceAwareInterface::getAssetSourceIdentifier() — Method in class AssetSourceAwareInterface
AssetSourceAwareInterface::getAssetProxy() — Method in class AssetSourceAwareInterface
AssetSourceInterface::getIdentifier() — Method in class AssetSourceInterface

A unique string which identifies the concrete asset source.

AssetSourceInterface::getLabel() — Method in class AssetSourceInterface
AssetSourceInterface::getIconUri() — Method in class AssetSourceInterface

Returns the resource path to the icon of the asset source

AssetSourceInterface::getDescription() — Method in class AssetSourceInterface

Returns the description of the asset source

AssetSourceInterface::getAssetProxyRepository() — Method in class AssetSourceInterface
AssetTypeFilter::getAllowedValues() — Method in class AssetTypeFilter
AssetTypeFilter::getAssetType() — Method in class AssetTypeFilter
NeosAssetProxy::getAssetSource() — Method in class NeosAssetProxy
NeosAssetProxy::getIdentifier() — Method in class NeosAssetProxy
NeosAssetProxy::getLabel() — Method in class NeosAssetProxy
NeosAssetProxy::getFilename() — Method in class NeosAssetProxy
NeosAssetProxy::getLastModified() — Method in class NeosAssetProxy
NeosAssetProxy::getFileSize() — Method in class NeosAssetProxy
NeosAssetProxy::getMediaType() — Method in class NeosAssetProxy
NeosAssetProxy::getWidthInPixels() — Method in class NeosAssetProxy
NeosAssetProxy::getHeightInPixels() — Method in class NeosAssetProxy
NeosAssetProxy::getAsset() — Method in class NeosAssetProxy
NeosAssetProxy::getThumbnailUri() — Method in class NeosAssetProxy
NeosAssetProxy::getPreviewUri() — Method in class NeosAssetProxy
NeosAssetProxy::getOriginalUri() — Method in class NeosAssetProxy
NeosAssetProxy::getImportStream() — Method in class NeosAssetProxy
NeosAssetProxy::getLocalAssetIdentifier() — Method in class NeosAssetProxy
NeosAssetProxyQuery::getOffset() — Method in class NeosAssetProxyQuery
NeosAssetProxyQuery::getLimit() — Method in class NeosAssetProxyQuery
NeosAssetProxyQuery::getSearchTerm() — Method in class NeosAssetProxyQuery
NeosAssetProxyQueryResult::getQuery() — Method in class NeosAssetProxyQueryResult
NeosAssetProxyQueryResult::getFirst() — Method in class NeosAssetProxyQueryResult
NeosAssetProxyRepository::getAssetProxy() — Method in class NeosAssetProxyRepository
NeosAssetSource::getIdentifier() — Method in class NeosAssetSource
NeosAssetSource::getLabel() — Method in class NeosAssetSource
NeosAssetSource::getIconUri() — Method in class NeosAssetSource

Returns the resource path to Assetsources icon

NeosAssetSource::getDescription() — Method in class NeosAssetSource
NeosAssetSource::getAssetProxyRepository() — Method in class NeosAssetSource
NeosAssetSource::getThumbnailUriForAsset() — Method in class NeosAssetSource

Internal method used by NeosAssetProxy

NeosAssetSource::getPreviewUriForAsset() — Method in class NeosAssetSource

Internal method used by NeosAssetProxy

AssetVariantInterface::getOriginalAsset() — Method in class AssetVariantInterface

Returns the Asset this derived asset is based on

DimensionsTrait::getWidth() — Method in class DimensionsTrait

Width of the image in pixels

DimensionsTrait::getHeight() — Method in class DimensionsTrait

Height of the image in pixels

DimensionsTrait::getAspectRatio() — Method in class DimensionsTrait

Edge / aspect ratio of the image

DimensionsTrait::getOrientation() — Method in class DimensionsTrait

Orientation of this image, i.e. portrait, landscape or square

AssetConstraints::getAllowedAssetSourceIdentifiers() — Method in class AssetConstraints
AssetConstraints::getAllowedMediaTypes() — Method in class AssetConstraints
AssetConstraints::getMediaTypeAcceptAttribute() — Method in class AssetConstraints

Returns the allowed media types as a string that can be used for "accept" attributes in file upload HTML elements

AssetConstraints::getAllowedAssetTypeFilterOptions() — Method in class AssetConstraints

Returns an array with all supported asset type filter values according to the active media type constraints If no media type constraint is set, all options are returned including the special "All": ("All", "Image", "Video", ...) Otherwise only the allowed asset types are returned ("Video", "Image").

UsageReference::getAsset() — Method in class UsageReference
FileTypeIcon::getIconPath() — Method in class FileTypeIcon
FileTypeIcon::getIconSet() — Method in class FileTypeIcon
FileTypeIcon::getIconExtension() — Method in class FileTypeIcon
Image::getVariants() — Method in class Image

Returns all variants (if any) derived from this asset

Image::getVariant() — Method in class Image

Returns the variant identified by $presetIdentifier and $presetVariantName (if existing)

ImageInterface::getWidth() — Method in class ImageInterface

Width of the image in pixels

ImageInterface::getHeight() — Method in class ImageInterface

Height of the image in pixels

ImageInterface::getAspectRatio() — Method in class ImageInterface

Edge / aspect ratio of the image

ImageInterface::getOrientation() — Method in class ImageInterface

Orientation of this image, i.e. portrait, landscape or square

ImageVariant::getOriginalAsset() — Method in class ImageVariant

Returns the original image this variant is based on

ImageVariant::getResource() — Method in class ImageVariant

Returns the resource of this image variant

ImageVariant::getFileExtension() — Method in class ImageVariant

File extension of the image without leading dot.

ImageVariant::getTitle() — Method in class ImageVariant

Returns the title of the original image

ImageVariant::getCaption() — Method in class ImageVariant

Returns the caption of the original image

ImageVariant::getCopyrightNotice() — Method in class ImageVariant
ImageVariant::getName() — Method in class ImageVariant

Returns the name

ImageVariant::getVariants() — Method in class ImageVariant

Retrieving variants from variants is not supported (no-operation)

ImageVariant::getPresetIdentifier() — Method in class ImageVariant

Returns the identifier of the image variant preset which created this variant (if any)

ImageVariant::getPresetVariantName() — Method in class ImageVariant
ImageVariant::getAdjustments() — Method in class ImageVariant
ImportedAsset::getAssetSourceIdentifier() — Method in class ImportedAsset
ImportedAsset::getRemoteAssetIdentifier() — Method in class ImportedAsset
ImportedAsset::getLocalAssetIdentifier() — Method in class ImportedAsset
ImportedAsset::getLocalOriginalAssetIdentifier() — Method in class ImportedAsset
ImportedAsset::getImportedAt() — Method in class ImportedAsset
QualityTrait::getQuality() — Method in class QualityTrait

Returns the quality of the image

ResourceBasedInterface::getResource() — Method in class ResourceBasedInterface

Returns the PersistentResource

Tag::getLabel() — Method in class Tag

The label of this tag

Tag::getAssetCollections() — Method in class Tag

Return the asset collections this tag is included in

Tag::getParent() — Method in class Tag
Tag::getChildren() — Method in class Tag
$ Thumbnail#generatorStrategyProperty in class Thumbnail
Thumbnail::getOriginalAsset() — Method in class Thumbnail

Returns the Asset this thumbnail is derived from

Thumbnail::getConfigurationValue() — Method in class Thumbnail
Thumbnail::getResource() — Method in class Thumbnail

PersistentResource of this thumbnail

Thumbnail::getStaticResource() — Method in class Thumbnail
ThumbnailConfiguration::getWidth() — Method in class ThumbnailConfiguration
ThumbnailConfiguration::getMaximumWidth() — Method in class ThumbnailConfiguration
ThumbnailConfiguration::getHeight() — Method in class ThumbnailConfiguration
ThumbnailConfiguration::getMaximumHeight() — Method in class ThumbnailConfiguration
ThumbnailConfiguration::getRatioMode() — Method in class ThumbnailConfiguration
ThumbnailConfiguration::getHash() — Method in class ThumbnailConfiguration
ThumbnailConfiguration::getQuality() — Method in class ThumbnailConfiguration
ThumbnailConfiguration::getFormat() — Method in class ThumbnailConfiguration
AbstractThumbnailGenerator::getPriority() — Method in class AbstractThumbnailGenerator
AbstractThumbnailGenerator::getOption() — Method in class AbstractThumbnailGenerator
ThumbnailGeneratorInterface::getPriority() — Method in class ThumbnailGeneratorInterface

Return the priority of this ThumbnailGenerator. ThumbnailGenerator with a high priority are chosen before low priority.

ThumbnailSupportInterface::getThumbnail() — Method in class ThumbnailSupportInterface

Returns a thumbnail of this model

VariantSupportInterface::getVariants() — Method in class VariantSupportInterface

Returns all variants (if any) derived from this asset

VariantSupportInterface::getVariant() — Method in class VariantSupportInterface

Returns the variant identified by $presetIdentifier and $presetVariantName (if existing)

Video::getWidth() — Method in class Video

Width of the video in pixels. If the width cannot be determined, -1 is returned.

Video::getHeight() — Method in class Video

Height of the video in pixels. If the height cannot be determined, -1 is returned.

AssetRepository::getAssetVariantFilterClauseForDql() — Method in class AssetRepository

Returns a DQL clause filtering any implementation of AssetVariantInterface

AssetService::getRepository() — Method in class AssetService

Returns the repository for an asset

AssetService::getThumbnailUriAndSizeForAsset() — Method in class AssetService

Calculates the dimensions of the thumbnail to be generated and returns the thumbnail URI.

AssetService::getUsageStrategies() — Method in class AssetService

Returns all registered asset usage strategies

AssetService::getUsageReferences() — Method in class AssetService

Returns an array of asset usage references.

AssetService::getUsageCount() — Method in class AssetService

Returns the total count of times an asset is used.

AssetSourceService::getAssetSources() — Method in class AssetSourceService
AssetVariantGenerator::getVariantPresets() — Method in class AssetVariantGenerator
FileTypeIconService::getIcon() — Method in class FileTypeIconService

Returns an icon for a file type within given dimensions

ImageService::getOptionsMergedWithDefaults() — Method in class ImageService
ImageService::getImageSize() — Method in class ImageService

Get the size of a Flow PersistentResource that contains an image file.

ThumbnailService::getThumbnail() — Method in class ThumbnailService

Returns a thumbnail of the given asset

ThumbnailService::getPresets() — Method in class ThumbnailService
ThumbnailService::getThumbnailConfigurationForPreset() — Method in class ThumbnailService
ThumbnailService::getUriForThumbnail() — Method in class ThumbnailService
AbstractAssetUsageStrategy::getUsageCount() — Method in class AbstractAssetUsageStrategy

Returns the total count of usages found.

AssetUsageStrategyInterface::getUsageCount() — Method in class AssetUsageStrategyInterface

Returns the total count of usages found.

AssetUsageStrategyInterface::getUsageReferences() — Method in class AssetUsageStrategyInterface

Returns an array of usage reference objects.

ThumbnailGeneratorStrategy::getThumbnailGeneratorClassNames() — Method in class ThumbnailGeneratorStrategy

Returns all class names implementing the ThumbnailGeneratorInterface.

AspectRatio::getWidth() — Method in class AspectRatio
AspectRatio::getHeight() — Method in class AspectRatio
AspectRatio::getRatio() — Method in class AspectRatio
AspectRatio::getOrientation() — Method in class AspectRatio
MediaTypePattern::getMediaTypePattern() — Method in class MediaTypePattern
Box::getWidth() — Method in class Box


Box::getHeight() — Method in class Box


AssetAssetCollectionConditionGenerator::getSql() — Method in class AssetAssetCollectionConditionGenerator
AssetTagConditionGenerator::getSql() — Method in class AssetTagConditionGenerator
AssetWithoutAssetCollectionConditionGenerator::getSql() — Method in class AssetWithoutAssetCollectionConditionGenerator
ReadAssetCollectionPrivilege::getConditionGenerator() — Method in class ReadAssetCollectionPrivilege
ReadAssetPrivilege::getConditionGenerator() — Method in class ReadAssetPrivilege
ReadTagPrivilege::getConditionGenerator() — Method in class ReadTagPrivilege
ArrayConverter::getSourceChildPropertiesToBeConverted() — Method in class ArrayConverter

Return a list of sub-properties inside the source object.

ArrayConverter::getTypeOfChildProperty() — Method in class ArrayConverter

Return the type of a given sub-property inside the $targetType, in this case always "array"

AspectRatioFromStringConverter::getSourceChildPropertiesToBeConverted() — Method in class AspectRatioFromStringConverter

Convert all properties in the source array

AssetCollectionToArrayConverter::getSourceChildPropertiesToBeConverted() — Method in class AssetCollectionToArrayConverter

Return a list of sub-properties inside the source object.

AssetCollectionToArrayConverter::getTypeOfChildProperty() — Method in class AssetCollectionToArrayConverter

Return the type of a given sub-property inside the $targetType, in this case always "array"

AssetInterfaceConverter::getSourceChildPropertiesToBeConverted() — Method in class AssetInterfaceConverter

All properties in the source array except __identity and adjustments are sub-properties.

AssetInterfaceConverter::getTypeOfChildProperty() — Method in class AssetInterfaceConverter

Convert the property "resource"

AssetInterfaceConverter::getTargetTypeForSource() — Method in class AssetInterfaceConverter

Determines the target type based on the source's (optional) __type key.

ImageInterfaceArrayPresenter::getSourceChildPropertiesToBeConverted() — Method in class ImageInterfaceArrayPresenter

Convert all properties in the source array

ImageInterfaceConverter::getSourceChildPropertiesToBeConverted() — Method in class ImageInterfaceConverter

All properties in the source array except __identity are sub-properties.

TagToArrayConverter::getSourceChildPropertiesToBeConverted() — Method in class TagToArrayConverter

Return a list of sub-properties inside the source object.

TagToArrayConverter::getTypeOfChildProperty() — Method in class TagToArrayConverter

Return the type of a given sub-property inside the $targetType, in this case always "array"

CheckboxViewHelper::getNameWithoutPrefix() — Method in class CheckboxViewHelper

Get the name of this form element, without prefix.

PluginUriAspect::getControllerObjectName() — Method in class PluginUriAspect

Merge the default plugin arguments of the Plugin with the arguments in the request and generate a controllerObjectName

PluginUriAspect::generateUriForNode() — Method in class PluginUriAspect

This method generates the Uri through the joinPoint with temporary overriding the used node

UserCommandController::getTableRowForUser() — Method in class UserCommandController

Prepares a table row for output with data of the given User

ContentController::getImageInterfacePreviewData() — Method in class ContentController

Returns important meta data for the given object implementing ImageInterface.

ContentController::getImagePreviewData() — Method in class ContentController
ContentController::getImageVariantPreviewData() — Method in class ContentController
ContentController::getAssetProperties() — Method in class ContentController
ImpersonateController::getImpersonateStatus() — Method in class ImpersonateController
LoginController::getErrorFlashMessage() — Method in class LoginController

Disable the default error flash message

AbstractModuleController::getErrorFlashMessage() — Method in class AbstractModuleController

Display no flash message at all on errors.

UsersController::getAuthenticationProviders() — Method in class UsersController

Returns sorted list of auth providers by name.

UsersController::getAllowedRoles() — Method in class UsersController

Returns the roles that the current editor is able to assign Administrator can assign any roles, other users can only assign their own roles

WorkspacesController::getOriginalNode() — Method in class WorkspacesController

Retrieves the given node's corresponding node in the base content stream (that is, which would be overwritten if the given node would be published)

WorkspacesController::getPropertyLabel() — Method in class WorkspacesController

Tries to determine a label for the specified property

WorkspacesControllerInternals::getContentDimensionsOrderedByPriority() — Method in class WorkspacesControllerInternals
ModuleTranslationTrait::getModuleLabel() — Method in class ModuleTranslationTrait
Domain::getHostname() — Method in class Domain

Returns the hostname

Domain::getScheme() — Method in class Domain

Returns the scheme for this domain

Domain::getPort() — Method in class Domain

Returns the port for this domain

Domain::getSite() — Method in class Domain

Returns the site this domain is pointing to

Domain::getActive() — Method in class Domain

Returns if the domain is active

Domain::getCacheEntryIdentifier() — Method in class Domain


AssetUsageInNodeProperties::getNodeIdentifier() — Method in class AssetUsageInNodeProperties
AssetUsageInNodeProperties::getWorkspaceName() — Method in class AssetUsageInNodeProperties
AssetUsageInNodeProperties::getDimensionValues() — Method in class AssetUsageInNodeProperties
AssetUsageInNodeProperties::getNodeTypeName() — Method in class AssetUsageInNodeProperties
PluginViewDefinition::getPluginNodeType() — Method in class PluginViewDefinition
PluginViewDefinition::getName() — Method in class PluginViewDefinition

Returns the name of the plugin view

PluginViewDefinition::getConfiguration() — Method in class PluginViewDefinition

Get the full configuration of the node type. Should only be used internally.

PluginViewDefinition::getLabel() — Method in class PluginViewDefinition

Get the human-readable label of this node type

PluginViewDefinition::getControllerActionPairs() — Method in class PluginViewDefinition
Site::getName() — Method in class Site

Returns the name of this site

Site::getNodeName() — Method in class Site

Returns the node name of this site

Site::getState() — Method in class Site

Returns the state of this site

Site::getSiteResourcesPackageKey() — Method in class Site

Returns the key of a package containing the static resources for this site.

Site::getDomains() — Method in class Site
Site::getActiveDomains() — Method in class Site
Site::getFirstActiveDomain() — Method in class Site
Site::getPrimaryDomain() — Method in class Site

Returns the primary domain, if one has been defined.

Site::getAssetCollection() — Method in class Site
Site::getConfiguration() — Method in class Site
User::getLabel() — Method in class User

Returns a label which can be used as a human-friendly identifier for this user.

User::getPreferences() — Method in class User
UserInterface::getLabel() — Method in class UserInterface

Returns a label which can be used as a human-friendly identifier for this user, for example his or her first and last name.

UserInterfaceMode::getName() — Method in class UserInterfaceMode
UserInterfaceMode::getFusionPath() — Method in class UserInterfaceMode
UserInterfaceMode::getTitle() — Method in class UserInterfaceMode
UserInterfaceMode::getOptions() — Method in class UserInterfaceMode
UserInterfaceMode::getOptionByPath() — Method in class UserInterfaceMode
UserPreferences::getPreferences() — Method in class UserPreferences

Get preferences

UserPreferences::get() — Method in class UserPreferences
UserPreferences::getInterfaceLanguage() — Method in class UserPreferences
DefaultPrototypeGeneratorInterface::generate() — Method in class DefaultPrototypeGeneratorInterface

Generate a Fusion prototype definition for a given node type

DomainMatchingStrategy::getSortedMatches() — Method in class DomainMatchingStrategy

Returns those of the given domains which match the specified hostname.

FusionService::getMergedFusionObjectTree() — Method in class FusionService

Returns a merged Fusion object tree in the context of the given nodes

FusionService::getSiteForSiteNode() — Method in class FusionService
FusionService::generateNodeTypeDefinitions() — Method in class FusionService

Generate Fusion prototype definitions for all node types

FusionService::generateFusionForNodeType() — Method in class FusionService

Generate a Fusion prototype definition for a given node type

FusionService::getFusionIncludes() — Method in class FusionService

Concatenate the given Fusion resources with include statements

FusionService::getPrependFusionIncludes() — Method in class FusionService

Get the Fusion resources that are included before the site Fusion.

FusionService::getAppendFusionIncludes() — Method in class FusionService

Get Fusion resources that will be appended after the site Fusion.

UserService::getUsers() — Method in class UserService

Retrieves a list of all existing users

UserService::getUser() — Method in class UserService

Retrieves an existing user by the given username

UserService::getUsername() — Method in class UserService

Returns the username of the given user

UserService::getCurrentUser() — Method in class UserService

Returns the currently logged in user, if any

UserService::getCurrentUserIdentifier() — Method in class UserService
UserService::getDefaultAuthenticationProviderName() — Method in class UserService

Returns the default authentication provider name

UserService::getAllRoles() — Method in class UserService

Returns an array with all roles of a user's accounts, including parent roles, the "Everybody" role and the "AuthenticatedUser" role, assuming that the user is logged in.

Event::getEventType() — Method in class Event

Return the type of this event

Event::getTimestamp() — Method in class Event

Return the timestamp of this event

Event::getData() — Method in class Event

Return the payload of this event

Event::getAccountIdentifier() — Method in class Event

Return the identifier of the account (if any) which triggered this event

Event::getParentEvent() — Method in class Event

Return the parent event (if any)

Event::getChildEvents() — Method in class Event

Return the child events (if any)

EventsOnDate::getEvents() — Method in class EventsOnDate
EventsOnDate::getDay() — Method in class EventsOnDate
NodeEvent::getWorkspaceName() — Method in class NodeEvent

Return name of the workspace where the node event happened

NodeEvent::getDocumentNodeIdentifier() — Method in class NodeEvent

Return the node identifier of the closest parent document node related to this event

NodeEvent::getNodeIdentifier() — Method in class NodeEvent

Return the node identifier of the node this event relates to

NodeEvent::getCurrentSite() — Method in class NodeEvent

Prevents invalid calls to the site repository in case the site data property is not available.

EventEmittingService::generate() — Method in class EventEmittingService

Generates a new event, without persisting it yet.

EventEmittingService::getCurrentContext() — Method in class EventEmittingService

The current context-event or NULL if none exists currently.

SegmentMapping::getIterator() — Method in class SegmentMapping
DocumentNodeInfo::getNodeAggregateId() — Method in class DocumentNodeInfo
DocumentNodeInfo::getParentNodeAggregateId() — Method in class DocumentNodeInfo
DocumentNodeInfo::getPrecedingNodeAggregateId() — Method in class DocumentNodeInfo
DocumentNodeInfo::getSucceedingNodeAggregateId() — Method in class DocumentNodeInfo
DocumentNodeInfo::getDimensionSpacePointHash() — Method in class DocumentNodeInfo
DocumentNodeInfo::getNodeAggregateIdPath() — Method in class DocumentNodeInfo

This is NOT the node path; but the "nodeAggregateIds on the hierarchy; separated by /"

DocumentNodeInfo::getUriPath() — Method in class DocumentNodeInfo
DocumentNodeInfo::getDisableLevel() — Method in class DocumentNodeInfo
DocumentNodeInfo::getShortcutMode() — Method in class DocumentNodeInfo
DocumentNodeInfo::getShortcutTargetUri() — Method in class DocumentNodeInfo
DocumentNodeInfo::getRouteTags() — Method in class DocumentNodeInfo

As the route tags are based on the node aggregate ids of the node and its parents up to the site, we can extract this from the "nodeAggregateIdPath", which contains these ids.

DocumentNodeInfo::getSiteNodeName() — Method in class DocumentNodeInfo
DocumentNodeInfo::getShortcutTarget() — Method in class DocumentNodeInfo
AbstractMenuItemsImplementation::getRenderHiddenInIndex() — Method in class AbstractMenuItemsImplementation

Should nodes that have "hiddenInIndex" set still be visible in this menu.

AbstractMenuItemsImplementation::getItems() — Method in class AbstractMenuItemsImplementation

Main API method which sends the to-be-rendered data to Fluid

AbstractMenuItemsImplementation::getCurrentNodeRootline() — Method in class AbstractMenuItemsImplementation

Get the rootline from the current node up to the site node.

AbstractMenuItemsImplementation::getNodeLevelInSite() — Method in class AbstractMenuItemsImplementation

Node Level relative to site root node.

ContentCacheFlusher::getAllImplementedNodeTypeNames() — Method in class ContentCacheFlusher
ContentElementEditableImplementation::getValue() — Method in class ContentElementEditableImplementation

The string to be processed

ContentElementWrappingImplementation::getValue() — Method in class ContentElementWrappingImplementation

The string to be processed

ContentElementWrappingImplementation::getAdditionalAttributes() — Method in class ContentElementWrappingImplementation

Additional attributes to be rendered in the ContentElementWrapping

ContentElementWrappingImplementation::getContentElementFusionPath() — Method in class ContentElementWrappingImplementation

Returns the Fusion path to the wrapped Content Element

DimensionsMenuItemsImplementation::getDimension() — Method in class DimensionsMenuItemsImplementation
DimensionsMenuItemsImplementation::getContentDimensionIdentifierToLimitTo() — Method in class DimensionsMenuItemsImplementation
DimensionsMenuItemsImplementation::getValuesToRestrictTo() — Method in class DimensionsMenuItemsImplementation
NodeWrappingHandler::getMessage() — Method in class NodeWrappingHandler

appends the given reference code to the exception's message unless it is unset

ArrayHelper::groupBy() — Method in class ArrayHelper

The input is assumed to be an array or Collection of objects.

CachingHelper::getNodeTypeTagFor() — Method in class CachingHelper
CachingHelper::getWorkspaceChain() — Method in class CachingHelper
LinkHelper::getScheme() — Method in class LinkHelper
ImageUriImplementation::getAsset() — Method in class ImageUriImplementation


ImageUriImplementation::getWidth() — Method in class ImageUriImplementation


ImageUriImplementation::getMaximumWidth() — Method in class ImageUriImplementation


ImageUriImplementation::getHeight() — Method in class ImageUriImplementation


ImageUriImplementation::getMaximumHeight() — Method in class ImageUriImplementation


ImageUriImplementation::getAllowCropping() — Method in class ImageUriImplementation


ImageUriImplementation::getAllowUpScaling() — Method in class ImageUriImplementation


ImageUriImplementation::getQuality() — Method in class ImageUriImplementation


ImageUriImplementation::getAsync() — Method in class ImageUriImplementation


ImageUriImplementation::getFormat() — Method in class ImageUriImplementation


ImageUriImplementation::getPreset() — Method in class ImageUriImplementation


MenuItem::getNode() — Method in class MenuItem
MenuItem::getState() — Method in class MenuItem
MenuItem::getLabel() — Method in class MenuItem
MenuItem::getMenuLevel() — Method in class MenuItem
MenuItem::getChildren() — Method in class MenuItem
MenuItem::getSubItems() — Method in class MenuItem
MenuItem::getUri() — Method in class MenuItem
MenuItemsImplementation::getEntryLevel() — Method in class MenuItemsImplementation

The last navigation level which should be rendered.

MenuItemsImplementation::getFilter() — Method in class MenuItemsImplementation

NodeType filter for nodes displayed in menu

MenuItemsImplementation::getMaximumLevels() — Method in class MenuItemsImplementation

Maximum number of levels which should be rendered in this menu.

MenuItemsImplementation::getLastLevel() — Method in class MenuItemsImplementation

Return evaluated lastLevel value.

MenuItemsImplementation::getStartingPoint() — Method in class MenuItemsImplementation
MenuItemsImplementation::getItemCollection() — Method in class MenuItemsImplementation
MenuItemsImplementation::getNodeTypeConstraints() — Method in class MenuItemsImplementation
NodeUriImplementation::getNode() — Method in class NodeUriImplementation

A node object or a string node path or NULL to resolve the current document node

NodeUriImplementation::getFormat() — Method in class NodeUriImplementation

The requested format, for example "html"

NodeUriImplementation::getSection() — Method in class NodeUriImplementation

The anchor to be appended to the URL

NodeUriImplementation::getAdditionalParams() — Method in class NodeUriImplementation

Additional query parameters that won't be prefixed like $arguments (overrule $arguments)

NodeUriImplementation::getArgumentsToBeExcludedFromQueryString() — Method in class NodeUriImplementation

Arguments to be removed from the URI. Only active if addQueryString = TRUE

NodeUriImplementation::getAddQueryString() — Method in class NodeUriImplementation

If TRUE, the current query parameters will be kept in the URI

NodeUriImplementation::getBaseNodeName() — Method in class NodeUriImplementation

The name of the base node inside the Fusion context to use for resolving relative paths.

PluginImplementation::getPackage() — Method in class PluginImplementation
PluginImplementation::getSubpackage() — Method in class PluginImplementation
PluginImplementation::getController() — Method in class PluginImplementation
PluginImplementation::getAction() — Method in class PluginImplementation
PluginImplementation::getArgumentNamespace() — Method in class PluginImplementation
PluginImplementation::getPluginNamespace() — Method in class PluginImplementation

Returns the plugin namespace that will be prefixed to plugin parameters in URIs.

NodeTypesStreamWrapper::getScheme() — Method in class NodeTypesStreamWrapper

Returns the scheme ("protocol") this wrapper handles.

ModulePrivilege::getCacheEntryIdentifier() — Method in class ModulePrivilege

Returns a string which distinctly identifies this object and thus can be used as an identifier for cache entries related to this object.

ModulePrivilege::getPointcutFilterComposite() — Method in class ModulePrivilege
ModulePrivilegeSubject::getModulePath() — Method in class ModulePrivilegeSubject
BackendRedirectionService::getAfterLoginRedirectionUri() — Method in class BackendRedirectionService

Returns a specific URI string to redirect to after the login; or NULL if there is none.

BackendRedirectionService::getAfterLogoutRedirectionUri() — Method in class BackendRedirectionService

Returns a specific URI string to redirect to after the logout; or NULL if there is none.

BackendRedirectionService::getLastVisitedNode() — Method in class BackendRedirectionService
ContentElementWrappingService::getNonRenderedContentNodeMetadata() — Method in class ContentElementWrappingService
AbstractServiceController::getCurrentUserIdentifier() — Method in class AbstractServiceController
DataSourceController::getDataSources() — Method in class DataSourceController

Get available data source implementations

AbstractDataSource::getIdentifier() — Method in class AbstractDataSource
DataSourceInterface::getIdentifier() — Method in class DataSourceInterface
DataSourceInterface::getData() — Method in class DataSourceInterface

Get data

ImpersonateService::getImpersonation() — Method in class ImpersonateService
ImpersonateService::getCurrentUser() — Method in class ImpersonateService
ImpersonateService::getOriginalIdentity() — Method in class ImpersonateService
ImpersonateService::getOriginalIdentityRoles() — Method in class ImpersonateService
ImpersonateService::getSessionData() — Method in class ImpersonateService
LinkingService::getScheme() — Method in class LinkingService
LinkingService::getLastLinkedNode() — Method in class LinkingService

Returns the node that was last used to resolve a link to.

PluginService::getPluginNodesWithViewDefinitions() — Method in class PluginService

Returns an array of all plugin nodes with View Definitions

PluginService::getNodes() — Method in class PluginService

Find all nodes of a specific node type

PluginService::getPluginViewDefinitionsByPluginNodeType() — Method in class PluginService

Get all configured PluginView definitions for a specific $pluginNodeType

PluginService::getPluginViewConfigurationsByPluginNodeType() — Method in class PluginService
PluginService::getPluginNodeByAction() — Method in class PluginService

returns a plugin node or one of it's view nodes if an view has been configured for that specific controller and action combination

PluginService::getPluginViewDefinitionByAction() — Method in class PluginService

Fetch a PluginView definition that matches the specified controller and action combination

PluginService::getPluginViewNodeByMasterPlugin() — Method in class PluginService

returns a specific view node of an master plugin or NULL if it does not exist

UserService::getBackendUser() — Method in class UserService

Returns the current backend user

UserService::getPersonalWorkspaceName() — Method in class UserService

Returns the name of the currently logged in user's personal workspace (even if that might not exist at that time).

UserService::getUserPreference() — Method in class UserService

Returns the stored preferences of a user

UserService::getInterfaceLanguage() — Method in class UserService

Returns the interface language the user selected. Will fall back to the default language defined in settings

XliffService::getCachedJson() — Method in class XliffService

Return the json array for a given locale, sourceCatalog, xliffPath and package.

XliffService::getTranslationUnitValue() — Method in class XliffService
XliffService::getCacheVersion() — Method in class XliffService
BackendAssetsUtility::getCssBuiltVersion() — Method in class BackendAssetsUtility

Returns a shortened md5 of the built CSS file

NodeUriPathSegmentGenerator::generateUriPathSegment() — Method in class NodeUriPathSegmentGenerator

Generates a URI path segment for a given node taking its language dimension value into account

User::getPersonalWorkspaceNameForUsername() — Method in class User

Constructs a personal workspace name for the user with the given username.

JavascriptConfigurationViewHelper::getStaticResourceWebBaseUri() — Method in class JavascriptConfigurationViewHelper
JavascriptConfigurationViewHelper::getNodeTypeGroupsSettings() — Method in class JavascriptConfigurationViewHelper
EditableViewHelper::getNodeFromFusionContext() — Method in class EditableViewHelper
GetTypeViewHelperClass in namespace Neos\Neos\ViewHelpers

View helper to check if a given value is an array.

AbstractRenderingStateViewHelper::getNodeAddressOfContextNode() — Method in class AbstractRenderingStateViewHelper

Get a node from the current Fusion context if available.

FusionExceptionView::getFusionRuntime() — Method in class FusionExceptionView
FusionView::getFusionPath() — Method in class FusionView
FusionView::getClosestDocumentNode() — Method in class FusionView
FusionView::getCurrentSiteNode() — Method in class FusionView
FusionView::getCurrentNode() — Method in class FusionView
FusionView::getFusionRuntime() — Method in class FusionView
FormDefinitionDataSource::getData() — Method in class FormDefinitionDataSource
AfxTemplateGenerator::generateSitePackage() — Method in class AfxTemplateGenerator

Generate a site package and fill it with boilerplate data.

AfxTemplateGenerator::generateSitesXml() — Method in class AfxTemplateGenerator

Generate a "Sites.xml" for the given package and name.

AfxTemplateGenerator::generateSitesRootFusion() — Method in class AfxTemplateGenerator

Generate basic root Fusion file.

AfxTemplateGenerator::generateSitesFusionDirectory() — Method in class AfxTemplateGenerator

Render the whole directory of the fusion part

AfxTemplateGenerator::generateSiteNodeName() — Method in class AfxTemplateGenerator

Generate site node name based on the given package key

AfxTemplateGenerator::generateNodeTypesConfiguration() — Method in class AfxTemplateGenerator

Generate a example NodeTypes.yaml

AfxTemplateGenerator::generateAdditionalFolders() — Method in class AfxTemplateGenerator

Generate additional folders for site packages.

AfxTemplateGenerator::getResourcePathForFile() — Method in class AfxTemplateGenerator

returns resource path for the generator

AfxTemplateGenerator::getGeneratorName() — Method in class AfxTemplateGenerator

returns the human readable name of the generator

SitePackageGeneratorInterface::generateSitePackage() — Method in class SitePackageGeneratorInterface

returns generated files as an array

SitePackageGeneratorInterface::getGeneratorName() — Method in class SitePackageGeneratorInterface

returns the human readable name of the generator

SiteGeneratorCollectingService::getAllGenerators() — Method in class SiteGeneratorCollectingService
SitePackageGeneratorNameService::getNameOfSitePackageGenerator() — Method in class SitePackageGeneratorNameService


ProxyAwareObjectNormalizer::hasCacheableSupportsMethod() — Method in class ProxyAwareObjectNormalizer
CommandBus::handle() — Method in class CommandBus
CommandHandlerInterface::handle() — Method in class CommandHandlerInterface
NodeVariationInternals::handleCreateNodeSpecializationVariant() — Method in class NodeVariationInternals
NodeVariationInternals::handleCreateNodeGeneralizationVariant() — Method in class NodeVariationInternals
NodeVariationInternals::handleCreateNodePeerVariant() — Method in class NodeVariationInternals
ContentStreamCommandHandler::handle() — Method in class ContentStreamCommandHandler
NodeAggregateCommandHandler::handle() — Method in class NodeAggregateCommandHandler
NodeDisabling::handleEnableNodeAggregate() — Method in class NodeDisabling
WorkspaceRebaseStatistics::hasErrors() — Method in class WorkspaceRebaseStatistics
CollectionTypeDenormalizer::hasCacheableSupportsMethod() — Method in class CollectionTypeDenormalizer


ProjectionIntegrityViolationDetectorInterface::hierarchyIntegrityIsProvided() — Method in class ProjectionIntegrityViolationDetectorInterface

Checks that the hierarchy edges are connected at source (e.g. to "A") and at destination (e.g. to "B")

Projections::has() — Method in class Projections
HasOperationClass in namespace Neos\ContentRepository\NodeAccess\FlowQueryOperations

"has" operation working on Node. Reduce the set of matched elements to those that have a child node that matches the selector or given subject.

CreateNodePrivilegeSubject::hasCreationNodeType() — Method in class CreateNodePrivilegeSubject
PropertyAwareNodePrivilegeContext::hasProperties() — Method in class PropertyAwareNodePrivilegeContext

Whether or not this context is bound to specific properties

PropertyAwareNodePrivilegeSubject::hasPropertyName() — Method in class PropertyAwareNodePrivilegeSubject
HtmlArrayRendererClass in namespace Neos\Diff\Renderer\Html

Array renderer for HTML based diffs

HtmlInlineRendererClass in namespace Neos\Diff\Renderer\Html

Inline HTML Diff Renderer

HtmlSideBySideRendererClass in namespace Neos\Diff\Renderer\Html

Inline HTML Diff Renderer

AssetIdsByProperty::hasPropertiesWithoutAssets() — Method in class AssetIdsByProperty
AbsorbingHandler::handle() — Method in class AbsorbingHandler

Returns an empty string

AbstractRenderingExceptionHandler::handleRenderingException() — Method in class AbstractRenderingExceptionHandler

Handle an Exception thrown while rendering Fusion

AbstractRenderingExceptionHandler::handle() — Method in class AbstractRenderingExceptionHandler

Handles an Exception thrown while rendering Fusion

BubblingHandler::handleRenderingException() — Method in class BubblingHandler

Handle an Exception thrown while rendering Fusion

BubblingHandler::handle() — Method in class BubblingHandler

Handles an Exception thrown while rendering Fusion

ContextDependentHandler::handle() — Method in class ContextDependentHandler

Handle an exception depending on the context with an HTML message or XML comment

HtmlMessageHandlerClass in namespace Neos\Fusion\Core\ExceptionHandlers

Renders the exception as HTML.

HtmlMessageHandler::handle() — Method in class HtmlMessageHandler

Renders the exception in HTML for display

PlainTextHandler::handle() — Method in class PlainTextHandler

Handles an Exception thrown while rendering Fusion

ThrowingHandler::handleRenderingException() — Method in class ThrowingHandler

Handle an Exception thrown while rendering Fusion

ThrowingHandler::handle() — Method in class ThrowingHandler

Handles an Exception thrown while rendering Fusion

XmlCommentHandler::handle() — Method in class XmlCommentHandler

Provides an XML comment containing the exception

$ ParserException#headingMessagePartProperty in class ParserException
$ ParserException#helperMessagePartProperty in class ParserException
Parser::handleFileInclude() — Method in class Parser
Parser::handleDslTranspile() — Method in class Parser
Runtime::handleRenderingException() — Method in class Runtime

Handle an Exception thrown while rendering Fusion according to settings specified in Neos.Fusion.rendering.exceptionHandler

$ AugmenterImplementation#htmlAugmenterProperty in class AugmenterImplementation
HttpResponseImplementationClass in namespace Neos\Fusion\FusionObjects
DebugStack::hasMessage() — Method in class DebugStack
HtmlAugmenterClass in namespace Neos\Fusion\Service

A tool that can augment HTML for example by adding arbitrary attributes.

FusionContextTrait::hasContextVariable() — Method in class FusionContextTrait
$ CropImageAdjustment#heightProperty in class CropImageAdjustment
$ ResizeImageAdjustment#heightProperty in class ResizeImageAdjustment
HasRemoteOriginalInterfaceClass in namespace Neos\Media\Domain\Model\AssetSource\AssetProxy

Interface for an Asset Proxy which depicts an asset whose original binary data is stored in a remote location

SupportsIptcMetadataInterface::hasIptcProperty() — Method in class SupportsIptcMetadataInterface

Returns true, if the given IPTC metadata property is available, ie. is supported and is not empty.

$ DimensionsTrait#heightProperty in class DimensionsTrait
DimensionsTrait::hasDimensions() — Method in class DimensionsTrait

Does the asset have dimensions

AssetConstraints::hasAssetSourceConstraint() — Method in class AssetConstraints
AssetConstraints::hasMediaTypeConstraint() — Method in class AssetConstraints
$ ThumbnailConfiguration#heightProperty in class ThumbnailConfiguration
$ Video#heightProperty in class Video
Box::heighten() — Method in class Box


AssetCollectionConditionGenerator::hasId() — Method in class AssetCollectionConditionGenerator
AssetConditionGenerator::hasMediaType() — Method in class AssetConditionGenerator
TagConditionGenerator::hasId() — Method in class TagConditionGenerator
NodeController::handleShortcutNode() — Method in class NodeController

Handles redirects to shortcut targets in live rendering.

HistoryControllerClass in namespace Neos\Neos\Controller\Module\Management

Controller for the history module of Neos, displaying the timeline of changes.

$ Domain#hostnameProperty in class Domain
Site::hasActiveDomains() — Method in class Site
$ UserService#hashServiceProperty in class UserService
DocumentNodeInfo::hasPrecedingNodeAggregateId() — Method in class DocumentNodeInfo
DocumentNodeInfo::hasSucceedingNodeAggregateId() — Method in class DocumentNodeInfo
DocumentNodeInfo::hasUriPath() — Method in class DocumentNodeInfo
NodeWrappingHandler::handle() — Method in class NodeWrappingHandler

renders the exception to nice html content element to display, edit, remove, .

PageHandler::handle() — Method in class PageHandler

Handle an exception by displaying an error message inside the Neos backend, if logged in and not displaying the live workspace.

LinkHelper::hasSupportedScheme() — Method in class LinkHelper
$ NodeTypesStreamWrapper#handleProperty in class NodeTypesStreamWrapper
$ ContentElementEditableService#htmlAugmenterProperty in class ContentElementEditableService
$ ContentElementWrappingService#htmlAugmenterProperty in class ContentElementWrappingService
LinkingService::hasSupportedScheme() — Method in class LinkingService
HostnameValidatorClass in namespace Neos\Neos\Validation\Validator

Validator for http://tools.ietf.org/html/rfc1123 compatible host names

AbstractRenderingStateViewHelper::hasAccessToBackend() — Method in class AbstractRenderingStateViewHelper


$ SetupCommandController#imageHandlerServiceProperty in class SetupCommandController
$ SetupCommandController#imagineDriverProperty in class SetupCommandController
SetupCommandController::imageHandlerCommand() — Method in class SetupCommandController
WelcomeCommandController::indexCommand() — Method in class WelcomeCommandController
ImageHandlerServiceClass in namespace Neos\CliSetup\Infrastructure\ImageHandler
$ ImageHandlerService#imagineFactoryProperty in class ImageHandlerService
ContentStreamCommandController::importCommand() — Method in class ContentStreamCommandController

Imports events to a content stream from the given file.

InvalidConfigurationExceptionClass in namespace Neos\ContentRepositoryRegistry\Exception
DbalClient::initializeObject() — Method in class DbalClient
PostgresDbalClient::initializeObject() — Method in class PostgresDbalClient
Configuration::isVersionAvailable() — Method in class Configuration

If the given version is available, true is returned.

Configuration::isVersionLoaded() — Method in class Configuration

Check if the given version has been loaded already.

ConfigurationInterface::isVersionAvailable() — Method in class ConfigurationInterface

Is the given version available?

ExpressionBasedNodeLabelGenerator::initializeObject() — Method in class ExpressionBasedNodeLabelGenerator
ContentDimensionZookeeper::initializeAllowedCombinations() — Method in class ContentDimensionZookeeper
InterDimensionalVariationGraphClass in namespace Neos\ContentRepository\Core\DimensionSpace

The inter dimensional variation graph domain model Represents the specialization and generalization mechanism between dimension space points

$ InterDimensionalVariationGraph#indexedGeneralizationsProperty in class InterDimensionalVariationGraph

Generalization dimension space point sets, indexed by specialization hash

$ InterDimensionalVariationGraph#indexedSpecializationsProperty in class InterDimensionalVariationGraph

Specialization dimension space point sets, indexed by generalization hash

InterDimensionalVariationGraph::initializeWeightedDimensionSpacePoints() — Method in class InterDimensionalVariationGraph
InterDimensionalVariationGraph::initializeVariations() — Method in class InterDimensionalVariationGraph
InterDimensionalVariationGraph::initializeVariationsForDimensionSpacePointPair() — Method in class InterDimensionalVariationGraph
ConfigurationBasedContentDimensionSource::initializeDimensions() — Method in class ConfigurationBasedContentDimensionSource
ContentDimensionValueVariationEdges::isEmpty() — Method in class ContentDimensionValueVariationEdges
$ NodeReferencesSnapshot#iteratorProperty in class