Interface for Migration Configurations to allow different configuration sources.

Common interface for all Content Repository command handlers

Common (marker) interface for all commands of the Content Repository

The content dimension source interface

Common interface for all Content Repository "domain events"

A ContentRepositoryService is an object which is layered on top of a {ContentRepository}, but which interacts with the CR internals in an intricate way.

This interface is implemented by events which contain ContentStreamId and NodeAggregateId.

This interface must be implemented by all commands which are working with individual nodes, such that they are filterable whether they are applying their action to a NodeIdToPublish.

This interface is implemented by events which can be published to different content streams.

This interface is implemented by commands which can be rebased to other Content Streams. This is basically all node-based commands.

This is what the ES CR uses to access a database. It needs to be filled from the external world

Interface for rendering a node label string based on some strategy

A NodeType postprocessor can be used in order to programmatically change the configuration of a node type for example to provide dynamic properties.

This is an internal API with which you can hook into the catch-up process of a Projection.

This is the MAIN ENTRY POINT for the Content Repository. This class exists only once per Content Repository.

This is the most important read model of a content repository.

interface because different impls.

Interface for a class that (asynchronously) triggers a catchup of affected projections after a {ContentRepository::handle()} call.

Common interface for a Content Repository projection. This API is NOT exposed to the outside world, but is the contract between {ContentRepository} and the individual projections.

(Marker) interface for the state (aka Read Model) of a projection {ProjectionInterface}

Additional marker interface to add to a {ProjectionInterface}.

  • INFO log level should be used for logging deprecations by default
  • WARNING log level should be used if we cannot provide useful fallback behavior.

Contract for a Fusion DSL parser

You should implement this interface with a View that should allow access to the Fusion object it is rendered from (and so the Fusion runtime).

Interface for an Asset Adjustment

Interface for an Image Adjustment

A user-managed Asset which is stored in the Asset Repository

Interface for a stand-in object of remote or already imported assets from an asset source.

Interface for an Asset Proxy which depicts an asset whose original binary data is stored in a remote location

Interface for an Asset Proxy which provides an URI to the original binary data

Interface for an Asset Proxy which supports IPTC Metadata

Exceptions of asset sources which are thrown on connection problems should implement this interface so that they can be handled specifically.

Interface for an Asset Repository which supports collections

An interface for Asset Proxy Repositories which support sorting.

An interface of an asset which was derived from an original asset

Interface of an Image

Base interface for any class which is based on a PersistentResource.

Thumbnail Generate Interface

Interface for models which provide methods for thumbnails

An interface which defines that an asset has support for variants

Describes a strategy to find an asset model class based on the resource and optional source properties.

Interface for asset usage strategies

Interface to implement to hook into the asset model validation

Interface for a user of the content repository. Users can be owners of workspaces.

Generate a Fusion prototype definition for a given node type

Interface for the node search service for finding nodes based on a fulltext search

The {CrossSiteLinkerInterface} is responsible for adjusting a built URL in case it needs to be generated for a different Site. It's directly called from {EventSourcedFrontendNodeRoutePartHandler}.

API Contract for creating a {DimensionResolverInterface} from Settings (usually Neos.Neos.sites.*.contentDimensions.resolver.factoryClassName and Neos.Neos.sites.*.contentDimensions.resolver.options).

Common interface for content dimension resolvers which are hooked into the Frontend Routing.

Marker interface which can be used to replace the currently used FrontendNodeRoutePartHandler, to e.g. use the one with localization support.

Data source interface for providing generic data